Friday, 31 May 2013

The Company Blogger Style Awards 2013

As you all know I was lucky enough to be shortlisted for the Best Newcomer award at the Company blog awards which happened this Wednesday, unfortunately I didn't win but the competition was stiff and the winner  [Meg @ Wonderful--you] was a deserving winner and I couldn't be happier for her - Liv & I actually spent the latter of the night with Meg and Katy - who were the nicest girls, was great to meet you both! Thank you for all your votes and support and even getting shortlisted was an amazing achievement for me! Despite not winning I couldn't have had a better night, I met Livvy at London Waterloo and she guided me through London and stopped me from falling over on numerous occasions and managed to get us there on time despite me pausing at gasping at everything in London! The venue was beautiful and I honestly wish I could have canned up the atmosphere in the room and shared it with you all, We got to customize our own sunnies courtesy of Pinned it, Made it!, had lashes put on by The Vintage Cosmetics Company - I don't think I've ever had such great falsies! , treated to a preview of some of Newlook's latest collection and my favourite - free print outs of the photo booth! We also were given free cocktails and our ears were graced with some fab music. In addition we left with hefty goody bags full of treats - post to follow - and me and Liv finished the evening with a classy McDonalds in Liverpool street station, at which I got free chips! Thanks for a wonderful evening Company & Newlook, and fingers crossed for next year :) 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Benefit 'Stay Flawless!' Southampton Bloggers Event!


Clever little set up explaining how 'Stay flawless!' works, the Benefit model is your face, The hello Flawless card is your foundation, put them together and they just don't stay... they slip apart, however...

Add the new 'Stay Flawless!' 15 hour primer inbetween and your makeup is set for a good 15 hours! Magic! ... hello new fridge candy!

L-R : Erin @
Helen @
Ashleigh @
Islay @

Instagram - pashahughesyxo

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Southampton blogger's benefit 'Stay Flawless!' product launch event as one of 16 invited. This was actually the first event I've ever been to through my little ol' blog and I couldn't have wished for a better night to have been invited to. I met the lovely Erin before the event and we walked in together! The benefit team were so welcoming and confident! I felt so comfortable and well informed of the new product. During the event we were given the full history of how Benefit began - Hello nipple benetint! -  given a tutorial of how to use 'Stay Flawless' works and how to apply it, and we were all individually skin colour matched for the foundation in our goody bags - talk about great service! We also were served adorable posh little snacks, the chicken was to die for! and all got given a free drink token for a mocktail of our choice. I met some really lovely bloggers who I've swapped business cards with and had a great laugh, swigged some fabulous mocktails and received a goody bag that only beauty bloggers could dream of! I also won a 'Primping with the stars' kit through the little 'question and raise your hand answer' quiz! luckily I was listening as I couldn't leave without one! I think all agreed it was a lovely evening and we hope something happens down south again asap!

Be prepared for Benefit reviews galore this week...

And as for today...
 Well. Its the Company Blogger awards isn't it... 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

SLINKY LINK JEWELLERY : Loop statement necklace

A couple of weeks ago now (bad blogger leaving this review late!) the lovely Melodie of 'Slinky Links' jewellery contacted me asking if I'd like a sample of one of her beautiful pieces, and of course I snapped one up straight away!
Slinky Links was founded in January 2013 by owner Melodie. All of her pieces are made from recycled pieces of real leather! Which she gets from her job as a shoe maker, recycled environmentally friendly jewellery! what could be better!

You have the option to have any piece with gold or silver fastenings and each piece is hand cut and made by Melodie herself. I picked the Loop statement necklace and its the perfect necklace to wear with statement tops, as its a neutral colour you can still get away with adding some detail in your neck area! I also think this is great to wear for formal occasions as its not too in your face. I was amazed with the quality of this necklace and it came in a beautiful gift bag, perfect for a present for a friend or family! Melodie's links are above and I'd seriously suggest you check out her range of products! You won't be disappointed!

What do you think of leather jewellery?
Will you be heading over to Slinky Links?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick in 'Rose Culte'

Yes, my fellow lipstick hauders, I caved and purchased a beautiful YSL lipstick. However, I did have a £10 West Quay voucher, so this beauty cost me just £14.50 infact - as I cannot justify nearly thirty pounds for a lipstick right now!
The Rouge Volupte lipsticks are SO hyped all over blogspot, and I'd be lying if I said one of the reasons I brought the lipstick in the first place wasn't because of the packaging  By far the most sturdy applicator I have ever had the pleasure to own, the gold harcasing is beautiful and heavy to hold not light and cheap if that makes sense, I actually sat with the YSL women at the counter for about half an hour picking a shade, I'd seen so so many lovely nudey, coraly shades on other bloggers but with my pale skin and at the time red hair I knew it wasn't an option. I wanted a day time lipstick but a shade that didn't look like I'd picked it up from a highstreet retailer. Rose Culte is a beautiful bright raspberry pink, enough to give your daily makeup a pop of colour without being too in your face. I actually had two people ask me where it was from whilst wearing it! one at work and the other was a bank cashier! The formula is creamy and moisturizer it almost reminds me of a mixture between a lip butter and a mac lipstick - I've never experienced a formula like it, I would recommend a lip brush to apply as the shape of the product is hard to get onto your lips. All in all I'm so chuffed I own one of these beauties and it has pride of place ontop of my makeup collection!

Do you have any YSL lipsticks?
Will you be purchasing one?

Monday, 20 May 2013

1 dress, 3 ways to wear

Since the first 'three ways to wear' post was so successful I thought I'd do another this week, this week I'm showing you three ways to wear a statement dress, weather it be neon print like this beaut from H&M or animal print for example. Just because you don't have a night out planned does'nt mean you have to push it to the back of your wardrobe! enjoy...

Dress - £14.99 H&M
Bomber - £19.99 H&M
Bangle - £3.99 H&M
Neon Clutch - £12.99
Long Socks - F&F @ Tescos (Old)
Heels - eBay (Old)

This is probably one of my favorite outfits for a night out right now - and in head to toe H&M! Who would have guessed? Bomber jackets are perfect for light wear on nights out, giving you that extra bit of warmth when you're tottering from pub to club! I love the super flattering pattern and cut of this dress, its fail safe and such a bargain!

Dress - £14.99 H&M
Jumper - £14.99 H&M (Old)
Necklace - £4 Primark
Long Socks - F&F @ Tescos (Old)
Boots - £14.99 Topshop (Old)

If like me the thought of having bare legs out scares the life out of you, chuck on a pair of thigh high socks and push them down so you get some flattering creasing - believe me its warmer and feels alot more comfy than bare legs! Teaming a plain jumper with the dress underneath means no jacket needed in the current weather and in addition? your statement dress has now been transformed into a statement skirt. Team with a neon necklace and hey prestooooo...

Dress - £14.99 H&M
Pleather skirt - £14.99 Asos (Old)
Necklace - £5 Topshop
Tights - F&F @ Tescos (Old)
Cardigan - £11.99 Primark (Old)
Bag – eBay
Watch - £14.99 Asos via eBay
Dolly bow pumps - £11.99 Primark
Boots - £14.99 Topshop (Old)

Fancy adding some colour to your wardrobe but without going the whole way? add a plain skirt over the top and a chunky knit to tone down the bright pattern/colour of the dress, a perfect uni/college outfit.

Did you enjoy this post? 
How do you wear statement dresses?