Saturday, 25 February 2012

OOTD - Job Interview

I haven't posted in forever! so sorry for that, I've been really busy trying to get my uni work back on track and I've honestly had nothing to review and no outfits to post! and most importantly sorting myself out. Today I finally had a job interview, only for a company chain called 'Uppercrust' in Southampton Central Trainstation - but never the less it went well. The lady who interviewed me seemed really impressed and I will have my answer by Wednesday, However if I do get the job I won't be able to go home over the Easter holidays which sucks a bit, I thought i'd upload a quick picture of my outfit (Courtesy of Aimee) as the first thing my interviewer commented on was my outfit. I felt comfortable and confident in this and wore it with simple black pumps! Apologies for the lack of posts I'll try and get back on track!

Blue Blazer - £39.99 Zara (Last year)
Blouse £12.99 Select
Black Jeggings Newlook £12.99 (Last year)


  1. love your blazer!
    hope the interview went well lovely xxx

  2. I've tagged you in the eleven questions TAG (:
    congrats for the blog,I really like it!

  3. this is a really nice outfit!:) I love your blog and am now following, if you could follow me back I'd love that?:D xoxo