Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fashion Weeks: The unwearable favourite

This is going to be the first in a series of posts of my thoughts of some of the fashion week showcases. I realise this is'nt something everyone comes on my blog to read hence the read more sectioning.

An introduction, my feeling on high fashion:
LFW has freshly finished and although I couldn't be there, as a fashion student you are expected to know whats been going on. I've never been a follower of high fashion - and I'm not one of those girls who only wears designer, after all I believe style is integral for any outfit - style is priceless, a label cannot define it or enhance it. The same girl who has spent £3000 on a dress can look just as good as the girl who styled her charity shop skirt with her highstreet blazer; Never the less, as a member of the public when I see a catwalk I want to lust over it and be amazed at what a group of creative individuals can do! (I for one would not have the patience for fashion design!)

There aren't many catwalks that I look at and instantly want to wear or buy something out of, often I think pieces are overpriced and I could catch a similar item on the highstreet at over half the price - but that is just me, and I fully understand the need to have something of quality every once in a while, but until the day I have thousands of pounds of disposable income I'll stick to my Topshop, Newlook etc!. 

The Collection:
When looking through the Milan fashion week A/W '13 pictures, One collection stood out to me, of course Moschino had done it again, Known for its eccentric collections this was no exception.
It opened with a clear and strong equestrian theme, mixing logo printed sashes and riding hats with striking tartan material. Featuring puff ball skirts and fitted blazers a tight top half and blossoming bottom silhouette could be seen through out - think the shirts and skater skirts we were rocking all last year, mixed with a powerful androgynous feel from the suits and tailoring also on show. The whole collection was red and tan and featured luxe materials such as suede, chiffon and silk, however tartan wasn't the only choice of pattern / fabric, florals were introduced to, however strictly sticking to the colour theme.
I love the younger styling, its almost a vamped up more sophisticated school uniform and I adore the M motifs on some of the pieces. Sure its not something I'd go out and buy straight away but it is indeed beautiful to look at, and I'll be happily picking up some tartan ready for the season!

Favorite pieces:

What are some of your fashion week favorites?
Did you enjoy this type of post?


  1. love this collection! :)
    cant go wrong with a good bit of tartan ;)

  2. Couldn't agree more with the whole highstreet over designer thing! I always think high end has its creative and inspirational purposes, but I think I will always be a high street girl! Very beautiful collection though :)

    Tori x