Thursday, 31 January 2013

MAC Year of the snake: 'Cockney' lipstick

Say hello to THE BEST red lipstick of all time!!
I was going to schedule this post but I could not contain my excitement. 3 lustre finish lipsticks were released within the year of the snake collection, the other two shades didn't catch my eye and I'd been waiting a while to purchase a red lipstick and with the beautiful embossed stick it was impossible to say no. So when I opened cockney I expected a 'bricky' red because of the name, don't ask me why! - in general I wasn't expecting anything special. WRONG. This is my first lustre finish lipstick from MAC and I'm over the moon with the results, the same creaminess as a cremesheen with that extra pigmentation. Cockney itself is described as 'Sheer yellow red with multidimensional pearl' which I know will put most people off, however the pearl puts this lipstick just that bit above the rest, on the lips cockney shows up with minimal glitter, a bit of added sparkle and a super deep, sophisticated colour, the yellow tone also keeps your teeth looking as white as possible! I'm always a fan of a yellow toned red because of this! I've worn it all today and LOVED IT. and I'm pretty sure its going to be making some appearances in nights out too! The moral of this story is don't let a pearl finish put you off - this is a beautiful lipstick grab it while you can!

Have you brought anything from the MAC year of the snake collection?

Spray cans

Grafiti midi skirt - £20 Topshop
Watch - Asos via Ebay £6.00
Spike bracelets - £1.99 each International
Topshop 'Macho' Boots - £10 Sale Topshop
*Bucket tote bag c/o Ruby Rocks*

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be wearing head to toe Topshop! I love this combo lately a crop, midi and fierce boots! My obsession with crop tops probably has something to do with my cheeky new tattoo! It reads 'There is no strength without pain' hope you like it! Its number 5 now.. Also stay tuned for a review of this gorgeous tote bag tomorrow! I bet you'll be shocked at the price! I'm also back at university now so you may have noticed my posts have lagged abit! I'm gonna build up a schedule of posts again for you all, expect some high def' videos in the near future also - I've upgraded to a 600d I just need to get an SD card that can record it!

Hope your all having a good week!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

My BARGAIN acrylic storage

Osco '3 drawer paper sorter' (large drawers) £27.99

Osco '3 drawer stationary organizer' (Small drawers) £11.99

As soon as I posted instagrams of my new acrylic storage, alot of people were asking me where I'd got it from! And as soon as I'd organised it all properly I could'nt wait to share it with you all! I'd previously been using a cupcake patterned stationary organizer for my makeup, but I was forever lusting after the infamous Muji collection. However, postage and packaging and the thought of broken expensive acrylic drawers really wasn't for me. SO i spent HOURS pouring over eBay and countless google pages in search of 'see through drawers' 'acrylic drawers' 'makeup storage' you name it - i googled it! It seemed like Muji was going to be my only hope until I discovered the brand 'Osco' at office retailer 'Rymans', Would you believe my large set of drawers is actually a paper sorter at £27.99!? and my short set are for pens etc at £11.99 (and they were prices BEFORE student discount!). I couldn't believe my luck and having a Rymans a stones throw away from my house it would have been rude not to pick these up. As you can see from my photos they are longer than they are deep but it still gives you alot of room and I'll be buying another smaller one in the near future as it fits mascara and pencils in PERFECTLY. The see-through compartment holding my nail varnishes is actually an old Ferroe Rocher box if you were wondering! Just proves you two can get hold of some beautiful acrylic storage here in the UK without spending a bomb!

P.s if you'd like me to film a video so you can really 'get to know' this storage arrangement - let me know!

What do you think of acrylic storage? Do you own any?

Friday, 25 January 2013

Zara s/s '13 preview

Zara are always the go-to shop for wardrobe staples in my opinion. The quality of their clothes and bags is second to none, and although they always adhere to trends they always seem to make their own waves through statement and unusual pieces. These are some of the garments previewed for s/s '13. From the selection I've picked here, Zara are nailing the monochrome trend down to a t, with a mixture of graphic patterns and textures like the leather trousers on the far right, teamed with a statement neon jumper or accessory you can't go wrong! I'm very much looking to shopping their collection this summer!

What do you think of the Zara s/s '13 preview?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Best of eBay: Phone cases

The way I see it, you can pay ridiculous amounts from shops in the UK for a phone case, or you can go on eBay purchase one for a couple of quid and wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive! I already have the ice-cream one and I have the first 3 on order! You can't go wrong with a bargain!

What phone case are you using right now?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Louise Gray 'Legend' Lipstick

Louise Gray 'Legend' Lipstick £5 Sale @ Topshop - SOLD OUT

From what I gather the Louise Gray collection at Topshop must have flopped because every product has gone into sale. I'm a sucker for lipstick - we all know this. And when Louise's collection came out I did see the two lipsticks but neither of them interested me enough to purchase. However I was out shopping for my birthday outfit and I saw 'Legend' on sale for £5 and tried it on in the shop - I was AMAZED with the quality of this product. For such a highly pigmented colour I expected a bleed round my lips and a chalky finish - I couldn't have been more wrong, the formula is creamy and moisturizing without spreading to my skin. Application was easy and it lasted me all night, I'm gutted I did'nt buy another bullet really because this is undoubtedly my go to night out lipstick right now! If you find one! Buy one!

p.s excuse instagram pics - but I had to show you what it looks like on!

Do you own any of the Louise Gray Collection?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Best of eBay: Home interior

(All descriptions are links!)

Who doesn't love abit of shabby chic right? ever since I've moved into my own house at university, my bedroom has been an on going project, trust me - before you go splurging on the highstreet ALWAYS check eBay first! you'll be surprised what beauties you can find, these are some of my favorites on my watch list currently! All purse and budget friendly of course!

What do you look for on eBay?

Friday, 18 January 2013

Tell me about it stud..

Feather ear cuff - £5.99 Republic 
See through black top - My mums.. 
Black vest - £2.99 Newlook
Studded dipdye shorts - £15 Glamorous @ Republic (Sale)
Tights - £3 Primark
Canvas black studded vectras - £28 Topshop (Old)
Leather jacket - Miss Selfridge (Gifted)

Lips - Louise Gray @ Topshop 'Ledgend'

I wanted these shorts since they came in end of summer at work, It was only when they went in the sale I could justify spending out on them! If your interested in a pair I'd say get the size up, they come up TINY. I'm a size 10/12 normally and these are a 14. I'm looking abit gothic here but its nothing a pop of Louise Gray can't sort out!

Are you still wearing studs?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Percy & Reed : Moisturizing shampoo & conditioner review

I don't usually review shampoos and conditioners because I think its one of those products that everyone has their own favorites and most of them time you can do the same job weather your paying £4 or £1 for a bottle of the stuff.
The Brand...
Percy & Reed was a brand I had never heard of before so when these turned up in my stocking from Father Christmas this year I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely packaging but I didn't have particularly high hopes for the products themselves. The brand was put together by two leading British hair stylists Paul Percival and Adam Reed who wanted to create a brand with a touch of British humor and a big focus on detail. Products often come in twos or a set which work together for a certain hair type or finish.
The Product...
I was gifted the 'splendidly silky moisturizing shampoo and conditioner' which have blueberry extract, sweet almond milk and pro vitamin B5 in to add strength and a leave hair with a glossy finish. Scent wise it reminds me of hand cream or chamomile lotion? Strange right! but its quite a fresh scent and I don't notice it throughout the day. 
Usage a week on...
I've been using this everyday for just over a week, and I have 100% noticed the difference in my hair. When using it on the first day I felt like it was knotting my hair in the shower, however a few days on my hair now goes silky as soon as I'm massaging my hair with these products and I've had comments about how healthy and shiny my hair is. After looking into this brand they actually have LOTS of alternatives and sell more than just shampoo and conditioner - be sure to check them out on Asos to see if they have something to cater to your hair needs!
As much as I love the finish this product gives and the beautiful packaging, £14/16 (depending on retailer) is ALOT to spend on shampoo and conditioner if you ask me! However, if you fancy a nice treat, giving a generous gift or you need a general moisture boost to your hair I would recommend this!
7/10 - Because of the price!

Have you tried Percy and Reed?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lush: Snow fairy magic wand review

Lush says...
The magic of this version is that you can wave your wand under the water until you have the amount of bubbles you want – then you just stash it somewhere safe to dry off, ready for when you next bath.
We’ve included pink ribbon and a bell, because if you are going to wave your wand, then you need some added drama and special effects!
ou should get several baths from this, depending on how much bubbly magic you want in your bath.  Each one will leave you smelling of candy floss and pear drops. Baths don’t get more yummy or more girly than this. 
Review...I'll be the first to admit that a) I'm not Lush's usual cult buyer and b) I'm a sucker for anything pretty. The Snow fairy magic wand has been on my wish list for a while, I don't know if its the concept of using a magic wand in the bath, the amazing bright pink colour of the thing or a mixture of both! I was gifted this for Christmas and have been putting off using it as I was worried I'd only be able to use it once. However I swirled this around the bath a good 4/5 times and it stayed on its stick and I had no nasty bits in with me! I have very sensitive skin and luckily this product didn't effect me in the slightest. It has a really nice flowery, bubble gum scent (fantastic description for you) but it wasn't overpowering which I was afraid of ! It gave me bubbles, pink water and soft skin afterwards! I'd probably purchase this again purely for the quality of the product, and if your thinking of buying a Lush product for the first time I'd probably go for this!  8/10

What do you think about Lush products? 
Have you tried the snow fairy magic wand?

Monday, 14 January 2013

Going out - AND keeping reasonably warm!

p8udeH on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Shoes - Office £20
Body chain - ReBorn @ Newlook £7 (Sale)

It is possible to go out and not freeze your boobies off! Disco pants are the perfect item to warm you up on a night out without loosing any glamour in your outfit! I finally managed to get hold of a body chain in the sale also! 

What have you brought in the sales?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day of the dead

P9uw_M on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Midi dress - Cameo Rose (Gift)
Gilet - Primark £16
Tights - £3 Tescos
Shoes - £20 Office (Sale)
Cross Earrings - £1 Primark
Black spike bracelets - £1.99 each International 
Skull bracelet - £2.99 International
Bird skull ring - £5.99 Republic

My mum got me this dress for Christmas and I adore it. Its great for dressing down with a chunky knit and Dr Martens or more dressed up here with a pair of fierce heels. The busy prints also makes the bodycon fit alot more flattering! So if your wondering weather to delve into the midi trend I'd definitely go for a patterned one. These shoes were also an absolute steal in the office sale, down from £50+ I couldn't say no - and they're wide fit SUPER COMFORT

What did you get for Christmas?