Tuesday, 27 March 2012

MAC: Viva Glam Nicki

Seeing as I couldn’t get my hands on any of the new Cook range collection by MAC I recently got my hands on MACs Viva Glam ‘Nicki’ by Nicki Minaj. The product retails at £13.50 and colour wise is described as a ‘bright pink yellow’ with a satin finish. For girls who love a high pigmented pink lipstick this is for you. MAC met my expectations spot on with this lipstick. The colour is mid toned however it is very buildable and can become very bright very quickly and because of this I will be using it as more of an evening lipstick as apose to a daytime one unless you are really brave with statement lips throughout the day, If you have dry lips do be careful as the formula though thick is quite drying and can leave a nasty stain round the outer lips and highlight cracks if not topped up or glossed over occasionally although the colour did last me a full night and left a pinky stain before I showered the next day. It is true to its word though, a mid toned pink with a yellow undertone, which is perfect for girls like me with a lighter skin tone – it also looks great with a sweep of blush on the apples of my cheeks. My stick is abit dented after using it consistently on Saturday! But I would re-buy and recommend this product – the application is perfect it glides on. Value for money, a good lipstick and donating to charity? You can’t go wrong. 10/10! (Excuse awful photo minus foundation!)

Monday, 26 March 2012

OOTD - Beetle Juice

Finally arrived home to find my stripey leggings have arrived (as seen on llymlrs), I got mine from eBay - the quality of these leggings isn't fantastic and you HAVE to wear a long top or your underwear will be showing but they are comfy and stylish and a steal at £4.99. As for my top half I'm wearing 2 of my mums tops(?!), one of her current vests which is big for me so almost looks dress like and a very old mesh/chiffon long sleeve top with blobs of glitter round the collar/chest area - its quite interesting and works well with this outfit I feel, seeing as I left half of my wardrobe in Southampton due to rushing around to get back late on Saturday because I'd been ill and missed my coach! I've also got my paws on 3 MAC lipsticks to review, however 2 of them turned out to be fake - but i'll be doing posts anyway, lesson learned here folks - do your research before buying products of good ol' eBay! ...

Vest - Peacocks £4.99
Chiffon/Net Glitter detail long sleeve - 'Chatters' VINTAGE
Thin stripe leggings - £4.99 eBay here
Black Flatforms - £19.99 h&m here
Black jersey detail leather jacket - Miss Selfridge £49.00 similar one here

Wearing a fake MAC lipstick here, supposed Lady gaga 'London life' ..

Have you embraced the new black and white trend? If so what do you own?

Monday, 19 March 2012

OOTD Reb'l Fleur

Little bit of a different outfit post today, Inspired by Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur perfume, Can you tell by the colours I'm wearing? Which is unusual because I would never usually team red and purple together, but I actually really like this look with a pale shirt and a statement shoe. I wore this outfit for a casual job interview and a day at university, Comfy yet stylish. I also treated myself to a new lipstick today seeing as I've maid £32 on Ebay (Yay!) its Barry M in 100 marshmellow.. However I'm not sure if i like it on me.. it goes on a dream though, but more about that in another review - Thankyou to Luke for taking another photograph for me, I swear to god I can't wait for our new flat and a tripod to take better posts!
Shoes - £12.99 Ebay
Shirt - £25.00 Fashion Union
Jegging Jeans - £14.99 Newlook

Makeup Today

Hello readers :) Just a quick make-up post to show you mine today, taken on my cannon 1000d using natural daylight! not too shabby for a 1000d!
Eyebrows - Rimmel London pencil in 'dark brown'
Mascara - Collection 2000 skyscraper, Estee Lauder lash primer plus
Liquid eyeliner - 2true
Foundation - Clinque even better in '02 fair'
Blusher - Natural collection in 'sweet cheeks'
Powder - Collection 200 lasting perfection in '1 fair'
Lipstick - Barry M 153

Have a lovely day! Outfit post to follow...

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Black & Green OOTD for paddy's day

I haven't done a whole lot today, other than watch my flat mates celebrate St Patricks day, order a dominoes with Lucy and get ready for work. I have to wear all black for work but seeing as its a day of Irish celebration and majority of people have some form of green on today, I thought I'd add some green accessories and earrings with a tint of green in just to join in with everyone else ...

Dress – Ebay seller £12.99 (Last year)
Belt – Primark £1.99
Ring – Ebay £1.99
Tights – Primark £2.50
Pumps – Primark Around £4
Earrings – Dorothy Perkins sale £3 (Last year)

What did you do/wear for St Patricks day (: ...

Friday, 16 March 2012

FF Fashion Finds: Zara s/s '12

So today after university I went for a wander around Southampton shops to look for some inspiration for up and coming photo shoots and to do a bit of window shopping really - I assumed it would cheer me up - how wrong could a skint student be! Primark is a treasure trove of beautiful affordable summer essentials, Riverisland does mute neons, pastels and lace down to a t and h&m has something for any night out, however I then ventured into Zara. Now, I don't usually shop in Zara mainly because of the price tags and secondly I usually only find things in the TRF range, however today I was so surprised and the gorgeous garments in the Zara Women's section! asymmetric skirts and dresses, mint green jeans, pleats, pastel colours - the whole store in Southampton is SO eye catching, so in true blogger spirit I grabbed my favourite items and tried them on - and took some photos for good measure. I apologize for the poor quality - I took these on my iphone (I think I'd get funny looks with a DSLR going off in the changing rooms) and I deliberately didn't put my face in these photos as you'd be horrified if you knew what my face/hair looked like this morning! So since I currently have no beauty products to review and no worth while OOTDs I thought I'd show you some 'fashion finds' and some of my favourite pieces in Zara right now :) ...

This was the first garment I picked up in Zara, very greek goddess esque and would be perfect for summer bbqs and formal occasions! Its actually got small 'spaghetti' straps which cross at the back but i chose to tuck them in, This dress was made of chiffon fabric and again was on trend with the asymmetric cut, Unfortunately the colour washed me out completely and didn't suit me atall, still a beautiful dress though! £29.99

These shorts match the shirt following and are hot pant style perfect for summer nights or holidays and really flattering on the legs, gorgeous pattern and colours. Retailing at £22.99.

This shirt featuring the same print as the shorts before is beautiful. Its silky to the touch and the fabric is really breathable (If that makes sense!) it does up right to the collar so its perfect if you like wearing necklaces under the collar of shirts like me, I love the colours and the print featuring hawaian flowers and waterlillys, it almost reminds me of the kind of design you see on kimonoes.It retails at £29.99
My favourite find by far, this beautiful baby pink asymmetric pleated dress, longer on the left hand side with a 'paper bag' band round the waist. You can't see here how flattering it is because I had to try it on with the shirt, but it fits beautifully. This retails for £29.99 .. Keep your eyes peeled, I might try and create a DIY version of this.

What do you think of Zara's s/s 12 collection? Do you own anything yet?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

ANOTHER Wishlist!

Another wishlist! Sorry to clog your news feeds up with these, but I don’t have a lot to blog about right now, and I keep finding new ‘must haves’ every day at the moment! Pay day and my loan really CANNOT come quick enough, this post is a mixture of things I will be buying and lustfull I WISH pieces aha! Let me know if you found any of these items or cheaper or what you like! I definitely think I’ll be investing in a lot of leggings! So many nice prints around right now...

Black faux leather dupe JC’s £19.99 here
American print dupe JC’S £35.00 here
Faux leather studded JC’S £26.99 here
MAC cook range lipstick in ‘Dish it up’ £13.95 here
Bow tie detail t-shirt £16.00 here
White shirt with collar detail £28.00 here
American print denim shorts (I WILL own a pair this summer!) £34.00 here
Asymertic dress (I LOVE the zip detail!) £24.99 here
Grey midi dress with cross over detail (Probably the only midi I have seen and liked!) £20.99 here
Pink and white striped leggings (Seeing as I can’t find the River Island jeans like this ANYWHERE) £4.99 here
Versace baroque inspired print leggings £6.99 here

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Looking for a bargain?

Hey girls,

If your looking for a bargain why not check out my ebay listings here
hope you find something you like!

Have a lovely day!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wishlist: What a girl wants, what a girl needs!

Oh gosh blogspot readers, never have I ever lusted so hard over so many items! These are items I WILL be purchasing over the following paydays.. 1) because I deserve a treat and 2) because so many of these items are versatile and could be teamed with so many different outfits and looks.. I really do need these! damn being a skint student! enjoy!

Black heeled chelsea boots £30.00 here
Sequin denim hotpants £35.00 here
Jeffrey Campbell Litas dupes in turquoise £35.00 here
Black sheer side tail t-shirt £34.00 here
Alice in wonderland cropped top £20.00 here
Rihanna Tank (I've waited SO long for a decent tee of her!!) £22.00 here
Denim zip bralet here
Dolly tee (as seen on Emma) £30.00 here
MAC Cook range lipstick in 'Naughty Sautee' £13.50 here
Striped leggings £4.99 (as seen on Lily) here
Long hem fishtail skirt in black £8.99 here
American Apparel disco pants dupes in black £7.43 here
& Any tripod would do thanks!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Underrated: Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara

Around the beginning of this year I discovered what I consider a really underrated but essential beauty product, and it didn't occur to me until today when I was applying my make-up that I was yet to blog about said product - and the said product is Collection 2000’s Skyscraper Mascara. I used to be an avid user of Maxfactor's masterpiece mascara but at the price tag of £8.99 I soon dropped that mascara, Now don't get me wrong - Mascara is the one beauty product I DO splurge on - Infact I rarley go without a coating of mascara wherever I go, So when shopping for new make-up for university but under a price budget I turned to the Collection 2000 display in Boots and discovered skyscraper. For me I'm quite lucky - I'm blessed with fairly long and curly eyelashes, But I prefer formulas which offer lengthening formulas alongside some volume - we all like an all rounder right?. When reading up about Skyscraper it simply claims "When it comes to long, luscious lashes, the sky is the limit with new Collection 2000 Skyscraper Mascara" which being honest with you? I totally agree with. If you compare the brushes from Maxfactor's masterpiece and Collection 2000's skyscraper they are fairly similar, comb like brushes allowing for seperation and coverage of all lashes - however skyscraper boasts a 2 sided brush, one short and one long allowing easy application for both top and bottom lashes and the corner of eyes. This mascara holds the curl in my eyelashes and lasts me through a 10 hour day (I kid you not!). The formula is fairly runny and you need around 3 coats to achieve the look I have got below and make sure to get rid of any access when you are taking the brush out of its tube - although I do like to use Estee Lauder's Lash primer plus to ensure I don't get any nasty clumps (I'll post about this product another time) Its easy to remove with baby wipes or make-up remover and is one of the only consistant products in my make-up bag! This is my 3rd tube now (Excuse the grubbiness!) and I can't recommend it highly enough! 10/10

Before applying any mascara to my lashes...

After applying Skyscraper mascara to my lashes...

Do you have any under-rated beauty bargains? Please share I'd love to know!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Stop Kony.

Do YOU know who Joesph Kony is? if you don't - you should.
If you haven't seen this video I really suggest you take half an hour out of your day and educate yourself. Its really frightening how such inhumane things are happening all over the world, and in England - and all over the world infact - we are so oblivious. Joesph Kony has built a rebel army of over thirty thousand children, the boys turnt into soldiers, the girls into sex slaves. They are forced to murder their own parents, handle guns and mutilate peoples faces to name a few of the grotesque actions this man has instilled in these innocent children - and whats worse? Kony is 'fighting' for a cause or protesting - he is building this army and committing these crimes in order to be a powerful figure. You can turn a blind eye to what is going on, but in my opinion no matter what side of the world you are from - we are all human, and humanity needs our help right now. If you can spare some time - there's alot of things you can do to help this cause #makekonyfamous - its not all about money, so please don't think 'oh I'm skint I cant afford to give money to others when I cant even finance myself' this charity can really make a difference if we raise awareness and spread the word, this campaign is all about working together - helping each-other, every person can add to this and create a snowballing effect, we need to make Kony a household name, and we need to this fast before the US government loose interest, spread the video - facebook it, tweet it, tumblr it, blogspot it - do whatever you can because honestly EVERY little helps. No child should grow up in fear of being abducted, raped or being forced into military action, when doing something so small can help - will you really resist putting out your hand and helping others? If I can get just one person more to share this video I will be eternally grateful. There are Kony events happening all over the UK, with technology such as facebook its never been easier to get involved, In Kent there is an event you can help with here, and in Southampton here. I really hope like me you take this seriously and take some time out of your day and think, if I was in trouble - would the rest of the world lend a hand? because after all. If the whole world had that selfish attitude of - 'well its not effecting me - why should i give a damn' I tell you now, the world would be alot more corrupt then it already is, I appreciate this isn't my usual beauty/fashion post - but this is something I feel very passionate about.

The Kony 2012 website is here - Please sign the pledge, it takes two minutes, just your email address and postcode. and show your support and help others who REALLY need us right now ..

Thankyou for your time.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Creamy Skulls

Had another chilled out day today, visited my auntie and uncles and had spag bowl with them, I got ready so fast today but snapped these pictures quickly when I got home, excuse my rancid complexion and mirror shot! I really do need to ask people to take photographs of me don't I! Wore my skull scarf which I got from Primark with a black knit jumper from h&m and my flatforms - which are also from H&m.. don't be fooled although they look nice they absoutley kill my feet! I didn't put them in these photos as I couldn't get a good enough photo to do them justice, will do one soon! I don't know if you have noticed I have finally managed to make my photos larger on my posts - is this a feature I should keep? I'm also wearing my favourite lipstick here - MAC's creme cup.. what do you think?

Have you brought any style staples lately? have a lovely day!

Monday, 5 March 2012

OOTD - Dainty denim

Today has been a really nice day, I went into uni for my photography lectures and although I felt they were pretty pointless it was nice to get out and have some fresh air. I came home tidied my room and did a quick food shop. Today I wore the denim dress i purchased from Primark a couple of days ago - I've been dying to wear it and teamed it with neutral colours of black and brown as the denim is a very light bleached type and having too many light colours in an outfit really washes me out I feel, I really enjoyed wearing this outfit, The dress is really nicely fitted and an absolute steal for £10 and I can't wait to wear it without tights in the summer! I did'nt have anyone around to help me take an outfit post today - so I hope these will suffice 'till i get my hands on a bloody tripod!

Denim Dress £10 Primark
Black Cardigan (Previous season) £8.99 H&M
Brown loafers around £20 Newlook

Foundation Boots 17 blemish balm in 'Light' applied with MAC brush 190SE
Concealer Collection 2000 cover up stick in 'Natural Beige 13' applied with ring finger under eyes and over blemishes
Powder Collection 2000 lasting perfection ultimate wear powder in '1 Fair' applied with E.L.F total face brush
Blusher Natural Collection blushed cheeks in 'Blushed Cheeks' applied with E.L.F Bronzing contour brush along cheek bones and nose
Rimmel London Duo eyeshadow in '321 Walnut Pearls' applied with Superdrug eyeshadow brush, brown all over lids, cream on brown bone
2true effortless liqyid eyeliner
Collection 2000 Skyscraper mascara

How was your day? Will you be wearing denim this summer?

Friday, 2 March 2012


My blog has been mentioned on an Italian fashion & beauty blog, Irma featured me in her 11 favorite blogs list, at number 2! her blog is http://audreysarmistice.blogspot.com if you would like to have a look! Thankyou very much Irma!!

Purchases and news!

Today I popped into town to buy a work shirt for my first shift tonight! I'm working in a bar in Southampton and I'm really looking forward to it - anyway! - Primark in Southampton has totally re-vamped into there s/s '12 collection and it is AMAZING in there at the moment! I could not resist this cute denim dress - perfect for summer months teamed with sandals and sunglasses or for months leading up too with thick tights and pumps. I also picked up this Mcqueen esque scarf for just £3!

I also brought a glass tumbler for my make-up brushes as I was sick of routing around my make-up bag for them and my MAC brushes were picking up eyebrow pencil shavings! - excuse the state of my brushes they are due a clean! but this gives you an idea of what my make-up space looks like right now! The little brown bag IS real and was a present from my friend Joe when he went to New York ..

I also have some exciting news, as of tomorrow I am going to be adding a weekly post to my blog - I'm not going to post tonight what I'm doing as I'm quite excited about my idea and I'd like to keep it to myself, what i will say is I think it will be entertaining for my readers and links in well to the course I am doing at uni, so keep your eyes peeled!

What have you brought recently?