Tuesday, 7 February 2012

ASHLLYD: Fashion Blog Envy!

I think everyone has a specific blog that makes them start blogspot, and Ashllyd became my ‘blog crush’ if you want to put into a creepy stalker context! I actually began following Ashleigh on tumblr couple of years ago and was really taken with how open, honest and 'to the point' she was with her audience. Its really interesting to someones passion grow into a bigger and better obsession and I was really pleased when she switched to blogspot.

At 19 Ashleigh’s photography skills are something to be admired she works mainly with film but shoots equally well in digital some of her latest projects could be described as really edgy and urban. As a follower of he blogs she single handily introduced me - and many others - to the cosmetic brand E.L.F and never fails to look quietly confident in her own skin.

In my opinion Ashleigh doesn’t conform to 'sheep trends' I find her look really original and daring, she tends to make her own statements and dress in a ‘gothic grungey’ manner or add her own twist on a popular item, her makeup collection and application is something to envy and she posts amazing outfit posts on a regular basis – infact she even blogs reviews on films and creates amazing blog headers and re vamps for a reasonable price! which is something - I think - rare to come across.

Basically what I’m saying is her blog is a real all rounder, fashion, photography and instagrams of her daily life make it a really interesting and captivating read, one that sits highly – and may I add proudly among my favourites, so I’d say go over to her blog and check her out defiantly and if you can afford it buy a blog re vamp - it will transform your blog completely. I’m not afraid to gush over talent so here I am – and its always nice to recognize a talent and spread the word!
I get alot of inspiration from Ashleigh's blog so if you like mine - you will love hers!

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