Monday, 30 March 2015

How I'll be spending my easter weekend

If you follow me on any social media platform you'll know that I work in London, and whilst that all being well and good .. the two hour commute either side of my day and the night shift I'm required to do is a massive ball ache. BUT, not this week, NO. Easter sunday is approaching and I'm going to be spending my Sunday work and night shift free, so I thought I'd share with you what I'll be doing this Easter ...

001: Family Roast Every easter since I can remember my family and I have always came together for a roast. We also uphold the tradition of doing an easter egg hunt in my nans garden yes I am 22 I have a very small but busy family and I absolutely treasure seasonal roasts and get togethers
002: Burning a Yankee candle  I've developed abit of an obsession around Yankee candles as of late and Bunny Cake is the latest jar to my collection, the scent is really subtle and sweet and I love to leave this on in the room for around an hour before bed for a really relaxing scent
003: Indulgence: Because if you can't eat all the chocolate and cake in the world on Easter then when can you?
004: Taking a bath: Yes, I do partake in personal hygiene - but it is a VERY rare occasion that I get the chance to kick back in the bath. I promised myself I wouldn't miss out on the Lush Easter collection and I wasn't disappointed by the offerings I picked up, these are 'golden egg' and 'hoppity poppity' - boy am I looking forward to un winding with one of these come sunday night 

- remember! its okay to have down time!
How are you spending you're Easter weekend?


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Places you need to see : The cereal killer cafe

The Cereal Killer Cafe London E1
  Official website
This post has taken far too long to write, but I'll blame my laptop loosing the photos for a couple of months for that! Boy oh boy - Do I wish I'd been DSLR'd up on this day! 
Dan & I actually visited The Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane on its opening day a few months back now. I was immediately sold on the offering of all things breakfast related - afterall everyone knows breakfast is the best meal of the day. We found the understated cafe pretty quickly, as there was a pretty hefty que for opening day. Nestled amongst the other kitsch and unique offerings of brick lane, the cereal killer cafe fitted right in. We were delighted to have a glimpse at the menu as we qued for 40 minutes to sample a taste of the magic. We were taken right back to our childhood with the unbelievable 120 choices - who knew their was that many cereals about right!?, and my fiance - a fanatic for all things american and limited edition was lost for choice at imported and limited edition selection. To put it bluntly, we were shocked at just how much selection and creation was available to a cafe that sold just cereal. I would imagine the cafe caters something for all tastes, cereals with just milk, options for customers with allergies, poptarts, toast, and then the piece de la resistance - the cereal cocktails. I opted for a 'bananarama' and Dan went for a 'double rainbow', we also shared some poptarts. A little touch which was most appreciated was the milk being served separate to the cereal, every cereal connoisseur has their own tolerance of sogginess and to have this at you're own disposal was a little luxury. We both felt the prices were reasonable as you really were paying for a novelty and experience as well as a light brunch. The cafe itself is a hub of memorabilia and a heaven for any like minded 90s kids. We spent half our time enjoying our cocktails and the other half gauping at the vast collection the Irish twins had collected and decorated their space with. We were served by the twins themselves and despite the shop being chocka-block they were polite, friendly and helpful when were weren't sure on choices. I wouldn't be surprised if they had to expand sooner rather than later as my only downside to this visit was that although the compact space was incredibly decorated, it was rather small and hard to maneover round, however it was opening day and I'm not sure anyone could predict just how popular this venue would be. We enjoyed our visit and both vowed we'd return during our next trip to London. If you fancy something a little different to the average mundane costa to work, pop into cereal killer cafe, you wont be disappointed! 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

tropical co-ord & hair extensions

Jacket and shorts - Newlook
T - shirt - Bershka
Boots - Newlook
Hat - Newlook
 Now that summer is approaching I finally feel like its safe for me to start embracing print again. ESPECIALLY in the form of a two piece. This is the second co-ord I've invested in for the summer, I'm planning to get alot of wear out of this both as separates and together. The best part about a short suit is how formal you can dress it up and by layering a t shirt get it right into you're everyday wardrobe. I've discovered Bershka as a brand lately and have been blown away by their offerings. I paired this 'less is more' slogan tee with the lairy print of my co-ord for abit of irony if i'm honest..
If you didn't already know, I'm in the process of growing my hair! with the thought of a wedding on the horizon and having had short hair for around six years, If I don't do it now - I never will. A couple of years ago cliphair sent me a set of their double weft chocolate brown extensions, and I loved them. However two years on, they've had their day. I opted for the dip dye extensions this time round, and I've been so impressed with their quality and seamless blending into my own hair. I've had numerous comments about how you can't tell these luscious locks aren't my own! I've got two sets - one that I've curled and these which I keep straight. My only advice to you if you have short hair is not to wear these everyday, the weight of the hair leaves me with head aches at the moment as I am still getting used to them, and with the shortest parts of my hair the clips can snap the hair - these aren't a permanent thing for me, but they are helping me grow my pixie crop out!

What have you been experimenting with lately?

Saturday, 14 March 2015

MAC X Cinderella collection : royal ball lipstick

Mac x Cinderella collection : 'Royal ball' lipstick
I don't think there has been a Mac limited edition collection I haven't got my hands on, with a few small exceptions! The Cinderella collab was arguably one of the most coveted mac Disney collabs
by far. Weather it was adoring disney fans, mac addicts or lusting ladies obsessed with pretty packaging - everyone seemed to want a piece of this collection. I still have the eyeshadow palette to arrive but I knew I wanted atleast one of the lipsticks for sure and I opted for royal ball.
This has been the first time I hadn't really read the colour description and searched through reviews about a limited collection, because if i'm honest I was just too damn excited to get my hands on a piece of the magic. In hindsight - I wish I had. 'Royal ball' is described as a 'fleshy pink' which I was drawn too, as I'm trying to expand my nudes and everyday colours part of my lipstick collection. However what I should have read was the 'shimmering textures' part of the descriptor. I have never ever, liked a shimmering finish on any lipstick, I've always been a matte finish kind of girl.  The 'Royal ball' shade on first swatch is fairly clear with just a hint of pink sheen, however it is build able. Yes this colour is pretty, however, my main problem with this shade is that its FAR too light for my lips, as in my lips basically disappear into my face. Its the sort of 'my first lipstick from the pound section' colour on my skin and the only way I seem to be able to make this work is with a little lipliner and even then I'm pushing it. Moral of the story? always check reviews before you buy!

Did you pick up anything from the Mac x Cinderella collection?