Sunday, 3 May 2015

Life lately : Dad's anniversary, OOTD, Canterbury and more

Its been abit of crazy couple of weeks for myself, and this weekend has been no exception. I've landed a new job as visual manager of Watford so I'm currently all set on moving - so that would explain to you all my absence! However, I was stopped in my tracks this weekend and diagnosed with menorrhagia and dysmenorrhoea which caused passing out a trip to the hospital, me feeling super sorry for myself and a big dose of ordered bed rest! its a common condition related to PCOS and just another silly annoyance sigh. However, dosed up on lots of antibiotics and co-codamol I went out Saturday to commemorate the six year anniversary of my dad's passing

Outfit // Duster: A&G @ Newlook // Roll neck split side vest : Newlook // White Jeans : Newlook // Powder blue sandals : 915 @ Newlook

001)  We had a really lovely day. We went to visit the crematorium where his ashes are scattered and then I took my uncle to a beautiful place in Canterbury which has a secret garden and a little bridge over which my mum and dad used to take me to play 'pooh sticks' google winnie the pooh pooh sticks if you don't know 

002) We were fortunate enough that there was a miniature local music festival on and the grounds were beautifully decorated, it felt like fate that we were there. Grief is something I have definitely learnt to grow with in the last six years, and that time has passed so bloody quickly. I can honestly say that this is the first year I didn't feel bad for smiling. We felt ready to celebrate dads' life and be grateful for the time we had, and look forward to when we meet again.

 003) My uncle also took us to the cutest lunch bar 'pork & co' a really quaint pulled pork and salt beef bap take away place. It was delicious and the service was second to none. I was left feeling really positive yesterday, which is massive first for such a usually sad day.

What have you been up to this bank holiday?


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