Friday, 1 February 2013

Ruby Rocks bucket tote bag

How BEAUTIFUL is this bag ladies? If like me you've been endlessly lusting over Zara tote bags but just could not bare to part with the money then this bag is about to put your bank balance - and cravings - at ease. 
I contacted Amy on her eBay account a few weeks ago, and whilst chatting she agreed to send me one of her amazing bags to review. I am over the moon with this bag, I'd previously been using my trusty Primark tote, but I've always wanted the wider 'bucket' Zara dupe. Amy who runs the store has been in retail for 11 years and has her own shop as well as her amazing eBay store. You can expect to see celebrity style clothing and bags that are suitable for all ages and incorporating all sorts of trends, from studded clutches through to chunky knits.
The thing that surprised me the most about this bag was the outstanding quality its sturdy and well made, and I feel it will last a long time, This matte version is Ruby Rock's best seller and I'm glad she sent me this one as its unique to other tote bags I've seen, The long strap is adjustable for wear or for decor, and the handles have simple single studding on the handle base on one side and a more on the other side, allowing you to make the most of the gold hardwear featured or tone it down if your not wearing gold accessories that day. Another great feature is the zip along the top of the bag giving you a bit more protection over your everyday bits and pieces aswell as the two inner pockets, providing lots of space to keep stuff safe. The leopard print lining is secure and well made also! No thin flimsy material here. 
At £28 for the bag and £7.50 for posting you REALLY can't go wrong with a bag of this quality not to mention in arrives 1/2 days after you have ordered! Its also the first bag I've been able to fit all my university books in without it feeling like its going to fall to pieces... 

What do you think of Ruby Rocks?
Will you be purchasing a Shopper Bucket bag?


  1. ooo that tote bag is gorgeous! am a big fan x

    1. Thankyou! It is a lovely bag! I'd highly reccommend it! x