Friday, 8 February 2013

This is england

Denim jacket - Thrifted, Gap
Tartan sleeveless shirt - £24, Republic Recrafted
Midi skirt - £4.99, eBay
Necklace - £3, Primark
Shoe boots - £32.99, Daisy street

 Finally got around to taking some more OOTD's with uni back in full swing its surprisingly hard to fit them in! I love the re-crafted brand we have at Republic right now, Every shirt is different meaning you get a totally unique piece! They also come in long shirt form and we also do jumpers and cardigans - think Urban Outfitters at half the price! I actually wear this alone alot with thick tights as its long enough to wear as a dress - I'll do that another time! My skirt was an absoulete steal too, the quality is fantastic but for £4.99 You can't complain! Luke said I look alot like someone from this is england in this photo - hence the title! although I've never seen it...

I'm currently recovering from a crazy night out, first one since my birthday!
What have you been doing this week?


  1. You look gorgeous! I really love the tartan shirt on you. You should definitely watch This is England, it's so good! xo

    1. Thanks! I was feeling brave! I shall have to have a gander tonight :) xxx

  2. love the shoes..the colour of them is amazing x