Thursday, 11 December 2014

The long shirt : winter wardrobe update

Shirt, boots, necklace, hat - Newlook
 I know, I am a walking, talking Newlook advertisement lately. This shirt came in yesterday and I brought it in a size 16 just to make sure it was extra long to wear as a dress. Long line shirts are becoming really popular lately and are so flattering oversized. I'm planning to update my wardrobe with some plain versions ASAP. I've also ventured into necklace groups lately, they are making a really welcomed update to my usual statement necklace style.
What have you been wearing into winter?

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Life changing product alert : Laura Mercier silk creme foundation 'cream ivory'

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in 'Cream Ivory' - £34
If you are a part of the blogsphere you will know about this product, if you aren't? I'm about to blow your mind. Bare this in mind - I am pale, I like heavy coverage, consistency I'm dead between wanting dewey and matte ... and in walks the foundation of my dreams? Hellloooo Laura Mercier. Again, another brand I haven't tinkered with before. I'm usually an avid NC15 mac girl or a double wear Estee Lauder fan, but with the slight oxidising of mac and the ghost face double wear produces I've been searching for a new high end, kind to my skin, king of kings products. I've been purging off expensive products for a while, I've been using Loreal true match, but if I'm honest the oiliness and break outs I get from any highstreet foundation, I think its time to accept that my skin is a snob. I'd read so many reviews on this foundation but I was'nt sure that they would do a shade pale enough for me. I ventured in to Bluewater and got myself a tester, and two weeks on? I've still got the tiny tester I left with, the amount you need to average full coverage is minuscule! I have also never received so many compliments on my skin. I've also noticed that my complexion is looking ALOT better in photos. The smell is often commented on, which does smell slightly paint like to me, but for such a full coverage foundation I do expect it, as its what double wear also was scented with. I've had 9 hours working in this foundation without needing to top up on powder and my skin has - touch wood - not broken out. I would advise grabbing a tester of this, as to date it is the most expensive foundation I've brought, but for the teeny amount I need to apply and the results I'm getting - I'd highly recommend this. It was one of those products that when I applied it to my face I literally wanted to thank someone personally for it.
Grab yourself one of these girls, you won't regret it.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Places to visit : Ebb & Flow Southampton

-Above image not my own

It's not often that I review places on itsfashionoclock, so when I do you best believe I've found a jem. I'm currently back in my university town of Southampton, and last night I went out with my friend Luke for a catch up, he took me to my new favourite place : Ebb & Flow. Completely new, Ebb & Flow is a cafe / bar on the highstreet in Southampton. From outside the tiled signage and windows give the impression of just another bar or cafe in Southampton. However, upon entering I was quieter literally speechless. If you have a tendency toward anything shabby chic and abit kitsch Ebb & Flow will be a dream come true. We visited in late evening and the atmosphere of the place was really relaxing. There was a mixture of customers, no rowdy students to be seen! mostly couples or friends enjoying cocktails. The bar is literally fit to burst with detail and I could'nt stop looking around and discovering new pieces of art and decor. The drinks menu is broad and boasts of both soft and alcoholic drinks I have never heard of. The prices were pretty spot on with the rest of the city - I paid £7.95 for a cocktail if I am not mistaken. I was also tempted to try the pear lemonade. Food menu wise Ebb and Flow offers a range of light snacks, breakfasts and tapas style dishes for quick wins when your tired from a busy day of shopping. I had a toasted brie sandwich which was incredible - and even better? my side of chips was served in a tea cup! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and elegance of Ebb & Flow and I hope Marstens consider making more as I really think this could be a hit, 
- a must visit if you are in or around Southampton!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Maybelline colour drama : 'in with coral'

Maybelline colour drama - 'in with coral' - £4.99

I know I know, fire away with another new lip product ... I am obsessed. Maybelline isn't a brand I shop often, not for any particular reason, just because I've always stayed true to the regular brands I've loved always. However I took a trip to Bluewater with Aimee last week and I saw the colour of this pencil and picked it up on a whim. I've always had a thing for packaging - and the product being in a pencil intrigued me. I've only ever tried the Topshop lip crayons, and I didn't enjoy them atall. However this pencil for just £4.99 is a complete steal. This coral shade is a really good colour for a paler skin tone as I often find light coral colours wash me out or make my teeth look yellow. Maybelline describe it as a velvet lip pencil, and I whole heatedly agree with that statement, the pencil isn't dry and the pigmentation is incredible. My only negative points on this product are that its a little small, I'd love a larger size of this and I do worry how I'm going to sharpen it! You also need to be super careful not loosing the product when you put the lid on as it is a creamy product that does get damaged easily. I'm really enjoying this pencil and I'm looking forward to grabbing a few more in Boots ASAP!


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Tales from the earth : a life filled with adventure bangle

Tales from the earth - a life filled with adventure bangle £45
A week back the lovely people from Tales of the Earth got in touch with me and asked me if I would like to review one of their bangles. Having never heard of their brand before I accepted and was curious to see what I would receive. I couldn't believe my eyes when the bangle arrived. Gorgeous, luxurious packaging with colours that almost reminded me of Tiffany. However this brand is a little more down to earth, made in England and a brand that's a little less well known and more personal. With Christmas just around the corner I truly believe Tales of the earth have the perfect gift with these little beauties. They truly showcase luxury and thoughtfulness in a simplistic stylish fashion. Each bangle is packaged in its own box and pouch and has a small message about the quoted bangle you have chose. I love that the quote is inside the bangle, out of sight, keeping the message really personal to you. I picked the 'a life filled with adventure' bangle because with all the movement in my job right now, and all my plans for the future I really felt this would be perfect to keep close to me right now. The bangle itself is simplistic and chic, and obviously would be really easy to wear with pretty much any outfit you have in mind. The only thing I would say is the bangle is on the smaller side, so make sure you check the measurements before you order. I've also got my eye on the busy bee necklace now, I've been really pleasantly surprised by this brand and would definitely consider buying from them in the future.
What gifts have you been buying this season?

Friday, 5 December 2014

What do i do? : an insight into visual merchandising in London

Since graduating my blog posts have became less and less frequent, and although I'd shared my job vocation with you all, up until now I hadn't really explained it. A lot of people ask about my job and how I came to do it so I thought I'd give you all an insight into my experience in visual merchandising and some tips I suppose! NOTE: This is quite a long post! feel free to click off if this is'nt your kind of thing!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

London College Of Fashion ; street style photos

Shirt & tights - Primark
Skirt - Choies
Boots & Socks - Topshop
Bag - Monki (Via asos)
Leather jacket - Miss Selfridge
Hat - Newlook

A couple of weeks ago I was grabbed by a couple of girls from the London College of Fashion who were taking street style photographs and they were kind enough to send me a copy of them, lucky me for not needing to shoot this outfit myself. I have only just discovered the Choies website and I have another item I need to blog about ASAP - but I'll save that as a surprise ;) although waiting for the postage was long I could not be happier with the items I recieved. This oversized dog tooth print really screamed out at me, its so bold and looks great toned down with plainer garments such as the shirt I'm wearing here. As promised, I don't think these full a-line skirts will be leaving my body anytime soon .. along with my hat obsession for that matter!

What have you ordered online recently?