Saturday, 25 February 2012

OOTD - Job Interview

I haven't posted in forever! so sorry for that, I've been really busy trying to get my uni work back on track and I've honestly had nothing to review and no outfits to post! and most importantly sorting myself out. Today I finally had a job interview, only for a company chain called 'Uppercrust' in Southampton Central Trainstation - but never the less it went well. The lady who interviewed me seemed really impressed and I will have my answer by Wednesday, However if I do get the job I won't be able to go home over the Easter holidays which sucks a bit, I thought i'd upload a quick picture of my outfit (Courtesy of Aimee) as the first thing my interviewer commented on was my outfit. I felt comfortable and confident in this and wore it with simple black pumps! Apologies for the lack of posts I'll try and get back on track!

Blue Blazer - £39.99 Zara (Last year)
Blouse £12.99 Select
Black Jeggings Newlook £12.99 (Last year)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

OOTD Candy Denim - Inspired by Claudiakitten

Black cardigan - £12.99 Newlook
Coral Vest - £2.89 Newlook
Liliac Jeans - £16.99 Newlook
Faux suede chelsea boots - £12.99 F&f

If you don't follow Claudia @ i would heavily reccomend going over and having a look - her style is to die for! A couple weeks ago i purchased some liliac jeans from Newlook for a future denim shoot for uni and had no idea what to team them with untill I saw Claudia's post, so heres my outfit for the pastel s/s12 look! Its quite casual and i'm dying for some new foot wear to team it with being honest! I wont be able to wear this out without a coat for a while either!

Thankyou to Luke for taking a proper outfit post pic for me!

What do you think of the new pastel trend this season?


Ladies! I need a pair of flatforms for an up and coming photoshoot for my photography project! has anyone got any idea where I can get some cheapish ones? Newlook has sold out and i'm having a nightmare finding any!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pauls Boutique: PB Junkie!

Anyone who knows me - knows I've been a big fan of Paul's Boutique for a very long time now, I think I discovered it around the age of 13, I remember seeing Women and girls wearing the long green parka coats with the jewel encrusted writing of the brand on the bottom half of the coat, of course I didn’t actually look into what the brand was until I was around 14/15 and from there on in all hell set loose, when my best boy friend brought me a grey Maisy bag – which I still own now 4/5 years on.

Pauls Boutique was started by a man named Paul Slade approximately 10 years ago, Slade was going clubbing and had nothing to wear – he went to a local Oxfam store and brought a cheap suit for £4 he borrowed his mums sewing machine turned the suit inside out, took out the lining and totally deconstructed the suit showing all the inside seams and pockets. He then refitted the suit to his shape and created a completely one off suit. In the club a women’s buyer from a top London store spotted him. She loved the suit and ordered 10 suits from him that eventually sold for £600 each which then sold out in one day!

After that Slade continued customising garments and years later had a stall at Portobello market selling heavily branded vintage wear and customised army surplus – it was in Portobello market that Paul Slade’s talent was finally spotted - Buyers from Topshop saw his small collection and asked him to open a concession in the Oxford Circus branch…. And PB is still there 11 years on. Which I would say is pretty damn inspiring.

Despite some people claiming they 'grow out' of the brand - I truly believe they cater to all ages and for that matter most social groups. PB is often associated with ‘chavs’, which is hardly surprising - I'll admit some of their more garish pieces covered in neon colours, skulls and jewels don't appeal to me but over the last 2 years I feel the brand has really broadened to more angles for more ages. Their handbags which are my BIGGEST obsession offer nearly every kind of shape suitable for every kind of girl - satchels for school bags, clutches for nights out, larger hand bags and arm bags for work, I'm well and truly smitten and currently own 5 bags (I sold one earlier this year) a vest, a coat, the perfume set and am on my second purse.

I love how a PB bag makes me feel, to some extent they could be described as a lower priced designer bag, because the PB logo and the trademark bag charm and leopard print lining is a total give away and obvious brand continuation to more and more people now. Every piece is different in some way which means your bag is a one off – an even more irresistible charm about these amazing bags. You can dress them down and buy neutral and mute colours for day bags or buy a more glamorous patterned bag for holidays, statement item day wear or for going out - as I said before they really do cater for everyone. They have recently released jewellery with H Samuel and do some gorgeous watches, necklaces and bracelets etc, they have a dispensable 3 tester perfume set out and are on the beginnings of more make-up and shoes – the brand has really come a long way since the Portobello market days!

The latest releases and additions to PB this last few months have been the Aztec pattern featuring on 4 different bags, Satchels with pop colour detail, Floral patterns such as Peony and blossom, Mary lace print. Unfortunately I am HEAVILY lusting after Gracie in Blossom and Sacha in Aztec...

I’m proud to say I’m a PB Junkie and I will not being growing out of this ‘Phase’ anytime soon!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

ASHLLYD: Fashion Blog Envy!

I think everyone has a specific blog that makes them start blogspot, and Ashllyd became my ‘blog crush’ if you want to put into a creepy stalker context! I actually began following Ashleigh on tumblr couple of years ago and was really taken with how open, honest and 'to the point' she was with her audience. Its really interesting to someones passion grow into a bigger and better obsession and I was really pleased when she switched to blogspot.

At 19 Ashleigh’s photography skills are something to be admired she works mainly with film but shoots equally well in digital some of her latest projects could be described as really edgy and urban. As a follower of he blogs she single handily introduced me - and many others - to the cosmetic brand E.L.F and never fails to look quietly confident in her own skin.

In my opinion Ashleigh doesn’t conform to 'sheep trends' I find her look really original and daring, she tends to make her own statements and dress in a ‘gothic grungey’ manner or add her own twist on a popular item, her makeup collection and application is something to envy and she posts amazing outfit posts on a regular basis – infact she even blogs reviews on films and creates amazing blog headers and re vamps for a reasonable price! which is something - I think - rare to come across.

Basically what I’m saying is her blog is a real all rounder, fashion, photography and instagrams of her daily life make it a really interesting and captivating read, one that sits highly – and may I add proudly among my favourites, so I’d say go over to her blog and check her out defiantly and if you can afford it buy a blog re vamp - it will transform your blog completely. I’m not afraid to gush over talent so here I am – and its always nice to recognize a talent and spread the word!
I get alot of inspiration from Ashleigh's blog so if you like mine - you will love hers!


Thinks that everyone should go too and 'buy a colour' in aid of unicef. Celebrities such as Frankie Sanford, P!nk and chelsea football club have already purchased theres and for donations starting as low as £1 its quite a quirky yet helpful thing to do! all money raised will go directly to help save or change a childs life! love this idea! go do your good deed for the day!

I just brought Pasha Pink for £1!
And i brought my brother the colour green for his birthday for £1 also!

International ebay sellers: worth the risk?

A couple of weeks a go I posted a very quick post saying that i'd brought 2 kitsch rings from ebay, naive and attracted by the 99p price tag i purchased right away only to find out after that they would arrive in around 2 weeks and were coming from Hong Kong. I wasn't particularly worried because of how cheap they are, and I wasn't purchasing them with a specific outfit/date in mind so the time of arrival didn't bother me - if they didn't arrive i'd pester Ebay all day long and if they did its a bonus - and after all whats £2 anyway right?
well they arrived today...

The first a 'cat ears' ring which I've seen knocking around the blog-sphere for ages now, but some being brought for ludicrous amounts from £5 upwards! this ring came from here
It cost 99p with no postage and packaging fee, coming from Hong Kong with an expected delivery of 11-23 days, I purchased mine on the 26th of jan and it arrived this morning .. (12 days) The ring itself is actually really good quality, its fairly heavy metal, made well - its sturdy and has a nice gold finish, its only avalible in one size and mine fits my ring finger perfectly, 99p well spent!

However the second ring i ordered was a Rhine stone Betsey Johnson inspire skull ring with a pink bow, in the photo it also looked high quality and the ring itself looked sturdy and well made. I purchased this ring on the 14th of jan and it also arrived today (24 days) slightly over the given arrival guidelines and it cost £1.01.. unfortunatley when it arrived it wasnt well packaged (the ears ring had bubble wrap and padded postage bag) and the skull had actually broke off of the ring, the ring was thin and adjustable - something i don't really like on jewelerly, and the skull itself was alot smaller and thinner then i think the picture describe here.. the rhinestones are off where as in the picture they look perfectly aligned at the bow looks tacky and rushed. Not happy atall BUT it was a risk I was willing to take and I have contacted the seller and will update when I get feedback..

All in all i DO think international ebay sellers are worth it when it comes to less expensive items, I think the only way we will be able to tell if sellers are worth while is if people keep reccommend sellers and items through blogs etc. I'll only be ordering simple items from now on to avoid a long wait with disapointment!

What do you think of international ebay sellers? was this post useful to you?

Monday, 6 February 2012

Fashion Wishlist - Florals & Prints

And my fashion wishlist...

As you can probably tell i'm after a pair of doc martens, I was gonna buy a pair with my birthday money but chickend out at the last minute for fear of being judged or being called a try hard. I'd really like a pair, not sure which. The ones that I've always looked at are the 1460 victorian flowers boots as i think there so pretty, but the patent black would go with more and the cream Kensington boots would go with lots of the pastel trends this summer.. hm! toughie, not that i'll be getting a pair for a long time now. Find these boots here..

White shirt with collar detail a bargain at £28 on riverisland. A style staple for any wardrobe, a versatile piece which can be dressed up or down, as found by

Again another print piece which I think will be really popular this summer, I love this shiffon blouse from asos - shame about the pricetag! i have so many sheer blouses now!
Find this blouse here..

A classy neutral pair of wedges can be dressed up or down again. I love the mixture of suede and wood on these shoes. Super stylish.
Find these here!..

This is the new floral Kimberley envelope clutch that PB have just released. I don't think i'll ever grow out of there bags - i currently own 6. This floral print is so pretty and fresh. Perfect for the up and coming summer!
Find this here..

This denim playsuit from River Island will look absouletly timeless this summer. I love the collar detailing! £40 ..

Beauty Wish list

Sorry i'm not posting alot at the minute! I'm taking alot longer to recover then i thought i would! but heres a few bits i'm really after currently...

Nicki Minaj OPI collection £12.95 for four! when the glitter effect one is £10.95 alone

Mac lipstick in 'Impassioned' £13.50

Mac studio fix powder plus foundation in NW20 £19.50

E.L.F Bronzer compact £3.50

E.L.F Eyeshadow brush £1.50