Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Visual Merchandising : Republic of Bristol Cribbs

This Tuesday I was lucky enough to be chosen to head over to Republic's brand new Bristol Cribbs store to do some visual merchandising with my assistant manager and another sales assistantThis was a MASSIVE step for me, as I'm constantly trying to progress and learn more within my job. 
Visual merchandising is basically the development and presentation of floor plans, displays and mannequins to highlight key products and draw attention to outfits, features and their benefits. The purpose being to attract and encourage customers toward making a purchase. 
Bristol Cribbs opened just over a week ago and were top of the table for sales in our area, which meant stock was low and staff were rushed off their feet, so in we came to give the store some much needed TLC under the watchful eye and leadership of Jo Beever. 

Here are some photographs I took through out the day of our 'merching and some of my favorite parts of the store. It really is a beautiful space and the stock is gorgeous! 

What do you think of our visual merchandising? Have a lovely week!

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