Friday, 29 November 2013

twinkle twinkle little star

Gilet - Primark
Tee - Oasis
Necklace - Republic
Skirt - Oasis
Boots - eBay

This outfit is very Oasis heavy, since working there I've really started to appreciate the quality and textures of their clothes. I actually wear this outfit casual and for work, its quite dressy but you could tone it down with pumps and the gilet helps to bring it to a more day time look. I love AW fashion, all the sparkly fabrics come out again!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013


MAC eyebrow crayon in 'stud' £13

I knew it would be bad news when John Lewis Southampton FINALLY got it's MAC counter, and low and behold, 3 years into uni, we have been graced with its presence. Having already brought two lipsticks from there, myself and Dan wandered in there last week as the boy wanted to treat me - brownie points to him - and whilst getting matched up to a bronzer I decided to take the plunge and ask about all things eyebrows at mac. 
Now, at the point I should add that up untill that day, I am the only person who has EVER touched my eyebrows and needless to say I was very nervous about the whole ordeal, I think Dan may have been too as he knew the bitch fit that would occur if Amy (the makeup artist) wrecked my brows.
However, I was pleasently suprised, Amy filled the beginnings of my brows with 'concrete' eyeshadow and used this to line the brow from the bottom all the way from the inner to outer parts (difficult to explain) what I liked best about this product is that it does'nt cake and matt your eyebrow hair as I find my rimmel pencil can sometimes, its a twist top and you just twist as much product as you need, its a really light and easy application and does'nt leave you with marker brows.
I really do need to do an eyebrow video pronto.
Overall I'd recommend this, if your an obsessive over your brows like me - however you can get similar (but not as good) results from the good old rimmel offering!
What are you using on your brows?


stepping out

PU detail jacket - Miss Selfridge
Jumper - H&M
Tartan skirt - Newlook
Red heels - Daisy Street
Clutch - H&M

Yesterday I got the pleasure of playing model for my good friend Kate, for her winter fashion editorial assignment, and turns out we made a good bargain as I've got some amazing free pictures out of it.
This is the second item of tartan I've brought this year and I'm hoping for much more, I love winter! go layers!

What have you been up to this week?


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bourjois 123 perfect foundation

Bourjois 123 perfect foundation - £10.99
Every now and then a product pops into my life that totally changes my makeup routine, having said that I have'nt had the moment in a long while. Enter Bourjois 123 perfect foundation. I picked this up on a whim in Boots around a month ago now, as I'd ran out of double wear and was on a serious student budget, and my god, if you are a pale girl like myself you will know the agg of picking a highstreet foundation that does'nt make you look like a living day tangerine!
This was the palest offering I could find on Bourjois and I brought shade 'light vanilla',  I was mostly drawn in by its three pigment correcting promises - 
"Yellow pigments for anti dark circles, mauve pigments for anti-dull complexion and green pigments for anti-redness
all are which problems my face happens to have! I must add this is the first Bourjois face product I've ever purchased - shock I know.
When I got this home I was initially disapointed it was SUPER runny, as in close to water consistancy, and although a little went a long way - all up my arm! I was convinced it was going to be awful coverage in comparrison to my beloved double wear and studio fix. I also noticed a fair bit of oxidisation, so there I was sitting there gutted I'd just spent £10.99 on some useless product. 
HOWEVER. The next day I decided to try this out anyway, and I was amazed by what I saw, sure this foundation does oxidise slightly - what highstreet brand foundation doesnt - but the coverage was pretty flawless, I just top up with a little conceler and it gives you a natutally flawless complexion? I'm not sure how to describe it, you don't loose your features like you do under some heavy duty foundations, and topped up with a little bronzer this is a great winter foundation.
Its at this point I should probably mention how much it has cleared my skin up and how many compliments I've had, I have never in all my time of wearing makeup had so many compliments about a foundation! My only con's of this product are that you still get slight ghost face in photos, but other than that? not alot! I do think I'll be picking this up again, if you are an avid every day foundation wearer like myself its hard to beat!