Thursday, 29 December 2011

Birthday Gifts

Just a couple of snaps of what i got present wise for my 19th, My boyfriend and my bestfriend were the only people who got me presents - unless you count my godmothers hilarious idea of giving me toliet roll? - ah the joys of being a student right?! I didnt get chance to photograph what Aimee got me, she got me dark green skinny jeans from newlook and some normal denim jeans which are gorgeous and i cannot wait to wear in the new year. Beware of another photo heavy post when i put up what i brought with the money i got for my birthday :)

OOTD - Birthday Outfit

Lipstick Barry M 153 (I think!) - £4.99
Dusty Pink Sleeveless Shirt - £19.99 Newlook
Feather & Beads Double Chain Necklace - £12 Republic
Patent Black Clutch Bag - £14.99 (I think) Newlook
Black Suede pannel leggings - £10 (Sale) Republic

Yesterday was my birthday, i ended up with around £200 in all and spent £160 in total, i finally got some new foundation - clinque this time and so many new clothes, i've not even taken photos of half of the stuff i got for christmas and birthday yet! anyways, i hope everyones had a lovely christmas :) this is what i wore to my birthday meal at prezzo last night :)

Monday, 26 December 2011

Girls how do i make my photos bigger on upload would be much appreciated :) xx


Heres a quick shoddy picture to show you the majority of stuff i got for christmas! i'm a very lucky girl i've been super spoilt!
Jack wills Denison Coat in green
Pauls Boutique bag
Mac brushes
Lady Million
Pink GHDs etc (:

I've been so busy over the Christmas holiday what with spending time with family because i'm home from uni, but its my birthday on the 28th, and i've already been spoilt with so many beauty products so in the next couple of weeks i'm going to do a load of reviews. Hope you've all had a merry Christmas!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

It really sucks that i've been so many blogs on here for ages, but just looking and now i'm on here i feel as though i know those people - yet they have no idea who i am lol.

Wish list

Its my birthday soon.. and so many things are taking my fancy its unreal! it also seems to be when you have money you find everything you like!

oo1. Ivory & Black blouse £14 Select.
I saw this with my friend Jade whilst shopping the other day, I really dig the whole 'women stealing mens fashion' thing and i can never seem to get hold of any blouses with bow ties (Does anyone know of anywhere?!) but this is pretty perfect and so cheap compared to a few ive seen around like on asos. Its quite transparent in person but would look lush with leather shorts/trousers or sequin hot pants.

oo2. Hot pink super skinny jeans £30 Riverisland.
I actually want the magenta pair but there not available online anymore, there on my christmas list to my mum and my boyfriend so i'm hoping ill be lucky enough to get a pair, i've already got a light pink pair and im dying for these and a emerald green pair.

oo3. Snow lepoard print sleevless blouse £30 Riverisland.
Spotted this in oxford street last week and am absolutely smitten! bit pricey though...

oo4. Tan chelsea boots £65 Topshop
I love chelsea ankle boots, i've got a pretty nice pair from florence and fred at £16 but they don't amount to the real leather pair with the contrast black elastic. So nice! i recon i could find a cheaper pair though ..

oo5. Studded chelsea boots £100 Topshop
OH MY. I wish i had found these earlier to add to my christmas list :| these are bloody GORGEOUS. I get an exact £100 from my mum and stepdad for my birthday .. i think i just found what ill be treating myself too. WOW.

oo6. Black chelsea boots £36 Topshop
More versatile and cheaper alternative!

oo7. Lip marker in Popsicle £8 Topshop
I've heard some really good reviews about Topshop lipmarkers from some of my friends at uni who have tried them, I love this light pink shade, may have to treat myself in the near future.

oo8. Black fur gilet £25 George @ Asda
I nearly brought a fur gilet last year but didnt, and i still regret it now! this ones fairly cheap and simple

oo9. Mesh insert dress £24.99
Wanted a mesh insert dress for so long now, love the skater dress bottom, boyfriend would never allow this though! oh well..

Yay & Nay.

Yay too..
I came home from university this week for christmas with my friends a
nd family, it took me 3 hours to get back to the isle of sheppey from southampton and i pulled muscles in my shoulders but coming home to my mums home made lasagne was well worth it. The boy took me to Hyde Park's winter wonderland on sunday, which is a big event London do every year, it has a german market with little stalls of clothes, food and gifts and then a massive funfair although your looking at about £6 per ride! but to be honest its nice just to walk around which is what me and Chris did, We had a wicked day, It was jam packed and it was a shuffling pace walk and i didnt get chance to take many photographs, playing around with exposure and that and these came out alright..

Nay too
Having no money whatsoever and therefore having to turn down certain christmas outings and avoiding buying more expensive christmas presents for people i care the most about!


Joyus, i need to start blogspot because i'm pretty sure we have to keep fashion blogs as part of our assessment for our second year of university so i guess its better to start ahead of it to try and get used to how it works, i've never used blogspot before and although i know a little of HTML thanks to making bebo skins and tumblr - this is actually really hard for me! plus i have no idea how i'm going to publicize this - hopefully ill put as much time into it as my tumblr, shame about the really original interesting name im using right? Lols, and just as an end note, i'm studying fashion with photography at Southampton Solent as it says on the left, so expect me to be posting lots about what im learning, my strong opinions on this and that and ramblings of a typical 18 year old interested in fashion.
Pasha x