Monday, 18 January 2016

Real Techniques Bold metals collection : essentials collection : first impressions

Real Techniques Bold Metals Essentials Collections With Clutch : £25 @ Boots

The bold metals collection dropped into stores last year, and I think its safe to say the brush game was changed forever. A sucker for anything rose gold or metallic, I knew I'd get my hands on some of these beauties eventually, however the price tag had really put me off seeing as my current brushes were doing me just fine. My other half brought me this set on my birthday and I think for three brushes £25 is fairly affordable. I've been a loyal user of Real Techniques ever since I brought my first foundation stippling brush from them.
This set came with a clutch but it wasn't to my taste so I've disposed of that (soz) this set came with the 200 oval shadow (silver brush) 300 tapered blush (rose gold brush) and exclusive103 angled powder brush (gold brush)
For anyone wanting to get to grips with real techniques I think this kit is a really good starting point, as you're covering all areas here. I've been using the 103 to set my face with powder and the quality of these brushes is second to none, thick and luxurious they pick up just the right amount of product. I was surprised to find they have a weighty quality about them too, adding the expensive feel of the brushes. I personally haven't stepped away from my urban decay naked eyeshadow brush for this offering as of yet, but it does make a sound alternative. The 300 also makes for some easy highlighting. Overall I'm really happy with this set and would recommend to rookies and makeup gurus alike!


Friday, 1 January 2016

What I got for christmas 2015

Let me start by saying I truly believe the best part of christmas is the time spent with family, and the build up to christmas, the festivities, lights decoration, food and baking. Presents are a tiny added bonus and if I had to pick presents or an extra sparkly merry day off with my family, the second option would win hands down. HOWEVER, I do LOVE routing through all the blogs I follow after christmas (I'm so nosy) I love finding out what goodies everyone got for christmas, so as every sharing blogger starts - this is not a brag - this is just me sharing my gifts with you! Every year I am blown away by how well Dan and my mum know me - I'm always left gobsmacked and feeling like I should have brought everyone more!

My main gifts from my mumma and stepdad! I've been wearing these gold orb earrings non stop since the day I got them, I'm planning on saving this statement clutch for special evenings and occasionally my iPad might grace its presence.

My two half sisters and I all got character slippers for christmas, Dan & I couldn't stop laughing at my unicorn pair, Dan also treated me this new Calvin Klein set I already have the white and wear it all the time, also these beautiful light grey / blue superstars

I think my Lush obsession has became very apparent this year! I have enough bath bombs to last me the year! 

Another one of my main presents from my mum was the happiness planner! so excited to start this 

Two new scents! I've lusted after the Jo Malone perfume forever, this got a few gasps my side of the family when I opened this on christmas day

I don't remember a year I didn't get lucky and receive the soap and glory set, these are the ultimate in TLC gifts, My main present from my nan was the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick trio! they are so tiny and cute, my cousins in wales always send me the best mac products!

I am so excited to make more smoothies with my new smoothie maker! Dan's mum and dad got me the yankee candle baby powder candle, it smells devine

And finally the sweet treats I should not be indulging in!

What did you get for christmas this year?