Sunday, 7 April 2013

MAC Prep & Prime BB Beauty Balm 'light' review

OH MAC. You have done it again, you have turned me on another product. 
WHERE do I start with this product. My cousin Jemma sent me this in a post a couple of days ago randomly and I was over the moon at her kindness. However I was skeptical as I have never tried a BB cream, and I prefer high coverage foundations and none of that dewey skin finish business.
Super slick black - mac's staple look of course, with flecks of glitter!!, a sturdy plastic tube and a tell tale matte finish top - this baby is travel proof!
Prepare to be blown away. Mac's BB cream teams up as a primer also, so its suitable to worn under your foundation to prime and for that extra bit of coverage - or obviously solo. For reference I'm an NC15 in studio fix foundation if your wondering about shades - this is light. I squeezed a pea amount on to my hand before applying it all over my face with my fingers, I was convinced this product was going to be runny and worthless, something I didn't need, wow, how wrong I was. Consistency wise this kind of feels like a gel and another bonus? no strong paint like smell, it glides on light and drys fairly quickly  it gives the nicest matte finish all over, and genuinely gave me a fair bit of coverage?! - I'd never be putting a picture up make-up less if it did'nt! If I was going on holiday this would be a must have in my bag, you can hardly feel this on your face - and as for using it under a foundation, your gaining extra coverage and I found I needed to use less foundation. 
At £22 this is at the pricey end of the primer scale, but I can honestly say I've felt a difference in my daily routine and I'd really recommend this for the following

1) Your looking to try your first BB cream and or Primer
2) You are a young girl starting out with makeup and want a light coverage
3) Your looking for a light coverage for a holiday
Or of course your just an avid mac fan like myself...

What BB creams have you been trying?


  1. Looks AMAZING

    1. I was so shocked and pleased! xx

  2. I'm an avid MAC fan like you, def gonna be checking this out next time I'm at MAC. Thanks for sharing :) xxx

    1. Thats okay! I'm glad you liked it! xx