Saturday, 20 July 2013

funny bones

Tie dye cut out dress - Topshop
Skull print midi - Internacionale
Skull necklace - Topshop
Spike bracelets - Internacionale
Cuff rings - River Island
Socks - Topshop
Converse - Office
Denim jacket - Thrifted

Aw :( pictures from my old house! this was just as the weather was heating up a couple weeks back!
I adore this cut out from Topshop that I picked up last year but its not the kind of thing you can wear anywhere but holiday - however I seem to have found a solution. I actually really enjoyed wearing this. it was really comfy and I felt super stylish!

How do you layer your outfits in this weather?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

personal style : aztec casual

Aztec vest - £7.99 H&M
Belt - £2.99 Newlook
Levis Denim cut offs - £14.99 Republic
Sandals - £19.99 Newlook (Very old)
Bangles - Newlook
Earrings - £1 Republic sale
Extensions - Cliphair*

I wore my extensions out of the house properly for the first time today! All day at work! I was super nervous but teamed with a super casual outfit I managed to survive  Its too hot to fuss with fashion right now, so my keep to keeping stylish in this heat is accessorizing and colour matching! I love a good bangle.
I thought I'd start showing you some more of my more casual outfits - after all I am only human!

What have you been doing in the sunshine?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cream Blushers : My top 3

I'll openly admit I am a cosmetic hauder and lipstick and blusher seem to be my downfall. I have more powder blushers than I know what to do with, however when it comes around to summer and time to ditch a fuller face of make-up in favour for a fresher, dewier and overall more natural look I lean towards cream blushers.
Cream blush is a product I have a love/hate relationship with. The first I ever purchased was one of the infamous Topshop ones - which I HATED, and remains at the back of my blusher drawer unused, after its un-natural, chalky awful application and finish.

However skip forward a couple of months, after I'd got to rummage in the beauty cupboard after my internship I am a changed woman. The key to cream blush is all in application, in my opinion it really is a back to basics product, I've not been able to get any decent desired look using anything but my fingers. These are my top three cream blushers.

001|| Liz Earle - I'd first seen this on Gh0stparties, and adored the beautiful glow it seemed to leave people with. Out of the three of these blushers this is probably the heaviest and most pigmented, it most certainly is a CREAM blusher. Application wise you need the tiniest bit as it is such a bright colour, however you need to get it rubbed into the apples of your cheeks quick time because I do find this dries very quickly - however this is a god send later in the day as I can report no colour transfer on anything else. It has the best packaging of the three - ideal for topping up throughout the day. Its also great on the lips giving you a really nice 'just more than average' pink glow, I wouldn't buy this as your first cream blusher as the application can be a right pain - but if you fall in love, why not take the plunge and grab one.

002 || Maybelline - This is probably my most used of the three. Rosy pink in colour and although the dream touch has what looks like a hint of sheen through it in its packaging, it doesn't transfer onto the skin. This is a really subtle cream blusher, good to use for a natural face or alongside a bright lip or bronzer. Consistency wise its alot lighter than Liz Earle's offering and almost reminds me of a wet look eye shadow. Don't make the mistake of putting this on your lips, its abit like foundation lips! cracks and goes all awful looking, it also has the tendency to transfer if you don't allow a bit of drying time!. If you're looking for a first time cream blusher purchase this is the one for you.

003 || Lo'real - Surprisingly I don't actually own many Lo'real products. This product really confused me to begin with, what with the use of BB in the title. This product's formula is completely different to the latter two. Its a gel and is good to use without foundation - a feature where the other two blushers look a little too forced. Application is pretty easy too and the colour develops as your applying. This is more of a candy pink, it really pops on the cheeks. The only downfall of this gel formula is that applying over foundation can move your makeup underneath around and make you look patchy. If your looking to experiment this is the product for you.

So what do you think?
Will you be trying any cream blushers this summer?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Feeling fruity

Lace bandeau - Republic sale £5 (Last year)
Skirt - HOME-MADE!
Sandals - Primark £12 (Last Year)
Bangle - Newlook (Old)
Necklaces - Republic (Last year)

Oh em gee, hello lovely people, I would like to advise you that I am infact ALIVE! However there has been some big goings on in the world of Pasha this month! Firstly I moved house - say hello to my new photo location - I apologize for these photos - and promise to improve! I'm also continuing to work two jobs doing 7 day weeks, 9/10 hour shifts A DAY. But, if you live in Southampton you will know Republic in Westquay is closing down, I'm absolutely gutted to say the least and all my waking hours have been spent trying to figure out what to do and job hunting - I think I have a solution now, but never the less you guys deserve an update! I've also been home for 5 days for much needed time with boyfriend, friends and family and had a fab lingerie shoot with my photographer :)

Anyway! I adore this skirt my nan made me, I've had nothing but compliments about it all day today, and I must admit nanny Joan and I are thinking of starting to produce more of these and sell them? Would you be interested? 

Hope you all still have faith in me!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Battle with PCOS

Hello lovely ladies

Today I'm writing a lifestyley-personal-health related-ranty post. Its not something I do often on this little ol' space of mine, but its something I think people need to be more aware of.

Today I'm writing to tell you about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and my personal battle with it. Its a endocrine disorder which effects 1 in 10 women - one I've had to live with since the age of 16 and maybe earlier. PCOS can effect your menstrual cycle, your appearance and your ability to have children.