My name is Pasha Hughes and I am a twenty year old Fashion with photography student originally from Kent currently living and studying in Southampton. Using a cannon 600d for my photographs and my imagination and style preferences for ideas - this is the mini world I have created for myself on the internet. I have been studying photography for just over two years and career wise I plan to become something in the fashion industry working from my way from the bottom to the top. I'm not entirely sure where I'm heading although I'm sure my degree will push me in the correct direction. I am currently working at Republic retail where I am a sales adviser,  instore order online guru and and often involved in instore and external stores visual merchandising. I have also VM'd for an external jewelry company where I was an area merchandiser. I will turn my hand to anything, and have an unstoppable drive to get where I need to be. I ADORE meeting new people, although I come across loud - I can be very anxious at times, PLEASE say hello :) I have keen interests in make-up artistry, retail, styling and all things shabby chic.

I started Itsfashionoclock in early 2010 as an outlet for my creative thoughts and somewhere to show my appreciation for the fashion and beauty world, as well somewhere where I could give my own reviews and share my thoughts. I did'nt blog alot for the first two years and my page was pratically unvisted and I had no following, through 2012 my passion for my blog has grew and I try to blog once a day - weather this be by scheduling or doing it at the time, and since doing this my page views and readership has grew considerably and I now take my blog alot more seriously and enjoy it alot more. This blog is a personalized beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. This isn't saying my views and comments are right or wrong. Every post I post on this blog is of my own opinion not biased by others or paid to do so. I have no weekly limit or minimum amount of posts, it varies on products I'd like to review, things I have brought, outfits I have worn and things I have to say.

For anything else please contact me on: