Thursday, 22 December 2011

Yay & Nay.

Yay too..
I came home from university this week for christmas with my friends a
nd family, it took me 3 hours to get back to the isle of sheppey from southampton and i pulled muscles in my shoulders but coming home to my mums home made lasagne was well worth it. The boy took me to Hyde Park's winter wonderland on sunday, which is a big event London do every year, it has a german market with little stalls of clothes, food and gifts and then a massive funfair although your looking at about £6 per ride! but to be honest its nice just to walk around which is what me and Chris did, We had a wicked day, It was jam packed and it was a shuffling pace walk and i didnt get chance to take many photographs, playing around with exposure and that and these came out alright..

Nay too
Having no money whatsoever and therefore having to turn down certain christmas outings and avoiding buying more expensive christmas presents for people i care the most about!

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