Sunday, 13 July 2014

timepiece lust list

The older I get the more I lust after more long wearing, timeless accesorries. I currently am very lucky to own a Micheal Kors rose gold watch and a white hummingbird Olivia Burton watch, but as of late I just can't seem to keep my eyes off a whole other host of beautiful time pieces!

001. Olivia Burton £75 - statement and unique, I love that Olivia Burton arent that well known yet, keeps people guessing!
002. Marc Jacobs £165 - I've got a black asos watch that has recently broke and I love how simple this Marc Jacobs one is, perfect replacement!
003. Marc Jacobs £179 - One of the only small watches to catch my eye...
004. Marc Jacobs £229 - I've seen a fair few girls with this watch, so beautiful!

Are you lusting after any expensive accessories lately?