Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pauls Boutique: PB Junkie!

Anyone who knows me - knows I've been a big fan of Paul's Boutique for a very long time now, I think I discovered it around the age of 13, I remember seeing Women and girls wearing the long green parka coats with the jewel encrusted writing of the brand on the bottom half of the coat, of course I didn’t actually look into what the brand was until I was around 14/15 and from there on in all hell set loose, when my best boy friend brought me a grey Maisy bag – which I still own now 4/5 years on.

Pauls Boutique was started by a man named Paul Slade approximately 10 years ago, Slade was going clubbing and had nothing to wear – he went to a local Oxfam store and brought a cheap suit for £4 he borrowed his mums sewing machine turned the suit inside out, took out the lining and totally deconstructed the suit showing all the inside seams and pockets. He then refitted the suit to his shape and created a completely one off suit. In the club a women’s buyer from a top London store spotted him. She loved the suit and ordered 10 suits from him that eventually sold for £600 each which then sold out in one day!

After that Slade continued customising garments and years later had a stall at Portobello market selling heavily branded vintage wear and customised army surplus – it was in Portobello market that Paul Slade’s talent was finally spotted - Buyers from Topshop saw his small collection and asked him to open a concession in the Oxford Circus branch…. And PB is still there 11 years on. Which I would say is pretty damn inspiring.

Despite some people claiming they 'grow out' of the brand - I truly believe they cater to all ages and for that matter most social groups. PB is often associated with ‘chavs’, which is hardly surprising - I'll admit some of their more garish pieces covered in neon colours, skulls and jewels don't appeal to me but over the last 2 years I feel the brand has really broadened to more angles for more ages. Their handbags which are my BIGGEST obsession offer nearly every kind of shape suitable for every kind of girl - satchels for school bags, clutches for nights out, larger hand bags and arm bags for work, I'm well and truly smitten and currently own 5 bags (I sold one earlier this year) a vest, a coat, the perfume set and am on my second purse.

I love how a PB bag makes me feel, to some extent they could be described as a lower priced designer bag, because the PB logo and the trademark bag charm and leopard print lining is a total give away and obvious brand continuation to more and more people now. Every piece is different in some way which means your bag is a one off – an even more irresistible charm about these amazing bags. You can dress them down and buy neutral and mute colours for day bags or buy a more glamorous patterned bag for holidays, statement item day wear or for going out - as I said before they really do cater for everyone. They have recently released jewellery with H Samuel and do some gorgeous watches, necklaces and bracelets etc, they have a dispensable 3 tester perfume set out and are on the beginnings of more make-up and shoes – the brand has really come a long way since the Portobello market days!

The latest releases and additions to PB this last few months have been the Aztec pattern featuring on 4 different bags, Satchels with pop colour detail, Floral patterns such as Peony and blossom, Mary lace print. Unfortunately I am HEAVILY lusting after Gracie in Blossom and Sacha in Aztec...

I’m proud to say I’m a PB Junkie and I will not being growing out of this ‘Phase’ anytime soon!


  1. I like the triangle pattern on the first bag! x

  2. I like your blog! I support you and follow you now. Hope you follow back! :)


  3. Where I come from to like Paul's Boutique is considered a bit chavvy so I have to deal with my obsession in secret! I actually have the Aztec print bag you've shown and I love it! But I'm always a bit scared to use it when out with my friends. Maybe I'll be brave and come out of the closet sometime soon ;) xxx

  4. Omg Maisy! have you got photos up! i need to see it in the flesh! , Thankyou style und sein but i can't find you on my followers list! xx