Thursday, 2 May 2013

Estee Lauder 'Double Wear' in 'Ivory Nude'

Estee Lauder Double Wear in 'Ivory Nude' £19.75 (Gunwharf Quays)

Behind the purchase and price
Cue the quickest review of all time. Like everyone else I too had been woo'ed by the ways of Estee Lauder.. SO many bloggers have raved about this product, but whilst on my internship a week ago I went in to have a skin test with this and was really surprised to find that the lightest colour the counter I went to had was still too orange for me.
WELL. Myself and Dan ventured for a day out in Portsmouth and I happened to stumble into a shop minus a sign but with hoards of Mac, Estee Lauder, Origins etc!? I was literally beaming, infact it was a little cringey.. This shop, forgive me I don't know its name, was selling old collections or factory seconds or discontinued products - I WAS LIKE A CHILD IN A SWEET SHOP.
Needless to say when I saw double wear for £19.75 I HAD to pick it up, I must have drove Dan mad walking in and out of the shop to check the colour against the light...

The product
immediately I noticed the coverage that everyone had so rightly raved about, with this baby you need not want for concealer - it does all the leg work for you, I always stick to a heavy coverage  with foundation so if you do to - this is for you. Consistency wise your looking at the same sort as MAC studio fix - I honestly don't feel greasy or caked with this on, I always set it with stay matte from Rimmel too and again no caking, as far as spots I haven't noticed any break outs from it and as for applying I'd recommend the real techniques stippling brush as always! My only complaint is that the bottle doesn't have a pump and you end up wasting product pouring if your not careful!

Never the less I probably will re-purchase for full price as a pale girl with blemish prone skin this is ticking all my boxes!

Have you tried double wear?


  1. the colour looks beautiful :D

    1. its a good match! thanks for commenting :) xxx

  2. Oh God I wish you could remember the name of the shop - it sounds fantastic! Anyway I think I really need to invest in a pot of this miracle foundation because every single blogger in the entire world seems to have it and rave about it!

    Oh and it's SO frustrating when shops don't stock pale colours isn't it!

    1. I remember the location if that helps? if you go to the section where jack wills is, and go down the section next to jack wills you'll see it, as soon as you walk past you'll see its just shelves of makeup - its the only shop without any signs or branding! :) it is amazing! yessss such a lack of pale colours! why someone hasnt made a fortune out of it i dont know! xxxx