Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tangerine Tigers.

Photobucket Photobucket

Top - £16.00, Republic
Denim Jacket - £3.00 Charity Shop (Gap)
Peace ear cuff - £6.50, Topshop
Cuff bracelet - Gift
Maxi Skirt - £14.99 Newlook
Sandals - £6.00 Primark

I got quite a few compliments on this outfit from customers at work today, which was lovely - its always nice to be complimented on something you threw together! So I thought I'd share this with you after a long ten and a half hour shift! I also popped into Hollister on my lunch break and couldn't resist these body sprays for £12 each or 3 for £24 - Your'll probably think I'm mad spending that on body sprays but they last like a perfume and the scents are AMAZING. Also ; just to let you know - Republic have a MASSIVE sale on right now and theres some really REALLY nice stock in it - with up to 50% off some of it! Brands like Glamorous, Miso etc are my faves - and you can pick up some beautiful party dresses for a fraction of the price which are still very much in fashion! Seriously worth checking out.

How is your week going?

Monday, 25 June 2012

Another haul video

Another Haul for you guys coming from my brand new MAC (eeeek!)
Excuse my rambling and telling you all to have a good weekend when its clearly not the weekend? Hahah!

Pasha x

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lady like.

Photobucket Top - Topshop £16
Jeggings - Newlook (Old) 
Necklace - Newlook (Old) 
Shoes - Vectras in black Topshop £28 (Not that you can see!)
I always wanted to try the peplum trend but I hate the dresses and am yet to see someone pull one off fully. These simple peplum tops are currently £16 in topshop and are fantastic quality and extreamley flattering on the figure. I felt very elegant and lady like today whilst wearing this! I'll be investing in a few more I think. 

Apologies for shocking photo quality and miserable posing - I move on the 1st guys. 

 What do you make of peplum tops? Hope you had a fantastic week.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Maxi lovin'


Dress - Peacocks £15 last year
Sandals - £12 Primark last year
Sunglasses - £10 Newlook last year

So it looks like the weather has taken a turn for the good again and I couldn't be happier to see the sunshine! I'm travelling back to Southampton today after 6 days at home for my mums 40th - which was brilliant. I brought this maxi dress in the peacocks sale last year and I usually wear it for special ocasion! I love the sparkly neck detail and the way it clinches at the waist! It was a complete steal for £15 and served me well in Ibiza also!

Are you a maxi girl or a midi girl?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Essie 'Fiji'

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Essie 'Fiji' - £7.99 Boots
 Now that my nails have grown I've been experimenting alot more, and looking into nail products avidly. A couple weeks ago I discovered Essie had been launched in Boots, and I quickly heard about this shade - 'Fiji' , I've become very much a neutral nail varnish girl lately - otherwise nail clashing against outfit choice is'nt a good look! I've always been an avid buyer of Barry M but lately have began to see the down side of them - the gloopy ness the time they take to dry, the stains they leave on my nails. So I thought hey why not £7.99 for a nail varnish .. I deserve a treat? right? RIGHT.

 This is probably one of the best nail varnishes I've ever splashed out on. I spent about half an hour trying to find a cheaper duplicate and alas couldn't. The finish of this polish is perfect. An off white pinky colour. Bright and fresh. The polish drys quickly and its really nice and shiny. It took about 3 coats to give me this 'opaque-ness' and its lasted 2/3 days without chipping so far. I've also got Models Own 'Ibiza Mix' on my ring fingers here.

 My advice? YES expensive nail varnish IS worth splashing out on - if its a colour that you can wear all the time! 10/10 (P.s I realise I'm lacking in outfit posts lately - my work uniform has became rather boring. Fear not I have some lined up!)

Have you tried any Essie polishes yet? Which your favorite?!

Monday, 11 June 2012

If only it were payday 002

Photobucket Clothes:
Map print top - £25 Tee & Cake @ Topshop 
Unitard - £25 Asos 
Camouflage pocket tee - £16 Mens section Fabric @ Republic 

Red vans - £45 @ Schuh 
Grey sling backs - £18 Topshop 
Pink studded pumps - £28 Topshop 
Low top white converse - £40 @ Schuh

Essie nail polish in Fiji - £7.99 Boots 
Benefit Corlista - £23.50 
Mac 'Reel Sexy' (Currently sold out) £13.50 
Topshop cream blush in 'flush' - £6.00 

 I'm sure I'm not the only victim of payday excitement and blowing the percentage of earnings you kept aside to treat yourself .. on the same day. I'm a victim to Primark on payday. Working with it on your doorstep is'nt great. I skip along in there and spend whatever wages I've put aside to treat myself and assure myself I won't be wanting/needing anything else in the month. How wrong could I be! Quite a few of these have been on mental must have lists for a LONG time now. THIS payday I NEED to restrain myself and treat myself to a few less but more expensive goodies I think!

 What have you been lusting after recently?

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A week in photographs


Fresh beginnings with my boy - a promise ring! (: · About as patriotic as I got · myself and the boy · new Topshop lace socks and the tattoo for my dad · still eating like a child · the process of ombre nails! · finished obre nails · FINALLY had my haircut · coral nails · back home being squished in Aimee's car · more Topshop lace socks! · myself and the girls before a night out on the town! baby pops courtesy of Jess's mum

So this week has consisted of changing my nails ALOT, I've finally grew them so I'm feeling a lot more experimental, got to see my boyfriend and some of my best friends also. Apart from being ill mid week and being taken in and out of hospital - nothing out of the norm anymore - its been good! Thanks to Lily @ LLYMRS for showing me where the tool was to make Instagram posts! Expect more of these in the future now.

Have you had a good week?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday's face 001

Photobucket Photobucket Face : Benefit Porefessional, MAC Studio Fix NC15, Rimmel Stay Matte in '001 Transparent', Rimmel Eyebrow pencil in 'Black brown', MUA Mosaic bronzer 
Eyes : MUA Heaven eye shadow palette, Estee Lauder lash primer plus, 2 True liquid liner, Collection 2000 skyscraper mascara
Lips : Barry M limited edition lipgloss 

Just a quick one before i travel half way across the country to go home for the weekend again. I've been really really unwell the last couple of days. ovaries are nothing but hassle when it comes to me. I'm sick to death of polycystic ovarian syndrome and the hold it has over my life. On a brighter note I feel I've really developed a routine in my day to day face. I've finally settled on regular products and I'm more than happy with their results.

 What are you doing this weekend?

Monday, 4 June 2012

Ebay bargain alert!

Fancy a bargain girls?! 

Check out my Ebay HERE > http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/pashahughesyxx

PLENTY of bargains, used items and items still with tags on brand new!

Brands such as : Allsaints, Superdry, Topshop and Missguided!

Clinique : Chubby Stick in 'Pudgey Peony' review

 This was the other product I was speaking about in my last post. Never have I ever had my expectations blown by a product so highly. I brought this lipstick on a whim really. I'd seen ALOT of advertisement and honestly? I was swept up in the colour choice and the cute name and the general aesthetic qualities of the product (naughty I know!)When my lovely boyfriend asked me if I would like one I snapped up the chance. Initially I wanted 'Curvy candy' but it was sold out in Oxford street when I was there, However 'Pudgey Peony' has NOT disappointed. On first judgement I thought the sticks would be waxy and dull in colour - but I couldn't be more wrong. Clinique boasts of 'do-gooders' in the product such as mango and shea butter which is an obvious bonus, when applying the product glided on my lips and I was really surprised with just how much colour showed up after a few swipes its a hot, popping pink with a blue undertone however I don't see any neon tones in this - which is good for me. The formula is unbelievably moisturising and comfortable to wear - as in I don't think I own any product which has the same quality, no waxy traits and no sticky-ness like a lipgloss would create, perfect for girls who suffer from cracked lips or like a shine in their lip colour. This really is a simply a great all rounder, perfect for day time wear and an alternative to a matte lip on a night out. I'm not usually a big spender when it comes to lipstick - Barry M till I die! - but I for one will 100% be purchasing some more of these little beauties!
 Have you tried the chubby sticks yet? Will you now?

Sunday, 3 June 2012

MAC : 'Springsheen' Powder blush

Say hello to my new summer blusher! On Friday me and the boyfriend traveled to London to see Coldplay at the Emirates stadium (EEEEEEE!) - But more about that later. We ended up in Selfridges briefly and I was treated to some products! I've always liked the look of Nars - Orgasm, Infact I think its the only blusher I've only been interested in with a sparkle in it. I've wanted another MAC blusher since the success of my last purchase from the Hey! Sailor collection. When I saw 'Springsheen' I was dead set on getting it. Colour wise it is a peachy/coral colour with a golden pearl sheen - however I think the sheen shows up alot more in the pan then on the face. Its an easily build-able colour and works well with a pale skin colour such as mine - however I can imagine this looking fantastic with a tan, not too bright or shimmery with an equally bronze custom to it - if that makes sense!? Needless to say I am smitten. £17.50 is a hefty price tag but you ARE paying for quality and rest assured this stays fixed on my face through out the day, and just incase you were wondering I applied this product with my contoured E.L.F Bronzing brush. I couldn't be happier with the blusher and would whole heartily recommend it to anyone! Especially you girls who are gently edging toward trying MAC for the first time!
 Which MAC blushers have you fell in love with? Have a lovely Jubilee!