Monday, 30 January 2012

Photography assignment 2

Got to grips with my new assignment for photography today, creating 3 4 pages editorials for 3 different magazines.

Using Denim for one, casual wear and finally shoes.

I'm actually really looking forward to this assignments because its a little more directed - I dislike having too much freedom in a project. And i have to produce for images for each theme which are concentrating on styling, Its also got to be up to date and based on s/s '12 so i've got to go shopping to get some decent bits for my shoots, I've got to research history of denim a

nd stylists and photographers - I've even got to do model casting! I've already got some really good ideas brewing.

Just wish i did'nt have a 2000 word essay for design in context, and an 8 page lookbook and research file for design communication.

Time keeping is CRUCIAL right now, oh and its my operation tomorrow. gulp.
wish me luck!!

Friday, 27 January 2012

E.L.F Lipstick 'Ripe Rose'

This is the lipstick i ordered from E.L.F, In Ripe Rose, I quite like dark pink lipsticks, as they can brighten up an everyday outfit without being OTD or brighten a natural face of makeup, I also think it suits my tone of skin because of how fair I am and because I have darker hair. The packaging is sleek and professional and the lipstick itself is easy to hold and use. E.L.F describes it as 'A matte creamy deep pink' and i'd agree that the description is spot on, Infact i was surprised, its a very deep and consistent colour and glided on my lips and mosturised them without having a shiny or glittery sheen, something that such fierce colours often lack - you often end up with a chalky broken texture, but this was lovely, I can't pick up any specific scent from it but its lasted very well on my lips 2 hours and a bit and counting - this is with drinking with a straw. The description is spot on and the colour is lovely. 5/5 product for me - will be looking at investing in some more lipstick from E.L.F for sure!.

E.L.F Delivery!

Wednesday night i ordered some bits from E.L.F, And they've arrived already! Although I've read LOTS of reviews of E.L.F I've never actually been on there website and looked around, when I did on Wednesday night I was pleasantly suprised! I could'nt get over how cheap the products were! and some were even on sale, so i grabbed £11's worth. Heres my mini haul of products...

Nail Polish in 'Purple Pleaser' £1
Matte Finisher Clear Polish £1
Total Face Bronzing Brush £1.50
Over all Face Brush £1.50
Lipstick in 'Ripe Rose' £3.50

First thing i noticed was the high quality of the packaging - its sleek and professional and the black and white contrast almost reminds me of MAC products. I was in dire need of a new blusher brush as mine now malts all over my face ! my powder brush has also seen better days, I got some amazing MAC brushes from my boyfriend for Christmas, but the set I got did'nt come with a powder brush and the blusher brush is too taperd for my liking leaving with really defined highlight where as i like a more subtle glow. I'm going to review these products seperatley, I'm most excited about the Matte finisher, I've wanted one ever since the Chanel £18 one came out - and at an astonishing £1 its worth a go, however i won't be reviewing the polishes for abit as I have my surgery tuesday and I'm not allowed any nail varnish on!

What do you think of E.L.F? Are there any products you would recommend?

PP: My life plan.

I think i have a pretty good idea what my overall ‘life plan’ is right now.
Most girls doing fashion with photography want to be photographers or work for Vogue, personally since I was around 13 I’ve always wanted to work for More! magazine, just out of personal preference and what I like and find inspiring. When applying for university I actually wanted to do something more Fashion PR based as public speaking, publicity and organisation combined with fashion is more my scene and where I think I would come into my own, alas I could’nt find that course, fortunatley the fashion industry is pretty good if you research/work hard and have a degree in some kind of fashion - just because mine is combined with photography does’nt mean that I have to persue a career in photography, I enjoy photography and learning about it so it was a sensible choice for me - after all I want to be doing something I enjoy everyday for the rest of my life. Solent is good at that one thing really - its giving me many perspectives on fashion and a broader knoweledge of the industry of it as a whole.

My whole life I’ve been constantly progressing I feel. I made alot of steps moving up. In a metaphorical way I see my life as ‘stairs’, Educationally and location wise I made the first big step leaving Sheppey to attend Canterbury college and then an even bigger one by going that much further to come here to Solent. So naturally I’ve come to enjoy seeing and moving in different areas and meeting new and different people. So my plan is to aim to finish uni with realistically a 2 1, I’ll aim for a first but I don’t think my intelligence would reach that level, During my 3rd year when I will feel that my knowledge is at novice standard I want to approach magazines and try and get any work experience possible to get my name in the game, finishing my 3rd year I will work 1 year in the UK getting as much UK based work experience as possible and saving as much as I can, my friend Aimee will finish a year after me, and in my 2nd year of being graduated I want to travel somewhere new - e.g out of England and get some international experience, to open my mind and hopefully advance my career. Do this for a year or two, return and get my dream job with More! and or styling, and then carry on climbing the ‘stairs’ this is as far as I’ve got, I want to reach a point in my life where I feel I’ve reached the top and I’m perfectly content with the majority of things going on in my life, I’m going to work hard because 1) I believe I deserve a good life 2) I have two extremely loving parents to make proud - and one to treat excessively and 3) I’ve never let hurdles stop me before - they won’t ever.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Just ordered some E.L.F Cosmetics and a fox ears ring - for 99p! reviews to come ...

Maroon Wedges Ebay

I often buy alot of items on ebay, the postage is cheaper than retail websites and you can find some amazing dupes on there. I have really embraced wearing wedges with my daily wear this year or so, I've totally wrecked my brown lace up wedge boots from newlook from shopping and partying in them, so when i found a faux red leather pair on ebay for just £12.99 with £2.99 postage and packing i could'nt resist!

They're made of a rubbery soft feeling fabric and there super comfortable to wear, i brought them from this seller here they seem to be a seller of mainly shoes and alot of there stock is tack in my opinion but if you have a raid through their stock you can find some right bargains! these are also available in black, beige and grey. I have some amazing sheer shirts to team these with now (Outfit posts to follow in due course!) .. They arrived in 4 days - before they were supposed to and I love them! So I'm recommending this ebay seller!

What do you think of wedges teamed with casual wear? Do you like any Ebay sellers? Let me know :)..

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

OOTD - Pastel Pink, Operations & Uni lessons.

I've realized that I a) need a tripod after todays trials and tribulations with an outfit post and a large camera - mirror shots do NOT work, so excuse this shabby webcam shot! my flatmate Luke has kindly agreed to take the rest of my OOTD posts so they will be MUCH better quality in the future and b) need a external hard drive as i was severely 'slapped on the wrists' about needing an external hard drive as a photography student - excuse me while i just magically find £100..

Jumper £19.99 H&M
Jeans £19.99 Newlook
Daisy Pendant Necklace £2 Peacocks sale
Black Faux Chelsea Boots £14.99 F&F
Pleather and jersey panelled biker jacket £49.99 Miss Selfridge
Lipstick Barry M in 'Dolly pink' £4.99

Besides my first proper day back at university I finally had my gynecologist appointment today, I've had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) for just over 2 years now and no matter how many times I went to my GP or got rushed into A&E they never seemed to make any progress with my case - thankfully this changed when I came to Southampton. Next Tuesday (the 31st) I'm having a small operation called a 'Diagnostic Laparoscopy' and then a further 'Ovarian drilling' This first part is the surgeon making two incisions in my lower torso, one above my belly button and the over just on my bikini line (goodbye bikini in the summer months!) they then put a camera in me and try and find out and eliminate the problem. The gyneay also said that she wanted to do Ovarian drilling making small holes in my ovaries to allow and easier and better flowing ovulation. What a nightmare! its a short operation and i'll be under anesthetic, i should be out by the evening - providing I act better to the anesthesia this time - I usually yack when I come round!. I'm also back at the hospital for blood and hormone tests on Friday and then after the op' I've got to have two weeks off uni - and because getting home is a 2 hour drive my mum is going to be living with me in my room at uni for a week. awkward! So big scary stuff for me in the next week! To give you a quick idea this is what will be happening ...

If anyone has PCOS or has had this kind of operation before any comments/help/guidance would be much appreciated! wish me luck ^__^

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sarenza Ambassador Entry

Entering competitions you can't really loose anything so why not!..

Sarenza are currently running a competition to write 300 words on your favourite pair of shoes from Sarenza, If you win you becomea Sarenza Ambassador which means you’ll receive a £150 voucher to spend on shoes EVERY MONTH which you will then review on your blog, as well as the chance to win an extra £50 voucher each month for our ‘Ambassador post of the month’ You can't go wrong really can you!

I adore these Castaluna Mildred L wedges currently with 30% making them £88.70. I absolutely love these shoes - there practical and stylish as hell!. There neutral colouring means they are versatile to be teamed with alot of different items, textures and colour palettes - casual or for a night out. The low wedge rubber heel means they would be comfortable and durable for long bouts of shopping or partying allowing the owner to still look stylish and classy without wearing painful stilettos or trainers. The laces would also help enhance the fit and allow you to adjust tigher or looser for bear feet or socks. I think these would look great with a dressed down
'grunge' casual look or going out rock chick or even used as a statement piece. Here are some looks I have pieced together...

Hopefully this shows in some light that i meet the requirements of being
- A fierce fashionista?

- A bargain hunter?
- A trend trailblazer?
- A comfort lover?
- A stylish sista?
- A Rock ‘n’ roll fashion rebel?
- But above all…A SHOE ADDICT??!!

I LOVE sarenza. Fingers crossed and this is my entry :) x
What do you think? let me know ...

Miss Sporty 'Sparkle Touch'

I recently brought Miss Sporty 'Sparkle Touch' it was around £1.99 and is a dupe of a sparkly nail varnish by Rimmel for £3.99 which ive forgotten the name of sorry! I don't usually wear nail varnish unless its Barry M as its the only one that seems to last on my nails but after about 3 coats i built up some pretty good glitz with this, Its a very runny formula but the brush is really good and easy to apply! excuse the state of my nails i need a product that stops them from flaking after all the acrylics i used to have and to make them grow! the pink crackle on the ring finger is barry m by the way! This nailv arnish lasted around a week for me - bearing in mind i wash up and use my hands ALOT but its well worth a buy and the easy application makes it a good glittery essential 4/5 for me!

Is there any budget nail varnishes you'd recommend? i'd love to know ..

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

I had extra money left over this weekend so i had a little shop around in superdrug and boots and was delighted to find that the MUA Heaven and earth palette had finally come in stock in the superdrug in Southampton where I live. I use neutral eyeshadow on a daily basis, and at night i like to keep the colour on my eyes subtle so it doesn't clash with the lipstick i'm wearing. I've always wanted the Naked Palette by Urban Decay but the price tag is way off my budget right now so since MUA had such brilliant reviews by beauty bloggers such as i decided i'd try this one out. Firstly the price tag at £4.99 is a complete bargain. All of the colours applied easily and didnt fall under my eyes when i applied with an eyeshadow brush. They lasted around 6 hours for me on a day where i'd been for a meal and walked outside. The lighter shades are perfect for highlighting the corner of your eyes and brow bone and darker shades allow wicked contours for sockets etc. Not sure i'll be using it on a daily basis - and if i do i'll be keeping it to a small amount to not look overdone. Chuffed with this product and will definitely be buying more MUA products from now on. 5/5 for me!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Boots 17 BB Cream & Hide away corrector cream.

If any of you have pale skin like myself you will know that getting a foundation with a good coverage and a colour match is near on impossible. Back in 2009 when i visited family in Wales i managed to get my hands on a Mac Studio Fix but long since then it ran out, and very few places do it, so I have been searching for alternatives. I'm currently using Clinque 'Even better' foundation, however despite having a woman at the counter apply it - it still fails to match my complexion completely, Don't get me wrong Even better has a brilliant coverage, its long lasting and covers blemishes and under eye bags to some extent and I haven’t had one break out since using it - however I still end up looking fairly orange if I use even slightly too much of this product.

Being on a student budget and wanting to keep a versatile make-up bag is very difficult so when I read some reviews on Boots’ 17 range ‘BB Blemish Balm’ I’ll admit the £6.99 price tag drew me in. It comes in sleek attractive black packaging and has the tell tale 1950’s look that soap and glory and benefit also use in there advertisement and packaging. It comes in a tube and in two colours fair, medium and I purchased the fair colour as I didn’t want to risk an orange tint in it – fortunately both seem to have more of a pink base to them, Boots’ boast “Reveal the magic of flawless skin with this all-in-one foundation plus skincare wonder product.” My first thoughts when applying to my skin was that it was a very runny formula and when I applied to my face using a Mac 190 my thoughts were confirmed, you will definitely need to wear powder with this product to avoid greasy looking skin, The foundation is described to have ‘full coverage’ however I would say this is more of a medium coverage foundation as I still had to touch up under eyes and blemishes with concealer, that being said the foundation matched my skin nicely sat well under powder and gave my face a nice natural glow, I also felt my skin was able to breathe under this foundation, it didn’t cake on. I’m not sure this would survive a night out I will probably keep it as a daily foundation thanks to the versatile packaging meaning it can travel and the cheapness of the product means I wouldn’t be afraid to touch up through the day, I would give this product around a 3/5.

I also brought the 17 ‘Hide away correcting cream’ again these products were available in much lighter shades with pink undertones. It was £3.99 and had the same packaging as the BB Cream. I’ve never actually used a wet concealer before – I’m more of a hard concealer girl myself, but I was really pleased with the results from this products. The easy application makes it easy to do touch ups throughout the day and keep on you. The formula was creamy as advertised and covered up under eye bags very well – blemishes to some extent, teamed with the foundation they blended well together and finishing with powder the duo make a very cheap and nice final coverage. I’d give this product a 4/5 definitely a must for girls with lighter skin on a budget!.

What do you think of highstreet foundations & concealer’s? Which would you recommend? xx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Products i can use to save the condition and colour of my hair in 'hard' water areas! my hair is not keeping its colour and is so brittle right now! any advice girls? xx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Having a cousin in MAC helps

Today i recieved my christmas presents from my uncle, auntie and cousins in Wales. My eldest cousin works in MAC and i was over the moon to find they had brought me a table mirror and 3 products from MAC - please excuse poor photos i was in a rush out to see a friend!!

I recieved a Crememsheen Lipstick in 'Cremecup' (EEEEEE!!!)

Plushglass in 'Full for you'

Lipstick & plushglass on together...
Swatches (gloss on the left lipstick on the right) excuse hairy arm (ew) sorry they swatched poo!

And i also recieved a kohl eye pencil in 'Feline' but ill take photos and review that later. I've seen alot of blogsphere hype over Cremecup and I cannot believe i now i own one. I have a previous lipstick similar to this by barry m in marshmellow but it is very chalky in consistency and often splits on the lips with gloss, but with Cremecup i found the colour easy to build and the gloss surprisingly didnt overwhealm it, i'd probably use this as a day time lipstick as it isnt too in your face or opaque like night-time lipsticks. It also tastes and smells quite vanillery and is really nice to have on, the gloss isnt overly tacky either :) would recommend both to anyone!
Which shades of MAC lipstick and gloss do you like?
Pasha x

Monday, 2 January 2012


Does anyone have tips on how to grow your nails? i've always bitten mine and i really want to grow them long and square! Any products you guys would recommend? xx

012. Goals.

I honestly have had the best year this year, not only have i met some amazing people i finally got into a healthy and happy relationship - i went to V festival with my boyfriend and i finally saw Eminem, someone I've been waiting to see for around 10 years, I spent 11 days in Ibiza with my best friends i made it into university, i did underwear modelling, i was part of a team who once again got voted one of the best student unions in the UK - I Have been so very lucky. So i can only hope that 2012 brings me an equal amount of luck and joy because i don't think it would be physically possible to be very much better that 011. So that brings me to 2012 goals. I'm not one for resolutions as i know i probably won't keep them, and its not as much life changing goals, its more things i intend to do through the year to better myself and surroundings.

In the year 2012 I plan too.
> Find a student house for 9 people, move in and pay rent successfully every month
> Find a job - After handing out 40 CVs i'm sick to the back teeth of being jobless, i WILL find some kind of job no matter what the position may be
> Do something nice for mine and Chris's one year anniversary
> Hand in ALL work on time - so far so good
> Save - not only for Chris's 21st but for my own good!
> Get involved with the Solent s.u
> Pay or learn how to make my blogspot look attractive! its a nightmare right now.
> Break the habit of a life time and drop paint shop pro for Photoshop - i'm in composition of doing so right now
> Buy my mum a pair of Uggs for christmas 2012
> Make the gradual move from tumblr to blogspot
> Regularly blog on blogspot!
> Visit the place where my father passed away in Clevedon

I think this will be a good start!