Thursday, 30 August 2012

Out Of This World


Top - £13.99
Necklace - River Island Sale
Disco Pants - £30 River Island
Flatform Sandals - £19.99 H&m

Black Skull Bracelet - £4.99 Newlook
Blue Bracelet - Part Of A Pack @ Primark
Cream Skull Bracelet - £1.99 Internacionale
Pandora Bracelet
Jesus Bracelet - Part Of A Pack @ Primark

Nails - 'Malibu-Mojito' - Nails Inc
Accent Nail - Angelica @ Primark

First OOTD in a while! as per usual I've been at work alot so I have'nt had chance to update my blog! I am IN LOVE with this top from missguided guys! They had free next day delivery on yesterday and I could'nt resist this beauty, it has a dip hem back and its fantastic quality for money! As for my nails my auntie was having a clear out and gave me the Malibu set from Nails Inc which is quite old but I LOVE this colour. Reminds me of the Ibiza style nail varnishes that Models Own are doing.

Hows your week going so far?


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Paisley Peace


Shirt - £19.99 Fashion Union
Necklace - £2.99 River Island Sale
Belt - £7.99 Newlook
Paisley Style Skirt - HOMEMADE
Black Vectras (Not photographed) Topshop

 - My hair looks so flat here :(
I'm having an absoulete nightmare with my camera and lighting / space in my hosue right now, So appoloigies for this being slightly out of focus and very exposed but I really wanted to show you guys this outfit! I WILL resolve this once my tripods fixed and I can get the hang of lighting .. ANYWAY. When I was home for the last 2 weeks my nan made me loads of high waisted skater skirts from fabrics shes had for years! There so flattering and I love them! 

What have you got planned for the week!

#9 10 day you challenge

9 Loves

001. My mother. My mum is my absolute rock, raised me without help and installed morals in me that wil guide me through my life. There have been times where I don't think I would have got through without her love and support. She is like a best friend to me and I feel I can talk to her about anything.

002. Being appreciated. Weather its being thanked for help or doing something, getting a smile of appreciation or praise. I LOVE it when people aren't afraid to show their gratitude.

003. Earning money / paying my way. I'd hate to be dependent on my parents or anyone else. I like earning my own money and saving for things and working my way from the bottom to the top. Not being given everything on a plate gives me a bigger appreciation for money and a drive to work for it.

004. Being loved. Is there anyone who simply doesn't love to be loved by another human being.

005. Eminem. Words can't even describe.

006. Coldplay. One of my dads favorite bands - a band that creates timeless classics. 

007. Tattoos. I like knowing every one of my tattoos is meaningful and makes my body 100% unique!

008. Spiritualists / Spiritualist Churches. Everyone has different beliefs but when you get told something real you will know it. I think its amazing that I can go somewhere and hopefully eventually get in touch with my dad, grandfather and friend Jamie one day. It restores peace in my mind and gives me hope.

008. Apple & Blackcurrant Robinsons. If you know me, you will know my pure addiction with the stuff. A bottle a week atleast. I'll take it over fizzy or water any day.

What are your loves in your life?

Monday, 20 August 2012

yes sir


Jacket - £5.50 Charity Shop
Vest - £2.99 Newlook
Necklace - £2.99 River Island Sale
Disco Pants - £30 River Island
Black Vectras - £28 Topshop

This jacket is my favorite thing EVER right now. I was willing to pay out £30 for a similar one in Zara a couple of weeks ago but my auntie, nan and I went to Whitstable last week and the last charity shop we went in I found this. I've been wearing it with everything! Fulling supporting camo' and grunge right now! 

P.s I'm back in Southampton after 2 weeks at home, so my normal blogging will commence :)

How was your weekend!?

Friday, 17 August 2012

Primark : Christmas GLAM Collection.

I have steered away from Primark recentley. I live near a very big store in Southampton and have visited the Westfields and Oxford street stores and just have'nt been blown away by their summer stuff this year. Its been to samey samey or neon tack for my likings. Plus I feel as though their prices have gone up, and I only tend to buy in there if I see a real must have.

However, Press photos of the a/w have been and past and again I was'nt overly impressed and decided to skip a review. Yet today on Look magazine website I found some previews of Primark's Christmas 2012 collection and I think I can see a significant improvement.

I feel like the Christmas 2012 collection is alot more luxe then there summer and a/w has been. These photographs show so much more higher end looking garments - which Primark CAN do well.


Evening wear
Sequins & Glitter
As usual Christmas requires ALOT of glitz and glamour, what with everyone searching for the PERFECT New years eve dress, and finding the perfect work do dress. This years collection see's sequins taking a rework of a darker turn, mixed with the popular romantic goth trend. Expect black sequins, fierce shoe boots, spikes, muted gold, heavy and thin materials mixed, smokey eyes and piles of vintage/statement looking jewellery.

I love the two piece sequin suit!

Nude & Pastels
The other two trends I seemed to pick up on was the come back of nude, pastels colours, which I haven't really seen in christmas colour palettes before. Mixed with wool, chiffon and pearls these outfits are casual but could easily take you from day to evening. 

Casual & evening MIXED
And finally I also picked up the mixing of casual tops teamed with evening skirts or shorts or simply added a metallic colour to an everyday essential to create a more quirky evening look! I like!

What do you think of Primark's 2012 Christmas collection? 
Do you have any predictions?

10 day you challenge

Seeing as I am at home at the moment and have no access to photo editing software, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and join in with the 10 day challenge :)

10 Secrets

001. I am a manic depressive. Which means I have manic highs and lows. When I'm low I either eat alot or shop.

002. During middle school I was often taunted with the names 'scream' 'horse' and other long face related names. It wasn't until I cut my hair off and got my braces off I became less bullied.

003. I have done underwear modelling, and I am signed to a small agency in Kent, something I will never be ashamed of because it has gave me SO much confidence in myself.

004. I have been in abusive and controlling relationships. I have had people change me into a former shadow of myself, Without the help of my mum and the police. I'm not sure what would have happend.

005. I miss a period? I prey I'm pregnant - Theres nothing I want more than children.

006. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which gives me a vast amount of facial hair, heavy periods, complications.. It also means I may be subject to miscarriages and a hard time trying to conceive.

007. I wanted to study catering and hospitality at college, and wanted to become a pastry chef, but people laughed at me and told me I would have been no good at it.

008. I have a Princess Diana award for my work with peer mentoring in middle school.

009. I LOVE reading, although I worry people will judge me and avoid talking about it

010. I worry I will never be enough for someone - or too much for someone to settle down with.

So there you go, a little further insight into the person I am, What are some of your secrets?

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Minty welcoming me home · Feeding the fish · cooking spag bowl · new curriculum · lunch with Sheryl & Ollie · SLUSH · Asos delivery arrived and sent back · Fabric for skirts my nan is making me :) · Travelling to Whitstable for the day · Cousin & her guinea pig · Sea front antics · Pub lunch · More expensive skirt fabric · Brilliant mug · New favourite shirt - expect an OOTD soon · Charity shop bargain! · House gathering · Solar lights - missed my garden.

This week has been up and down and stupidly busy! Looks like I've added a few more things to my wardrobe! I've got alot of OOTDs planned so keep an eye out!

Hope you've all had a great weekend!

Friday, 10 August 2012

MAC : Marilyn Monroe

 If you follow my blog often you will realise alot of my beauty posts feature or are reviewing MAC products. With a family member working for the company and a constant need to know whats next I'm usually fairly up to date with new ranges/collections up and coming from MAC after pestering my source and the internet!. So it excites me to find information relating a new collection ...

YES A new collection based around Marilyn Monroe!

This particular collection excites me not so much because of Marilyn, I personally don't idolise her atall, Of course every woman admires her curves and confidence but for me, Its more about this collection being one that I think will be more wearable for many more people and will hopefully be less daunting for people who have been so far afraid to splurge a bit of money on MAC cosmetics. 
As usual MAC has came up with some beautifully creative names, leaving each one of the 30 limited edition pieces with its own fitting name. I'm not particularly fond of the use of image on the packaging but I understand the reasoning.I'm particularly interested in the lipsticks (aren't I always?!) and the eyeshadows. Finally we may all be able to capture a bit of that signature 50s-60s look! Bring on the scheduled October release date! 

Eye Shadows:
How to Marry - Soft White (Veluxe Pearl)
Preferred Blonde - Pale champagne beige (Veluxe Pearl)
Silver Screen - True silver (Veluxe Pearl)
Showgirl - Dark blue grey (Veluxe Pearl) 

Pure Zen - Warm nude (Cremesheen)
Scarlet Ibis - Bright orange red (Matte)
Love Goddess - Mid-tone pink red (Satin)
Charmed I'm Sure - Dark true red (Matte)
Deeply Adored - Deep scarlet (Matte)

Nail Lacquers -
Vintage Vamp - Rich deep retro wine (Cream)
Stage Red - Dark berry red (Cream)
Flaming Rose - True red (Cream)
Kid Orange - Coral (Cream)
Rich, Rich, Rich - Glittery gold (Pearl)

Other products in collection:
Beauty Powder -
Forever Marilyn - Sheer pale peach highlighter 
Powder Blush -
Legendary - Pale soft coral (Satin)
The Perfect Cheek - Neutral pink beige (Matte) 
Dazzleglass -
Phiff! - Sheer yellow peach
Little Rock - Soft sheer white with pearlized pigments
Lip Pencil -
Beet - Vivid reddish-pink
Redd - Clearly red
Cherry - Vivid bright blue/red
Lashes -
35 Lash 
Eye Kohl -
Smolder - Intense black
Fascinating - Intense matte white
Penultimate Eye Liner -
Rapidblack - Rich deep carbon black
Penultimate Brow Marker -
Universal - Natural warm taupe-brown 
Brow Finisher -
Clear - Sheer
Mascara -
Extreme Black - Carbon black

 * Photos and information via google, a family source and blogs here and here *

Have you seen anything in this collection your desperate to get your hands on!?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A week and two days in photos..

One of many puppies @ Luke's family BBQ · Me & Luke in the sunshine · nice new bunting in my bedroom :) · healthy dinner · chocolate cream frap' · lepoard print nails · drinks after work with the girls · NEW tattoo !! :D · coaches home again · me & the boy @ pre drinks for shannons birthday · me and the boy booked our holiday! countdown till Greece · the boy and my brother bonding on the way to Stratford · my brother and I · first time trying macaroons! · Cheeky photo with our smoothies in Westfields · Milkshakes @ Dean's American diner.

Sorry this post is late! I've been travelling and missing coaches and visiting Westfields shopping centre in Stratford with my brother and my boy, despite not going in the Olympic park just being so close to it was fantastic - you could really soak up the atmosphere! I'm travelling back to Southampton today where a lonely house awaits me - not good. I'll be back to Kent for 2 weeks in 7 days though and as you can see I have FINALLY booked a holiday with my boyfriend to Greece! SO excited.
How have your weeks been!