Monday, 24 June 2013

Cliphair : Hair extensions for short haired girls!

A couple of days ago the lovely people at Cliphair sent me some hair extensions ! Being a super short haired girl I was abit dubious about using hair extensions, I thought the clips would show through and I'd end up looking like a complete moron. I was sent a double weft set and a single 15 inch piece for the back of my head to make sure I had full coverage. The first thing I noticed when I unpacked these was the fantastic colour match. One of the team at Cliphair matched me via email just from me sending a photograph and she got the colour spot on! the medium brown set has different strands of colour through it - just like my own, some blondey coloured and some red, when I clipped them in I couldn't see the difference between my own hair and the extensions! The double weft set came with various lengths and sizes the single and double clip in pieces were really useful for the short side of my hair - which is cut around my ear may I add! - they came with a natural looking wave through them and all I've done is added a few more waves through them with my GHDs. I wore them out of the house for the first time today under this bowler hat, and although I felt incredibly nervous they stayed put and I received compliments from a few individuals! My friends, family and boyfriend are all very unsure of how they feel about me with super long hair again - I have'nt had long hair since I was about 13, but I love how girly these make me feel, and I think there going to give me something new to experiment with. I'm keeping them in a shoebox at the moment and wearing them sparingly as its taking me a while to get used to the weight of them. I also want them cut into shape as 18 inches is a little long, but I wanted room for them to be cut and styled properly. However I couldn't be happier and I am a true hair extensions convert! I don't plan to wear them every single day, but I like the idea of being able to have short and long hair when I choose.
If your looking for clip in hair extensions, the team at cliphair are really helpful and provide super fast delivery. The extensions are realistic looking and of great quality, and despite being gifted these, I would repurchase if these started to wear out. 

Thankyou cliphair!
Have you tried clip in hair extensions?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Testing Tans : My Top 3

Being a naturally paler than pale girl the summer months fill me with dread. See in the winter, I embrace my casper skin and run with it. But as the days have been a little nicer as of late I've been venturing into dresses without tights *gasp* and skirts with sandals - again no tights allowed. I'm particular conscious of my legs - there pasty white and my skin is mottled - red and white and patchy - not a great look. Now believe me I'm not usually a slave to fake tan but over the last month or so I seem to have accumulated alot of free fake tan, and I thought it'd be rude not to try them all.
All these tans are budget and pale skin friendly! *Horray* and I PROMISE none of these made me look like a wotsit...

The tans in question are..

The Bronze Ambition tan is a bit of legend where I come from. First introduced to me by my good friend Tiff, I brought this on a whim from savers because of the tiny price tag. When squeezing this out of the tube its seriously scary looking a dark dark gel like formula - but don't panic! I applied this with a regular tanning glove in circular motions all over. This ones best for a night out because it does come off in the shower instantly the next day. However it does have a rather strong buscuity smell, but the coverage is good as long as you apply it quick and fast as I do find it to be really fast drying. Over doing this can make you a little orange so bare in mind a little goes a long way. If your looking to try fake tan for the first time or your on a tight budget this is the tan for you.

This was a freebie when I left my work experience at closer, the Sunkissed lotion is a huge amount of product for price and I'd have been stupid not to try this out. The product itself is white?! which threw me off because when applying it before bed I couldn't see where I'd applied and where I needed more, this too has the buscuity smell but has some nicer fruiter tones to it too. Its nice to apply and is easy to sleep in. However there's no smothering this on in the morning for a quick fix as this develops over time. I got nice results in the morning and plenty of compliments at work about this one, I just needed to top up with some bronze ambition and this gave me a really healthy glow. This one also sticks around alot longer and doesn't shift at the first sign of water. A strong contender for gradual tans on the highstreet.

Colour wise and smell wise this is the best tan of the three. The darker than dark shade I was gifted at the blog awards is brown in colour rather than orange toned like the other two. It too is easy to apply with a mit - just like bronze ambition. I really like this tan, its easy to apply but I'm abit put off by the steep price mark for the fully sized one - after all Lauren you are just a towie star after all!. I could be swayed by the quality of this though. If your after a consistent tan I'd go with this. It also might have swayed me to believe that moose is the better formula over gel and lotion!

**I shall get round to uploading some pictures of me before and after tan
 in the next couple of days, but I've let it go patchy this week because I've been too busy!**

What fake tans do you use?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Optical Express : Laser Eye Surgery

I am one of the thousands and thousands of lucky people who areblessed with good eyesight. However alot of my family and close friends do wearglasses. I've lost count of the amount of times my Nan in particular hasmisplaced her glasses or got fed up with having to change from reading glassesto regular. And I've sat with Luke in the opticians while he pours over whichglasses to buy that will suit him and his style and how much is he willing topay for the latest and best designer pair. While glasses can make an awesomefashion statement - I can imagine they also become a hindrance, however thereare solutions available now that enable individuals to ditch glasses and getthe eyesight they are after.  

Laser eye surgery is a procedure that people in all walks of lifeand all over the world have had done. Infact lots of celebrities have had lasereye surgery – and I bet you never even knew… and if celebrities are braveenough to do it then why not us?! …

Possible benefits of laser eye surgery?
No more risk of losing your or damaging your glasses on a nightout
No more paying hundreds out for the latest designer trend that endswithin months
No more glaring light reflection in your eyes!
One less thing to carry or maintain or worry about
- Not tomention clear and concise eyesight!

And the possible confidence boost you could gain would surely beamazing. For girls we all know what a stress it is getting ready for a night out.The thought of choosing glasses and being able to see properly or taking themoff and having a cloudy view for the night must be beyond irritating sometimes!

Laser eye surgery is one of those procedures that thousands ofpeople only claim good things from. I think it is amazing that it’s possible tofix your eyesight so easily. Consultations are free and you can look to pay ataround £508 per eye – which at first sounds expensive – but it’s a procedurethat will make a permanent difference on your life, think of it as a life timeinvestment.

If you want to read more about Laser Eye surgery from a safe and reliablecompany head over to Optical Express 

Do you know anyone with Laser eye surgery?
Would you consider having it done?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The weekly want #002

- This is influenced by you Islay! 

I've got right back into wishlists again, seeing as my bank account is firmly on zero and my mental shopping basket is bursting to the brim. I think this Wellington watch is going to remain on here until I get one, along with a white DKNY one, I've become quite the covert for expensive watches as of late. I'm also loving printed camis right now, so cute! I'm hating on Islay for showcasing this watermelon one on her blog last week, now I'm desperate to own it, and as for cosmetics, what don't I want right now, The laguna and deep throat duo was pure genius, at £30, I can't even dream of purchasing this. Hurry up December and my 21st birthday!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

She's just a cosmic girl

Dress - £25 Glamorous @ Republic
Necklace - Unknown (Free in PR goody bag!)
Belt - From an old Primark dress
Chelsea Boots - Around £17 eBay 
Rings - River Island
Tights - Primark
Lips - MAC 'Dish it up'

Fear not, I haven't been out spending more money, I actually had to exchange a jumper at work after it had became faulty and the lovely 33% off Glamorous staff discount appealed to me when I saw this beaut shift dress. It does need a belt around it as it is a little wide on me, although I think shift is the perfect shape for almost any figure and I'm looking forward to dressing this up and down. I love the print on this too, space print may be going out but I'm more than happy to rock this - its so so pretty!. I got this in mind for date night when Dan comes down this month (17 days... not that I'm counting) I'm doing a 7 day week this week lovelies! so bear with me if things are slow!

What trends are you rocking right now?

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Company Blogger awards : The goody bag!

So as you all read a couple weeks back now I was lucky enough to be shortlisted for the Company blogger awards and therefore got to go to the amazing awards ceremony. Not only did we all have an AMAZING night with lots of activities socializing and what not we were all gifted a jam packed goody bag! I'm always super nosy to see what people got in goody bags so heres a few snaps of mine before I put all the bits and pieces into place in my room :) I was so shocked at how much good and useful stuff we got!
I've actually used three of the products...

The new Batiste is to DIE FOR. The scent beats all the previous ones in my opinion.
Lauren's way tanning moose - amazing coverage and a nice golden tan - not orange toned! easy to apply with a mit and only a slight scent, however avoid contact with water at all costs! I'm writing a comparison review on 3 different tans soon so keep an eye out for more details of this tan in that
Paul Mitchell 'Ultimate wave' hair creme-gel - This product promises instant beachy waves as soon as you apply it to damp hair - however I think this applies to long haired girls. Although I dried this into my hair and it made my hair feel loads thicker and made curling much easier - my hair actually stayed wavy with just this in and no hairspray

What good bags have you received recently?

Monday, 10 June 2013

We are made from broken parts

Dress - H&M £14.99 (Last year)
Denim Jacket - Thrifted (Originally Gap)
Sandals - Primark £12.99 
Bangles - A selection from Newlook sets
Bag - Paul's Boutique 'Bridget' £70

Did I mention that I am whole heartily in love with these sandals since my lovely godmother came to visit and treated me to them! They literally haven't left my feet since. This dress was a total bargain last year, my manager brought it and when she brought it I knew I needed to follow suit! I'd actually been saving it for a wedding/christening/other fancy event but none of those have happened so I decided to dress it down with my charity shop bargain denim jacket :) I was doing so well with posts and then I started 7 day weeks! I'm now working two jobs, at Republic and more recently Debenhams! 

Wish me luck!
Have a lovely week 

Friday, 7 June 2013

Benefit : Stay Flawless Primer & Hello Flawless Foundation

*LONG* positive and honest review!
You probably remember me posting about the benefit event a week or two back (read that HERE if you did'nt) the event was to launch Benefit's new product. 'Stay Flawless' is boasted about as a 15 hour pro-long primer. Which works as a magnet between your foundation and your face, promising to keep your makeup looking fresh hour after hour, infact 94% said that their foundation lasted longer. Lets take a look at the product...

Pretty packaging  check. Easy application? check. Sturdy applicator? check. Aesthetically this little bullet of primer ticks all beauty lovers beady eyes. 
The product:
Firstly you may assume that this transfers colour on to your face, You'd be totally wrong, when applied this is a completely colourless product, meaning no orange tones for us paler faces! 
To apply you are supposed to used circular motions to activate the magnetic makeup inside. When first applying the product does feel sticky and you need to be light with this - too much pressure and you can start to see the product caking and building up. 
Claims against reality?:
When I applied the Hello Flawless oxygen wow foundation over the top, I COULD feel the makeup sticking to the primer and locking it in place as promised - I promise! 
Effects on skin?:
I've also noticed since using this primer and foundation my break outs have been next to minimal? crazy right? 
I've used other primers which you squeeze out and apply using fingers - and I do like this applicator, however I'd be dubious to use it if I did have a break out - I don't want to spread the germs around my face!

 I'm not usually one to write such a long review on a product but this really has changed my mind about primers - this adds coverage to my foundation and leaves my skin less spot prone.

- - - - - - - - -

It would only be right to review the Hello Flawless foundation with the primer as they are designed to work together. 

Described as light/medium coverage I was happily surprised.  I'm a high coverage girl, I live by double wear and studio fix - however I'm finding myself reaching for this foundation more than those two now!
 I was matched as 'I'm pure 4 sure' at the benefit one of two of the lightest shades (one with a yellow pigmentation and one with pink) and I've got a really good colour match surprisingly.  Teamed with the primer these two offer a really good coverage and you need only touch up angry blemishes and any extra dark under eye circles. 
I've found as a duo these offer a really nice dewey finish - not greasy, and I don't think this is going to be for you if your after a matte finish. Although saying that I'd previously sworn I'd never embrace a dewy finish but now I'm LOVING it. 
My only complaint is that its very easily transferable, as in if anything touches my face its gonna transfer on to it. 

Benefit has completely changed my makeup routine, I'm currently using their primer, foundation, highlighter AND mascara? I don't think I've ever used so many products from one brand in my daily routine - I shall be posting about this ASAP. I've never been so pleasantly surprised by products, despite these being free products I am being 100% genuine and like you other pale faced girls I am surprised too!

My advice? Grab a bullet of stay flawless due to be released in around 2 weeks now for £24.50 and while your at it .. grab the foundation too. Great products 10/10

Have you used any Benefit products lately?
What do you think of their new primer?

iPad case wishlist

If you follow me on instagram you'll know that I recently indulged in a white iPad mini, thanks to the invention that is the argos card, I've got my mitts on a 16gb model for just £3 a month to insure it against pretty much everything, and aslong as I pay the full amount by 12 months, I'll pay no interest atall - believe me I've read the small print and quizzed the phone operator, I even got £20 off with my argos card which meant it cost me just £249 (wifi only) and after I'd brought it, I was given a £20 argos voucher for purchasing a tablet! Giving stuff away they are! Anyways, like any new purchase, I'm always looking to accessorize. Currently mine just has the official Apple iPad cover and a pink back to keep it nice and protected but I'm desperate for some girly prettiness on my little tablet now! These are a few of my faves, I'm surprised by how nice the accessorize ones are, and as for the Mulberry? well a girl can wish right?

What gadget accessories have you brought recently?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lichenstein would be proud

Pop art crop top - £3 Primark
Blue midi skirt - £5 Primark
Tredz Wooden t-bar heels - £5 Tredz Sale (Sold out)

Luke and I took these photos a couple of weeks ago and I totally forgot about them! Probably the cheapest full going out outfit I own right now, £13 for the lot isn't bad is it! Thanks to Islay for pointing these barginous shoes out! I love this crop top, all of them are different because of how the fabrics been cut! I had to sift through a few to get a decent print on mine! Now all I need is some money and a social life to wear this out!

What Primark bargains have you found recently?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mac Lipsticks : 'RiRi Woo'

MAC 'RiRi Woo' - £14 (Sold Out)

I don't know why its taken me so long to feature this beautiful lipstick on my blog. Its probably the product I've been most excited about this year, I actually woke up early and sat and refreshed MAC just to get it (Sad I know) The product itself is a retro matte, meaning there's no creamy sheen here, just an opaque, matte intense red. Its blue toned which guarantees to make your teeth look just that bit whiter, as far as the comparisons to ruby woo go, I can't comment as I don't own it, however if you read a review anywhere its pretty clear they are very similar. Applying it I found i needed a fair amount of lip liner to stop it bleeding, and its actually fairly hard to apply, the waxy formula does stick to dry patches, and as far as eating and drinking goes? this product flaked when I attempted either. Having said that, its an incredibly beautiful colour, one that I think I'll reserve for nights out and special occasions. I'm glad I brought it but I can't decide how I feel about a fully matte product!

How do you feel about matte lipsticks?