Saturday, 14 March 2015

MAC X Cinderella collection : royal ball lipstick

Mac x Cinderella collection : 'Royal ball' lipstick
I don't think there has been a Mac limited edition collection I haven't got my hands on, with a few small exceptions! The Cinderella collab was arguably one of the most coveted mac Disney collabs
by far. Weather it was adoring disney fans, mac addicts or lusting ladies obsessed with pretty packaging - everyone seemed to want a piece of this collection. I still have the eyeshadow palette to arrive but I knew I wanted atleast one of the lipsticks for sure and I opted for royal ball.
This has been the first time I hadn't really read the colour description and searched through reviews about a limited collection, because if i'm honest I was just too damn excited to get my hands on a piece of the magic. In hindsight - I wish I had. 'Royal ball' is described as a 'fleshy pink' which I was drawn too, as I'm trying to expand my nudes and everyday colours part of my lipstick collection. However what I should have read was the 'shimmering textures' part of the descriptor. I have never ever, liked a shimmering finish on any lipstick, I've always been a matte finish kind of girl.  The 'Royal ball' shade on first swatch is fairly clear with just a hint of pink sheen, however it is build able. Yes this colour is pretty, however, my main problem with this shade is that its FAR too light for my lips, as in my lips basically disappear into my face. Its the sort of 'my first lipstick from the pound section' colour on my skin and the only way I seem to be able to make this work is with a little lipliner and even then I'm pushing it. Moral of the story? always check reviews before you buy!

Did you pick up anything from the Mac x Cinderella collection?


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