Thursday, 22 December 2011


Joyus, i need to start blogspot because i'm pretty sure we have to keep fashion blogs as part of our assessment for our second year of university so i guess its better to start ahead of it to try and get used to how it works, i've never used blogspot before and although i know a little of HTML thanks to making bebo skins and tumblr - this is actually really hard for me! plus i have no idea how i'm going to publicize this - hopefully ill put as much time into it as my tumblr, shame about the really original interesting name im using right? Lols, and just as an end note, i'm studying fashion with photography at Southampton Solent as it says on the left, so expect me to be posting lots about what im learning, my strong opinions on this and that and ramblings of a typical 18 year old interested in fashion.
Pasha x

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