Friday, 30 January 2015

A little bit of everything : give away time!

Since receiving the news last week that I have been made a Youtube partner I've decided to do a little give away to say thanks to all you guys support and just because I realised haven't done one before! This is a little miniature give away of things I personally love - and battled with myself not to give away! I've brought all products with my own money and none were sent for review or to give away etc :) 

The winner will recieve all the items in the above photograph :
> A mini Ted Baker makeup bag and body spray
> A mini batiste dry shampoo
> A mini soap and glory hand cream
> The ever popular Ciate beauty bus
> AND A mac lipstick OF YOURE CHOICE!*

These are all products I could'nt live without and ones I'd be happy to gift practically anyone!
There is more than one way to enter so if you are just a reader or a follower you've got a chance either way! the winner will be picked at random via raffle copter and I will email you to enable us to discuss you're address and Mac lipstick of choice!
Good luck everyone!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
*Please note Mac lipstick chosen must be in stock and not part of a limited edition collection
*Open to UK only - sorry!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Must have mondays : Shirty buisness

001 The On trend one: Newlook £24.99 || 002 The simple one: Warehouse £48.00 || 003 The summer one: H&M £19.99 || 004 The bold one: River island £45 || 005 The splurge one: Fred Perry @ Asos £110 || 006 The vintage looking one: Topshop £42
As part of a new section on itsfashionoclock I thought I'd use my retail brain and put together some must have highstreet trends for you to grab every monday. If you are prepping you're wardrobe for summer - You need to grab yourself a shirt dress pronto. The perfect piece for season changes as you can pair them with tights and go bare leg in the near summer. For the curvier woman go for a pulled in style with belt detailing and for those blessed with a slim frame oversized shirt dresses are great for a easy to throw on outfit. Shirt dresses are being stocked in the highstreet by the truck load! Grab yourself a floppy hat and some chunky sandals for an easy trend friendly outfit. 


Friday, 23 January 2015

wiwt : grunge hearts

Shirt, jumper dress, boots - Newlook
Socks - Tescos
Backpack - Grafea
Lipstick - Rihanna for mac (limited edition)
Please don't tell me you've never posted with messy hair, I do this to my hair quite abit lately - although usually with an extension in to make the bun bigger and better but heeeeeey, were all human! I've been wearing long jumpers a fair bit with long socks or tights with similar sock like qualities. This is quite a grungey outfit post for me, but I'm embracing it. Super comfy over here!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mac x cinderella : collab revealed

I am a loyal follower of Mac, and every time a limited edition collection arrives I usually scout it out, Disney are releasing a new Cinderella film set to come out in March this year and it seems mac have jumped on the band waggon in their usual style. The most common image circulating I've found is the top packaging with the black and gold style packaging which alot of people agreed - left alot to imagination when you here the words Cinderella cosmetics collection. However, searching a little deeper into the interweb I've came across these much nicer blue packaged pieces and I'm even more excited than previously thought possible. As always I'm sure this collection will sell out instantly, Mac haven't released a launch date however again the circulation date I've found for the UK is just currently early march. I've also found a line list - but again I'm not sure how legit this is. Hopefully judging from pictures this collection looks really wearable, and I'll be sure to review when not if I get my hands on some pieces! If you are anything like me and follow/collect mac you'll understand my excitement! bring on march! 

Circulating line list:
Gloss : Happily Ever After / Glass Slipper
Lipsticks : Secret Lover / Royal Ball
Beauty Powder ( face powder with soft color ): Mystery Princess
Iridescent Power (illuminator): Coupe D'Chic
Fluidline (eyeliner): Little Black Bow / Macroviolet
Glitter: Reflects Pearl
Palette with 6 shadows
Studio eye gloss (creamy base for eyes): Pearl Varnish / Lightly Tauped
Pigment : Pretty It Up / Evil Stepmother
Mask Studio Fix Lash : BoldBlack
Brushes : 168 and 217
What cosmetic launches are you looking forward too?


WIWT : Birds

Faux fur, hat, boots - Newlook
Shirt & skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Tights - Primark
Lipstick - Mac 'twig'

I always overlook Dorothy Perkins as a brand but I happened to pop into their sale in Southampton just before xmas and I was shocked by a) how cheap the sale was b) how good the stock in the sale was! I think this shirt was £15 and the skirt was around £10 for a navy PU skirt I think that this was a steal! I've really become a fan of shirts again lately, they really smarten up an outfit I feel. And as for the print on this shirt? well it was a no brainer.

Did you pick up any winter sale bargains?


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Beauty bucket list

Inspired by the lovely Megans' post earlier in the week on her beauty bucket list I thought I'd share my on-going lust list, full of products that I'm yet to splurge on and that will be purchased in the very near future...

001 Anastasia Dipbrow 'chocolate brown' || With only a select websites stocking this product, I've been weary of  purchasing this because of colour match, however the price point really is'nt that bad and I've been drooling over instagram and pintrest images of the perfect brows courtsey of this product ... this must be next to be added to my stash
002 Zoeva rose gold brush set || I've seen a selection of beauty bloggers vlog and blog about this gorgeous brush set and originally I was lusting after this for looks only, although the more in action videos i've seen of these brushes at work, the more i'm concerned that I need these ... but when can you ever justify over £50 for a set of brushes!?
003 No7 cleansing brush || The vastly popular alternative to the clarisonic my mum battled to find one of these for me at christmas but they sold out everywhere and since stalking since I've found they still don't seem to be back in stock. I'm a sucker for a deep cleanser and I'd love to get my hands on a cleansing brush to give my skin that extra treat
004 Chanel rouge allure || I really do have enough lipsticks in my collection but Chanel lipsticks seem to be above and beyond in the reviews lately, I'm trying to update my collection to more neutral day tones, and a Chanel would be a pleasure to whip out for a top up
005 Ren clarimatte cleanser || I had refused to look at Ren products for a long time because I thought they'd be out of my price range, however I recently investigated this theory and had a pleasent discovery that they are actually really reasonable. This product boasts of many pluses, but I'm especially attracted by the unclogging pores and reducing their apperance promise .. get at me.

What beauty products have you been lusting after?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

wiwt : sully inspired

 Fur jacket -
Jumper - Anita & Green @ Newlook
Necklace - Topshop
Hat, wet look leggings and boots - Newlook
Lipstick - Rihanna for Mac (Limited edition)

I'm going to claim this outfit as a Sully from monsters inc inspired master piece because of the fur and colours in the jumper aha. Dan actually complimented me on this outfit yesterday (which is rare lol) which is why I decided to share it despite it being quite dressed down. Anita & Green is a label lounge brand at Newlook and I've really been enjoying the bits that have landed in store. I brought it oversized and paired with really fitted leggings to ensure a flattering silohette! I'm really enjoying mixing black textures too e.g. the wet look leggings with the patent boots - I just feel like it adds another dimenson to the outfit and I really want to experiment with this in the new year!

What have you been wearing lately?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to style a two piece : from chavtastic to stylish

Jacket and trousers - Missguided
Backpack - 'Wild at heart' Grafea
T-shirt, hat and shoes - Newlook

Have you spotted that I found an adequate inside location yet? FINALLY. I treated myself to this Grafea back pack from the Oposites attract collection when I got my mini promotion a while back and its been glued to my back ever since... although I'm not sure how long it will stay white for, Its a beauty isn't it?
I brought this two piece from missguided in the sale and when it arrived I was SO intimidated by it I nearly sent it back. By needless to say I think with the right styling jacket and trouser two pieces can look so on trend. If you are thinking about purchasing one, my two main pieces of advice would be to stay clear of wearing them with trainers to avoid the tracksuit look (eeeep!) and use a chunky belt to define you're waist and ensure the trousers look formal. Since styling this up I've really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to wearing them separate too!

What pieces have you been trying lately?


Friday, 16 January 2015

personal post : tattoo tag

I don't think I've ever really mentioned or shown my tattoos on here. I've actually got a total of eight tattoos now, and I've been meaning to do a post like this for a while. If you like personal posts and you are interested in the meaning behind people's tattoos then carry on reading.. if not? feel free to skip

A black out

Hat - Peacocks
Roll neck and belt - Newlook
Bag - River Island
Scuba Skirt - Topshop (Sale)
Tights - Primark
Boots - Newlook
Lipstick Kate Moss for Rimmel

Happy 2015 everyone! how late am I? I've been meaning to post for such a long time, I have so many new goodies to share and I feel I really missed the post what you got for Christmas which is a massive bummer! But alas, its 2015 and one of my new years resolution is to blog a hell of a lot more. I've been away for a while as I previously mentioned, I was on visual management cover for Newlook in Southampton for a stretch of 5 weeks, which got cut short when I got rushed to hospital with suspected meningitis, which in the end was luckily just a severe kidney infection and glandular fever - So i spent the beginning of the year bed ridden! I also have some even bigger news - I got engaged! Daniel proposed to me on boxing day whilst we were celebrating my early birthday and it was perfect. I think I'll be scheduling a post all about what happened in the next coming weeks!
To the outfit at hand, I waited for this skirt to drop into the sale for SO long, if you read my blog often I'm sure you are sick of seeing so many midi skirts! but this is scuba and its so fit and flare, it gives you the most flattering silhouette. I've also ventured into roll necks after realising I can balance them out if I wear a trusty hat. I am trying to grow my hair now, so I'm afraid fedoras and floppy hats are here to stay! 

How has the start to you're new year been?


Thursday, 15 January 2015

2015 goals

In true newyears tradition, I thought I'd share with you all my reasonable, and achieveable goals for 2015! just 20 to start with and hopefully I can add to these as the year goes by!

1) Save to or move out (again)

2) Take some driving lessons 

3) Have engagement party

4) Ask bridesmaids

5) Get a promotion

6) Do some time in head office

7) Loose a stone in weight

8) Book a holiday

9) Get a new tattoo

10) Take up Youtube - again

11) Blog atleast twice a week

12) Finish dads' life story

13) Visit another big UK city

14) Grow my nails

15) Create a feature wall in my room

16) See my brother atleast once a week

17) Visit family in Wales

18) Buy Russell a new cage

19) View wedding venues

20) Go to another gig / festival

What are you're plans for this year?
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