Sunday, 29 April 2012

I'm still here!

Well and truley neglected my blog this last couple of weeks! Just to let you know I am still here! But i have 2 deadlines to complete and I've started a full time day job @ Republic (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!) and a part time night job - so as you can imagine I'm a very busy bunny! Have lots to post about! expect to hear from me asap! :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Topshop Dupes!

A while ago you may have seen my post on highstreet dupes and how I was shocked to find smaller brands selling practically the same item for over half the price... I also promised to keep looking out for these kind of bargains! And low and behold this week Topshop has became my victim! Take a look at these two, I actually brought the topshop top and then found the boohoo one! GUTTED! The boohoo one would be great for girls who are a little dubious to show as much flesh or who fancy a brighter looking tee, and as for the leggings? I don't mind bigger peace signs at that cheap a price!


Topshop peace print leggings here
Ebay peace print leggings here

Topshop tall dip dye cut out tunic here
Boohoo Hollie tie dye Top here

What do you think of these dupe finds?! will you be purchasing any or do you already own them!?

Mini Haul

My student loan came in last week and once I'd paid my halls rent, 2 months’ rent for my new house in advanced and done a big old food shop I decided to treat myself on payday OH and because I happen to have bagged a new job guys! I'm now a sales assistant at Republic, going practically full time over summer! I'm so happy, I've wanted a job in retail for SO long now and words can't express how much I'm looking forward to starting this new job. Southampton had the Westquay student lock in this week so I took advantage of that and then when I received news of my new job myself and Luke went and did a little Primark haul in celebration! I've also made £40 off of Ebay, my motto is sell old clothes to afford new and its working well so well - so money wise I'm doing well right now. Heres my purchases over the last few weeks for you! Apologies for lack of posts I've came down with the flu on top of 3 deadlines! So bare with me :)

Mint skinny jeans £11.00 Primark - My obsession with mint green is getting out of hand! These are so soft and such great value for money!

Ebay bargains! Primark playsuit £2.99 Newlook Velvet body con dress £1.99
I love primark playsuits for the summer, this one is a button down with culotte short bottoms, this photo does'nt do it justice - its so flattering!
I brought this velvet body con for my bar job - we have to wear all black!

Brown & Mint snake skin pumps £15.99 Newlook
Brought at student lock in so i got 20% off of these beauties - I scouted these a while back when I was skint and could'nt resist them. I wore these to my interview also and they look great with mint accessories and the mint bag I brought a while back! HOWEVER They have given me an awful blister ! BEWARE! These look super dirty because I got hailed on whilst wearing them! :(

Striped blouse £10 Primark
Another trend I'm a sucker for - vertical stripes. This one is navy and white, brought this for work :)

Mint back detail top £6 Newlook, White basic crop with pocket detail £3 Primark
Basic tees with cute detail - perfect for the summer

Hyper floral leggings £3 Primark
A statement item, I'll be teaming these with the white tee above and vans most probably. Great value for money and super comfy. One of the few busy florals I'm being brave enough to embrace!

White zip contrasting hoody £12 Primark (Mens section)
SO many people wear these at uni, so I guess I jumped on the bandwagon. Comfy and easy to wear.

PhotobucketMint and gold chain £3 H&M, Skull Necklace £12 Topshop
My favorite pieces of jewellery right now. Perfect under the collar of sleeveless shirts.

What do you think of my purchases?! What have you brought recently link me!


Monday, 16 April 2012

Mint Mayhem

As you all probably know student loans dropped into most peoples accounts today! I treated myself to a few items as I'm going out for a meal and drinks soon and I want to feel and look nice. I've seen so much about the colour mint when I saw it dotted around in Primark I had to make it mine! I also picked up a mint stone ring but forgot to photograph it - ooops! - and as for this necklace? I've wanted it for weeks and weeks and finally persuaded myself that £12.99 was worth it today! (These items are alot lighter in person but were difficult to photograph without looking washed out so I contrasted enhanced them a little! I'm sure you get the general idea!)





Bag £6.00 Primark
Heels £12.00 Primark
Necklace £12.99 Topshop

Have you spent some of your student loan yet?! What do you think of the current mint trend?

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Topshop: Earcuffs & British Bunting

During my first week back at uni Luke and I happened to pop into Topshop - what a mistake - I was actually searching the jewellery stand for a skull necklace I'd seen on their website a couple of weeks ago so that I knew it was there ahead for the student lock in in a couple weeks time, but was distracted by earcuffs and this beautiful necklace and decided to buy these two as they go together - honestly DO NOT go in topshop if you are a sucker for jewellery, theres so much nice stuff in there right now. The necklace is so cute! It reminds me of bunting and its chain is long enough to pull tight under a shirt collar or loose over a vest, and as for the ear cuff? well I'm sold, they are perfect for girls with short hair, a little bit different to your conventional dangley earring don't you think, and I plan on getting many more of the detailed ones for future nights out!




Topshop Ditsy Bunting Necklace £10.00 here
Topshop Neon Turquoise Ear Cuff - Currently not online - Other earcuffs by Topshop here

What do you think of Ear cuffs? will they be making there way into your future hauls?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The lovely Megan over at Meg's Budget Boutique has featured me in her reading list, Megan's blog is a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She writes great reviews and has a great eye for a time period inspired outfit! Check her out her blog here , Thankyou very much Megan!


Expensive taste in timepieces...

When I was younger I never really understood the fascination with having a nice watch, it probably had something to do with me not being able to tell the time for an overly long amount of time – I have dyscalculia – but as I’ve got older I’ve began to notice the appeal of a nice looking watch more and more, a permanent classy accessory and of course with a use as appose to a bracelet just there for show. I remember the big trend of toy watches and I brought my ex boyfriend one; however they never really appealed to me. My friend Jade introduced me to Michael Kors watches a while ago and they’ve grown more and more on me ever since, it’s strange how when browsing through watches you find such similar styles by different brands, in this case I’m really attracted to Kors, DKNY and Armani. These don’t have a lot of difference in price, but heres a list of watches I’d be more than happy to be sporting on my wrist! I’ll probably be asking for one of these for Christmas/birthday … hey its better to be prepared right?! I think its clear to see the style I like!..


001 Armarni Exchange @ H Samuel £179.00
002 DKNY Rose gold plated watch @ H Samuel £179.00
003 Michael Kors ‘Jet Set’ watch @ House of fraser £199.99
004 Michael Kors ‘Round case watch’ @ House of fraser £219.00
005 DKNY Rose gold bracelet watch @ H Samuel £199.00
006 Michael Kors ‘Round case watch’ @ House of fraser £209.00
007 DKNY Streensmart @ House of fraser £239.00
009 DKNY rose gold bracelet watch @ @ H Samuel £275.00

Do you own any DKNY, Micheal Kors or Armarni exchange watches? What is your opinion on expensive watches? Are they worth it?

Monday, 9 April 2012


Renamed and redesigned my blog, its not perfect but until I have the money to pay for someone to design it properly I'm pretty happy with this layout! Do you like the new name? I think its alot better!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

MAC : 'Dish It Up' Cook Collection

'Dish it up' is a lustre finish lipstick in MAC's Cook collection retailing at £13.50 and as far as I know its currently sold out, but I picked this one up in Selfridges in London around 2 weeks ago. I left it a while to review this product as I really wanted to get a feel of it. I don't think it was the most popular of lipsticks from the Cook range - I haven't seen many reviews on it - which actually surprises me. I think what puts alot of people off of this lipstick is the shade it appears to be in the tube - when you put it on its actually quite different. Its described as a 'berry pink' which is accurate, although in the tube it looks really purple-y and vamp-ish. It slides on lovely, after a few swipes and the sticks warmed up its a really creamy moisturizing formula and it lasted around 5 hours without food and drink for me. Colour wise I've worn it both in the day and the evening and its actually a really versatile colour, not too overpowering but different to the neutral pinks i usually stick to in the day, I'm really surprised and pleased with this product and would recommend it highly! 10/10!








Do you own any of the MAC Cook collection products? What do you think?

My week in photos...

Little brother wearing nan's homemade teacosey!, early roast as I'm missing Easter Sunday with my family, ticket to go back to uni, London Victoria coach station, my first and only easter egg this easter..., new summer top in Primark, Models Own 'Ibiza Mix', Real techniques stippling brush (review to come), Mcdonalds lunch with Luke, Luke messing around with my new phone, Luke & I ecstatic to be home, Sending easter messages with someone special...

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Highstreet Dupes!

When shopping, as most of you do, I often find highstreet dupes of items and cannot believe my luck in the price difference between a slightly more 'up class' high street brand as appose to the smaller ones. Up until today I never really thought alot of it, and the bargains I've discovered today I thought I'd share - as I know I'll be picking up both these dupes no doubt! Its amazing how one retailer can sell practically the same item for a MUCH higher price!


How crazy is this?
My friend Aimee and I lusted after this River Island shirt for months but i simply could not part with £32 for it.. whilst having a browse through Select I found practically the same shirt for less than half price!

And then again the same issue with a VERY popular Accessorize bag! Although these are fairly difference the similarities are uncanny and on a student budget - who can afford to be picky over such a gorgeous weekender bag!
Primark bag not available online
Accessorize bags here and here

What are your opinions on highstreet dupes? Do you know of any? I'd love to hear!

Models Own : Ibiza Mix

Models Own is a well known and respected nail polish retailer. This particular range by Hedkandi bursts of vibrant summer colours guaranteed to brighten up the dullest finger nails. This particular varnish is called ‘Ibiza Mix’ and is easily comparable to O.P.I’s ‘Rainbow Connection’ that so many people in the blogsphere lusted after – this in my opinion is just as good. Its not actually available online right now (models own or boots) but is starting to go into stores gradually – mine is from Boots in Southampton and cost £5, however if you do like this nail varnish I would suggest getting it sharpish as Boots is doing a 3 for 2 offer on a lot of products right now and this is included so you can snap it up as part of bargain!. These pictures don’t really do it justice - It is made up of fairly large flecks of pinks, greens, golds and blues glitter in a clear varnish making it a perfect over coat to mostly any nail varnish. I found when applying I took an average amount on to the brush put it on my nail centrally and then moved it around (up and down) with the brush to get an even and thicker coverage. My only complaints about this product is the extremely strong smell – not sure if it’s just me – it just seems a lot stronger than normal nail varnishes I own, and also as ever I do dislike the bulkiness of the Models Own brush applicator as I only have little hands! Still it’s still a very impressive product and a near match to O.P.I and it will be making an appearance over my hands and feet this summer, I have covered Ibiza mix over Barry M’s ‘Pale Blue’ here and started and finished with a coat of Sally Hansen – No More Breaks . A 10/10 product for me!


What do you think of the new Hedkandi products by Models Own? Do you own any? Will you be buying any?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

OOTD, Iphone 4s, Denim Jacket Bargain

Today has been WONDERFUL. Spent the day with my nan, accompanied her to physio and we wandered around Sittingbourne, I've been searching for a denim jacket for ages now, and although I love the ones in Newlook right now - I couldn't bare to part with £26 for one, So after reading the lovely Liv's charity shop discoveries i decided to have a rummage, and would you believe found a Gap denim jacket in fantastic condition for just £3! Not only that I finally got rid of my battered Iphone 3 today and upgraded to a new contract with the 4s! I got it in black because I think it will be easier to take care of - and ALOT of people have the white one right now, we also had a lovely cafe lunch, its been a lovely day all in all really!

The weather was really nice today so I braved the outdoors my pasty white legs! This outfit post is probably one of the cheapest I've ever posted, This aztec boob tube is actually a top that my mum ordered a couple years ago in a size 20 and it was miles and miles too big for her, its a lovely soft cotton fabric and so cool and airy to wear through the summer months. I really love it, then i just matched up a brown belt and sandals - don't be fooled although the £3 price tag on them was nice these sandals KILL my feet! ...

Thought I'd try something new with the layout of my outfit post today, I quickly put this together on paintshop pro - sorry for the shoddy editing, still its not to bad is it!

Denim Jacket - Charity Shop £3
Aztec Dress - Next £18 (Years and years old)
Belt - Free with Primark denim dress
Brown wedged sandals - Peacocks sale (last summer) £3

What do you think of the Iphone 4s? Have you braved any summer dresses yet!?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Greek Goddess Inspired Photoshoot

realized that I have had this blog for quite a while, and although I have told you I am a photography student - I haven't actually shown you any of my work. I recently done a shoot with my friend Katy for a greek godess inspired photoshoot for a lookbook project during my first year of university. I was really pleased with the results .. heres some of my favourites...



Let me know what you think and if you would like to see anymore! Hope your having a lovely start to your week!