Friday, 31 January 2014

Highstreet hitlist : George

Dress & Tee combo - £18 || Bowler bag - £12 || Leather look jacket - £28 || Nail Varnish - £1 || Chunky boots - £20

One of the themes I've always tried to stick to with this blog reguarding fashion - is affordable style. If your a student like me, and live in a big city, its very easy to walk past the local supermarket. Here in Southampton (central) our biggest supermarket is Asda. Whilst you might pop in for noodles and potatoes its so easy to forget the clothes section. George at Asda have really stepped there game up this spring and there collections are much more tailored to a younger eye. Affordable prices mixed with accessable locations and great quality guarteed always makes for a good steal. I'm always so suprised at the bargains you can pick up!
This FULL outfit for just £79 is perfect for a wardrobe update! I can't believe this t-shirt dress combo is just £18, and these on trend boots are certainly student purse friendly at a measley £20. To brighten up the darker colours I've teamed it with some bright orange nails and lips. If you don't like this grey t-shirt and denim dress combo it also comes in black pinafore with pink t! something for everyone here.. 
Who's on your highstreet hitlist?


Friday, 24 January 2014

Rihanna for MAC : 'Love rihanna' bronzer


Rihanna for MAC 'Love me' bronzer - limited edition (sold out)

If theres one thing I love, its mac cosmetics. I used to have a serious penchant for Rihanna back in the day also, and this combined with a limited editon collection, well lets just say I was sold from the get go. HOWEVER. I never actually thought I'd own this! I missed it on shops and online because of being so bloomin' busy and I actually forgot all about it. When my 21st birthday presents arrived from the Welsh Hughies and this was inside needless to say I nearly died. Ever since I picked up the Nars Laguna bronzer, I've noticed how much better a darker and more brown bronzer works for me. Being a sibling of casper the friendly ghost means alot of bronzers look horrifically orange on me. This little beauty really shocked me actually. At first I was'nt a fan on the literal golden bronze metalic power in the pan, however on application its actually really subtle. This bronzer is so differently toned to any other I own, it literal is bronze if that makes sense, not orange, not brown but bronze. I've been using this literally every day for contouring my cheek bones since I brought it, and I'm starting to get through the sheen of metalically bronze on top and its still applying like a dream. Its a shame this is limited edition beause I really do enjoy this product!


Thursday, 23 January 2014

My Parisian 21st :) picture heavy!

21 presents from my mum and some gifts from my housemate and nan | MY MULBERRY! | Olivia Burton watch from my lovely nan | Beautiful canvas from my mum and my brothers and sisters | Card from my mum and stepdad .. lol | The girls for my birthday celebrations / newyears eve | My amazing gifts from my friends at home! | The beautiful vintage storage my friends brought me | Amazing gift from my house mates!! | New thigh piece to me from me | My outfit for NYE / birthday celebrations | Another cheeky pic of the cupcakes mumma made

Goodness its been a while since I posted, it seems I'm forever opening posts with that line lately. Life is hectic right now, so bare with me! 3rd year in my fashion degree and working at my dream job currently!.
Anyways, I'd been meaning to post this super heavy photo post for you all for a while! I turned 21 in decemember - the 28th to be precise - and I have to say, I've never been so spoilt and had such amazing celebrations. I had my birthday with my family on boxing day at home because Daniel took me off to Paris for my actual birthday - arent I a lucky girl! - somehow after all the xmas presents my mum managed to get me 21 presents for my 21st? I have never been so spoilt and happy in all my life. I FINALLY OWN A MULBERRY GUYS. I've also been throughly treated by my friends and lovely boyfriend as you can clearly see...

Paris itself was AMAZING, We went for 2 nights, 3 days. A short stay but you would not believe what we fitted in, on our one full day in Paris we walked around for around 8/9 hours, needless to say we were knackered! But we really did get to see everything, and I can tell you the Eiffle Tower is SO much bigger in real life! By the end of the third day Daniel & I were craving home food and comforts so the Eurostar home was a welcome trip. We really want to return but stay in a nicer hotel and do more things, as we wanted to see everything we looked but didnt really venture into/onto anything, needless to say I had the nicest time and I'm so bloody greatful to my boy for taking me away!

So as you can see! Birthday celebrations were spectacular .. expect to hear from me soon!


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Birthday outfit

Dress - Vera & Lucy
Hat - eBay
Gillet - Boohoo Boutique
Tights - Primark
Boots - eBay
Lips - Mac 'Vegas Volt'

I recentley celebrated my 21st birthday! yay, happy birthday to me. I was away with my boyfriend in Paris for the actual day (pics to follow I promise) so my family decided to throw my birthday celebrations two days early on boxing day. My mum has the best taste, and this amazing graphic print dress and cosy gillet were two of my twenty one presents for my birthday! very lucky girl indeed. I am a complete sucker for a good t shirt dress, so easy to dress up and most importantly dress down. You might also notice a change in my photos, I got a new lense for my DSLR. Were just getting to know one another, my little brother took these and I'm loving the depth of field I can achieve!
One of my new years resolutions is to post more, but I will appologise - third year of a fashion degree is HELL, as I'm sure many of you can agree! bare with me - i'm still here - thanks for sticking around for the ride!