Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Perfume collection

(L-R) Lady Million - Paco Raban | Couture Lala - Juicy Couture | Juicy Couture | Daisy limited edition summer - Marc Jacobs | Daisy - Marc Jacobs | Nicki Minaj
I always hesitate to post perfume posts, as I find it really hard to describe scents, but seeing as I got the most beautiful perfume stand/holder from my best friends for my 21st birthday which was in decemember (eek) and that I've now got a freshly decorated room, I thought it'd be rude not to share it with you all.
My collection seems to expand around christmas and my birthday, unfortunatley with age, my preference has became more and more expensive, I'd probably say Marc Jacobs Dot and Lady Million by Paco Raban are at the top of my favourites - however the celebrity offerings at a much cheaper price point are always my go to handbag scent - I'm a big time sprayer of perfume. I always go for sweet, fruity scents and most of these are just that with the exception of Lady Million. I'm not going to list the notes in each perfume as I'm sure like me you can't really tell the smell by that! Have a sniff of these - I highly reccomend!