Itsfashionoclock is a working progress and I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with anyone else. 
I chose to do this blog around a full time degree and part time job out of pure passion for the fashion industry and the chance to pursue my dreams and show people my visions, every hit I gain on my little piece of websphere makes me smile and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to look at my creative output.
I am always interested in PR, events, reviews and samples - be they something that interests me whole heartily or fits in with the style of my blog.
Please do not hesitate to contact me via

Current stats 
(As of 12/05/13)

All time page views (from 31/12/10): 78,699
Page views last month: 4,333
Daily page views: AVG. 97

Followers: 178
Please note the difference between followers and page views, a majority of my readers are not on Blogspot. This blog was started in 2010 however laid dormant for 2 years, it began with regular posts in mid 2012.

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