Saturday, 9 July 2016

travel in style : accessories

001. Typo 'get organised travel bags'
002. Sunnylife @ Asos underwater camera
003. Typo canvas travel pouch
004. @ Asos passport holder
005. Sunnylife @ Asos portable radio
006. @ Asos luggage label
007. Typo portable phone charger
008. Typo neck pillow

I've currently only got one holiday booked this year sobs , I'm off to Ibiza with my bestest gal pals for the third time, however this time we are staying in Ibiza Rocks and I couldn't be more excited, I've had extra time to prepare this time so its left me trawling the internet for holiday clothes and accessories. I've needed a luggage tag for my suitcase for a long time so I purchased this one from Asos along with the matching passport holder as my passport is currently wearing away! Sunnylife is the brand responsible for all those amazing pool inflatables and their smaller accessories are pretty cool too, I'm smitten with this underwater camera! how cute?!. Finally, my new favourite shop Typo, is serving up travel accessory royalty, for the necessary items and not so necessary - I'm absolutely grabbing this set of organising bags come payday, finally somewhere to store clothes that need cleaning!

What travel accessories are you treating yourself too this year?


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Zoella sweet sensations - my two pence worth

Zoella bath crystals, fizz bar and bath latte - all purchased from superdrug
Team internet have really stepped up their game this year, the products being released just keep getting bigger and better. When I saw Zoë release the Sweet Sensations range on her channel I knew I had to purchase it, I was swept away immediately by the packaging, inspiration and the new scent promise. I brought these the day they were released on Superdrug's website, I only purchased the bits I knew I'd use the most. I was most intrigued by the bath salts as I haven't used any before and the packaging is beautiful, as soon as I took the lid of these I was so pleasantly surprised by the scent. I feel like this is the most mature of all of Zoë's collections to date and this scent is sweet and subtle - I'm not going to even attempt to describe it fully who can describe scents? not me  the amount of detail in these products really makes them worth while for me. The quality given the price point makes them a great purchase. I'm much happier with the bubble bar this time round too, as my previous ones failed to create bubbles for me this one was much better at that. My favourite from all of these is for sure the bath latte from the packaging to the product itself it really is perfection. I love how versatile this is, bath or shower ready and the packaging is perfect for displays.  The consistency is creamy and nourishing and not too heavy for the summer months, I'll definitely be repurchasing this bad boy. All in all I've been really impressed with this range!

Did you pick anything up from the Sweet sensations range?

swimwear for the bigger boobed : hello figleaves & midnight grace!

001. Durban Bikini : Top £28  High waisted bottom £20
002. Cape Retro Bikini : Top £28 Bottom £18
003. Bahama Bikini (Figleaves own brand) : Top £26 Bottom £16
004. Luau Bikini : Top £28 High waisted bottom £20

001. Southbeach Bikini : Top £28 High waisted bottom £20
002. Havana Bikini : Top £28 Bottom £16
003. Mix up Bikini (Figleaves own brand) : Top £28 High waisted bottom £20
004. Brigette Bikini (Figleaves own brand) : Top £28 High waisted bottom £20

*To find any of these bikinis simply search for the name in the Figleaves search bar

Firstly you would think this is a sponsored post (I wish) it isn't but I was so excited I NEEDED to share this with you all! Being a 32f I have ALWAYS found bikinis impossible to shop for, I don't have a in proportion body as it were so when I buy from regularly highstreet brands I have to buy separate and when it comes to buying swimwear that just comes in sizes and not cups - its a walking nightmare! I've always been told about Figleaves as a great place to shop for women with bigger breasts, but I'd always dismissed it as an older womans' website with a much bigger budget than my own. However the older I'm getting the more important I'm finding it ever more important to invest in a proper fitted bikini. I was browsing Figleaves today and was gobsmacked at the selection of bikinis they had that were right up my street! One of my pet hates on holiday is being around the pool wearing the same newlook bikini as everyone else just me? , I also much prefer a high waisted shape as I don't have a particularly flat tummy and there is SO much selection at the moment. One brand that particularly caught my eye was 'Midnight Grace' they have gorgeous high waisted FASHIONABLE bikinis - I'm in heaven! I'm not sure if I'll be stretching my purse strings to these just yet but the payday before my holiday I might have to sneak some of these in - I felt it was my duties to share these beauties with you!
What bikinis are you loving this summer?


Saturday, 2 July 2016

The battle of the matte liquid lip - budget to high end

The NYX long doe foot applicators
L-R Makeup revolution, apocalips, NYX lingerie, Gerard cosmetics, NYX liquid suede 

Liquid matte lipsticks have easily been one of the biggest beauty trends this year and last, and with such a vast array becoming steadily available on the market its quite daunting to know whats worth the pennies and whats worth a splurge, I've fell head over heels in liquid lips and I've grown quite the collection from budget drugstore brands, to imported, to hard to get ones. I've had so many questions about which are worth the money and which are easy to get hold of I thought I'd compile them into a bit of a guide for you.
Price wise going from lowest to highest we have:

Make-up revolution velvet lips in 'velvet black heart' £3 
Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer in 'atomic rose' £6.49
NYX lingerie liquid lip in 'push up' £6.50
NYX liquid suede in 'soft spoken' £6.50
Gerard cosmetics hydra matte lip in 'invasion' £9.50
Colourpop ultra matte lip in 'beeper' £ various I get mine via depop
Lime crime velvetines in 'riot' £15.06 (plus shipping)
Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in 'androgyny' £14.00 (best UK site to get these from)
Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in  'bow n arrow' £ various I get mine via depop
Kylie Jenner matte lip kit in 'exposed' £21.85 (plus UK shipping and customs)

I have a good selection of other shades from some of these brands also, I'm always sure to test a few of the forumlas before reviewing for you guys.

Make up revolution velvet lips - The cheapest offering I have in my collection, this is an inky purple colour which will probably be best suited to the autumn / winter months for me, I'm not sold on the packaging its very gothic compared to other brands offerings. Formula wise its quite wet and mousey, the applicator is fine and makes applying easy, however this does tend to bleed on my lips without liner, but for the price if you wait a good couple of minutes for it to dry you can achieve a matte finish

Rimmel apocalips - The first liquid lipstick I ever brought, probably the easiest to find in the UK in my opinion. I adore the packaging of this one, and the formula isn't wet atall, a nice mousse consistency, it is comfortable on the lips however I find it starts going chalky when eating and drinking. A big plus to this one is the applicator I really love this its a doe foot with a semi hole in the middle and it really glides on the lips. Much like the revolution offering this liquid lip also takes a long time to dry. It also has one of the strongest smells out of all my collection so if you aren't a fan of strong vanilliary scents, stay clear of this one. These aren't a complete matte finish I think the velvet name is a perfection description for the finish. A great one to reach for if you are unsure about matte lips.

NYX Lingerie - Now that NYX is available on Boots online, I snapped up a selection of these and was so stoked for them to arrive. I have to say I was quite disappointed with these, despite researching the shades before I purchased I found the majority of these shades really hard to wear, these really are foundation toned style liquid lips, don't get me wrong the creamy mousse consistency is one of the best budget liquid lips available but shade selection wise I just wasn't blown away. Similar to the apocalips, this is much more of a velvet finish than a completely matte one. NYX also have the longest doe foot applicator I've seen and I just found it inconvenient making the product harder to apply. I adore the names and the packaging of these products. Unless you have the right skin tone for these and pearly white teeth I'd not rush to get these.

NYX Liquid suede - Of all the budget brands this velvet style liquid lip won me over the most, I have these beauties in 'soft spoke' and 'sand storm' they wear really well and have an amazing colour pay off, there is also some much brighter offerings in this style if you are more of a bold lip girl. Comfortable on the lips with chic packaging? Liquid suede is a real all rounder.

Gerard Cosmetics hydra matte - One of the most underrated brands in my opinion, I was recommended trying Gerard by a friend of mine who shares the same obsession for the Jeffree Star liquid lips as I do (Hi Hayley if you are reading) I'm always blown away when I pick this up and use it again and it reminds me that I need to purchase more of these, a wetter formula then the previous products described, but a quicker drying time and wow the lasting power? crazy. I can wear one coat of this for a whole night out without it shifting, I've even woken up in this whoops. Even when wearing down this doesn't chalk or go patchy. The colour selection has plenty of 'my lips but better' shades and at a mid range price these really are fab.

Colour pop ultra matte lip - Colour pop ultra mattes are the latest addition to my collection, I have Beeper and Bianca. These are fast becoming my favourite and I've been reaching for these over my kylie lipkits recently. These go on really wet but dry so quickly, these also wear down really nicely, no patches in sight. My only complaints are a. you can't get these in the UK at the moment unless you risk depop or eBay (mine are from Depop brand new with POP) b. the holographic writing on the tube rubs off really quickly and c. if you re apply they become very messy and clumpy - but other than that I can't wait to expand my collection of these.

Lime crime velevetines - Another American brand, lime crime was the second brand I reached to for a matte lip. These have such a strong vanilla scent, it almost puts me off, they also have the smallest tube of product and smallest applicator. Despite the amazing shade range, this still bleeds off my lips and takes such a long time to dry, and even when it does I still find I get smudges and patches. Not one of my favourites.

Jeffree Star liquid lip - My second biggest collection of liquid lips, I actually wrote a separate post about these beauties. These are becoming much more popular now, with an amazing nude selection and a crazy bright colour selection on the other end of the spectrum. The formula is perfect and dries quickly, wear time is crazy long and I always get compliments wearing these. I only wish some of the darker shades (I'm looking at you unicorn blood) came with a lipliner, I hope Jeffree does bring out some lip liners - because I'd be sold!

Kat Von D everlasting liquid lip - Another new edition to my collection, Kat von d is quite hard to get in the UK, again I got mine on Depop new with POP, no overwhelming scent and a nice long applicator makes this a very sleek product indeed. I was surprised how quickly this dried and how long it lasted on the lips, I've had this around two weeks and I can't wait to get my hands on more.

Kylie Lip kits - Last but not the least the very coveted Kylie lipkits, are they worth the hype? in one word - yes. I eventually caved into buying one of these and it was true love at first use, a dreamy vanilla scent, the added bonus of a lip liner to cheat that trademark Jenner pout, long lasting formula and a nude for everyone. I have 8 of these beauties and they are by far my most used lip product right now, my only wish was that UK customers didn't get hit so hard with customs for these! but they are without my number one liquid lip, and with Kylie's website getting better and better its easier to get these now than ever - stay tuned for a post dedicated solely to these.

What's you're favourite liquid lip?


Monday, 27 June 2016

Don't steal my sunshine

Sunglasses - Asos
Necklace - Wanderdusk
Leather jacket - Zara
Bag - Zara
Dress - Primark
Converse high tops

I fell in love with this leather jacket the second I saw it, styling wise I'm sticking it with greys, black, white and neutrals, its a really easy way to add a pop of colour to you're wardrobe and its amazing quality for the price! I'm sad that its getting hotter as I know I won't be able to get this out as often as it deserves!


Sunday, 26 June 2016

Leopard print

Sunglasses - Depop
T shirt - Newlook
Slip dress - Primark
Belt - Asos
Bag - Zara
Boots - Newlook

Slip dresses with t - shirts tucked underneath are something I've wanted to try for quite a while now, this little beauty was a steal from Primark, I think it was around £6 ! I'm still not ready to embrace flip flops so I'm sticking with trusty boots for now, I also can't apologise for my hair ... it's too hot!

Have a good week!


Saturday, 25 June 2016

Weekend casual

Sunglasses - Depop
Choker - Asos
Jumpsuit & Bomber - Boohoo
Desert Camo Trainers - Nike

Bomber jackets are here to stay I think, Boohoo has really been my affordable style saviour lately and I can't wait to dress this jumpsuit up aswell as wear it casual. Nudes are my favourite thing to wear when I have abit of a fake tan , culottes are fast becoming my favourite thing for summer, they are so comfortable and cool! 

Where have you been shopping lately?


Friday, 24 June 2016

The accessories you need this summer

Western belts - Asos
Bandana - eBay
Choker - Boohoo
Bolo necklace - Wanderdusk

I've recently started getting right back into accessories, I've really been rating simple outfits and taking them to that next level with a simple accessory, it really is the easiest way to bring you're wardrobe up to date, here are the pieces I've been reaching for the most 

Western belts : Western belts have been around for a while now, weather you reach for a bolder studded one or a simple styled buckle version, these belts really add something to an outfit, perfect for a pair of high waisted jeans or clinched around a jumpsuit or dress to give those 70s vibes
Bandanas : The most versatile accessory to my collection to date, wear it round you're neck, around you're head or even around you're arm. Available in a vast array of colours, you can pick these up super cheap from eBay rather than you're average highstreet store
Chokers : From thick to thin everyone has been reaching for the 90s style choker, perfect for day or night this is the perfect necklace right now
Bolo necklaces : Perfect layered with a choker and the ultimate festival vibes, see a massive and affordable range over at the lovely Beckys' website wanderdusk !

What accessories are you loving this summer?


Payday picks : newlook


Striped patch midi dress - £24.99
Stone backpack - £19.99
Suede Courts - £19.99
White crochet bikini top - £12.99
Lace cami vest - £15.99
Two tone midi skirt - £19.99
Silk bomber - £34.99
White crochet high waist bikini bottoms - £12.99

What are you lusting after this payday?


Thursday, 23 June 2016

The writing is on the wall

Fedora - Newlook
Sunglasses - ASOS
Choker - Boohoo
Bardot top - Topshop
Bag - Zara
Crepe Culottes - Dorothy Perkins
Silver Mules - Topshop

I have'nt posted on here in quite a while yet again have I ladies and gents, I took my brother to his first day of college yesterday and decided to actually make an effort with my outfit for the first time in a while, mules are my new official summer fave - these toppers ones are SO comfortable. Note to self though, these culottes are SO see through!

What are you wearing for summer?


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Too faced : sweet peach palette

 Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette - Currently sold out

Unless you don't spend hours trawling beauty vlogs, blogs and what not, you probably wouldn't have seen this yet, if you have you'll understand my excitement of owning one of these! The Too Faced sweet peach palette was gifted to a number of blogging/vlogging royalty earlier this year and this combined with its limited edition label has made this a much sought after beauty product among the masses. I'm ashamed to say this is actually my first too faced purchase, I'd always lusted after the infamous chocolate bar palettes, however the high price point had always put me off, I'd been edging toward more orange and coral eyelid tones for summer and hadn't found much love with my Morphe palette, So when this little addition became available again on the Debenhams website, I had to snatch it up. This palette really is a cut above the rest, the formula is buttery with a high pigmented colour pay off, not forgetting there is a good mix of matte and shimmer shades. The mixture of neutrals and the option to brighten things up with the shades of coral and pink gives an interesting twist, with wearable yet different shades that would suit all skin tones. My only wish is that this came with a brush for the price that it is, as I still currently reach for my beloved naked urban decay palette over this for ease of use, and despite the added peach scent I wouldn't say its essential. All in all I would say this product is worth the hype. Too face is superb quality and if you can't get hold of this I would pick up the chocolate bar palette for sure!


Friday, 11 March 2016

How I style culottes

Cut out roll neck - Asos
Belt - Newlook
Culottes - Asos
Leather jacket - Topshop
Fluffy bag - River Island
Sock boots - Public Desire 

I always find culottes easy to style if you stick with the whole big at the bottom so tight on top rule. I brought these PU babies from Asos a while ago and its only now I've found a way I'm happy with wearing them. My old sock boots broke *sobs* so I opted for this new square toe style from PD, I love them!

What have you been wearing this week?


Monday, 18 January 2016

Real Techniques Bold metals collection : essentials collection : first impressions

Real Techniques Bold Metals Essentials Collections With Clutch : £25 @ Boots

The bold metals collection dropped into stores last year, and I think its safe to say the brush game was changed forever. A sucker for anything rose gold or metallic, I knew I'd get my hands on some of these beauties eventually, however the price tag had really put me off seeing as my current brushes were doing me just fine. My other half brought me this set on my birthday and I think for three brushes £25 is fairly affordable. I've been a loyal user of Real Techniques ever since I brought my first foundation stippling brush from them.
This set came with a clutch but it wasn't to my taste so I've disposed of that (soz) this set came with the 200 oval shadow (silver brush) 300 tapered blush (rose gold brush) and exclusive103 angled powder brush (gold brush)
For anyone wanting to get to grips with real techniques I think this kit is a really good starting point, as you're covering all areas here. I've been using the 103 to set my face with powder and the quality of these brushes is second to none, thick and luxurious they pick up just the right amount of product. I was surprised to find they have a weighty quality about them too, adding the expensive feel of the brushes. I personally haven't stepped away from my urban decay naked eyeshadow brush for this offering as of yet, but it does make a sound alternative. The 300 also makes for some easy highlighting. Overall I'm really happy with this set and would recommend to rookies and makeup gurus alike!


Friday, 1 January 2016

What I got for christmas 2015

Let me start by saying I truly believe the best part of christmas is the time spent with family, and the build up to christmas, the festivities, lights decoration, food and baking. Presents are a tiny added bonus and if I had to pick presents or an extra sparkly merry day off with my family, the second option would win hands down. HOWEVER, I do LOVE routing through all the blogs I follow after christmas (I'm so nosy) I love finding out what goodies everyone got for christmas, so as every sharing blogger starts - this is not a brag - this is just me sharing my gifts with you! Every year I am blown away by how well Dan and my mum know me - I'm always left gobsmacked and feeling like I should have brought everyone more!

My main gifts from my mumma and stepdad! I've been wearing these gold orb earrings non stop since the day I got them, I'm planning on saving this statement clutch for special evenings and occasionally my iPad might grace its presence.

My two half sisters and I all got character slippers for christmas, Dan & I couldn't stop laughing at my unicorn pair, Dan also treated me this new Calvin Klein set I already have the white and wear it all the time, also these beautiful light grey / blue superstars

I think my Lush obsession has became very apparent this year! I have enough bath bombs to last me the year! 

Another one of my main presents from my mum was the happiness planner! so excited to start this 

Two new scents! I've lusted after the Jo Malone perfume forever, this got a few gasps my side of the family when I opened this on christmas day

I don't remember a year I didn't get lucky and receive the soap and glory set, these are the ultimate in TLC gifts, My main present from my nan was the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick trio! they are so tiny and cute, my cousins in wales always send me the best mac products!

I am so excited to make more smoothies with my new smoothie maker! Dan's mum and dad got me the yankee candle baby powder candle, it smells devine

And finally the sweet treats I should not be indulging in!

What did you get for christmas this year?