Where are you from?
I’m from a small island in Kent, The Isle Of Sheppey.

How do you pronounce your name / what are you named after?
Pronounce it like Tasha but with a P, I’m named after the night club Pacha in Ibiza, and no i was not conceived there!

How old are you?

Where does the name 'Its fashion o'clock' come from?
Previously this blog has been pashahughes.blogspot.com and xpshh.blogspot.com but this popped into my head one day and just seemed to fit alot better!

What do you study?
I studied a-levels in english lit & lang, photography and media. I’m now studying fashion with photography at Southampton Solent university.

Are you single?
No. I am in a relationship :)

What is your sexuality?

Where do you work?
I am currently a VM specialist and supervisor for Hallett Retail and a sales advisor at Debenhams.

Do you use other social networking sites?
Sure, but i don’t give out facebook to people i don’t know personally, the rest are listed below click for the link.


Where do you get the money from for all your clothes?
I work two jobs and I have a student loan.

Correct as of 04/01/13