Saturday, 3 May 2014

Boomf : Ediable instagram marshmallow prints!

*Boomf Marshmallow instagram ediable prints - 9 for £12

Yep, you heard me, your instagram pictures printed not on paper, not on cake, but on ediable marshmallows. Cannot believe that nobody had thought of this wonderful idea sooner. I ordered my boomfs at around 3pm yesterday and they were here ready and waiting this morning. Boomf - by the way - is inspired by the noise the box makes when it hits the floor when they come through the letter box - how cute!
For £12 I think these are brilliant! myself and my housemates were amazed when they arrived! and the marshmallows are genuinley so tasty - ask Daniel, he had some too! which we were worried they would be lacking due to them being printed on. 
For the small asking price, I was suprised at the quality of the packaging and how professional it looked and felt, these little babies would make a perfect gift for anyone. The printing isnt overwhelmingly clear, but they are printing on marshmallows and your box comes with a complimentary copy of your prints just in case!
I'm so glad I came across Boomf and woul'dnt hesitate to order from them again - I recon these could be the next big thing! keep an eye out...