Monday, 13 May 2013

Bourjois Rouge Edition '10 Rouge Buzz'

Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in '10 Rouge Buzz'

I don't know why its taken me forever to review this lipstick. Its actually became a strong contender in my lipstick collection and holds its own against mac, and if the yearly 'best of the year posts' were here, this would be in it. 
Number 10 or 'Rouge Buzz' as its known by press release is a bright neon orange undertoned red lipstick. I brought this when the 'Rio Rio' lipstick was out of stock in Topshop and I'm actually glad I did. 
What surprised me about this lipstick was the quality. For £7.99 this product is incredibly pigmented yet so so creamy and easy to glide on. I've worn this on nights out and as a statement lip during the day and often get asked where its from, I'd say its a great orange lipstick to try if your looking to try an orange shade for the first time. Rouge edition lipsticks come in 17 shades and I couldn't recommend them highly enough - I can't wait to grab more! 

What lipsticks are you loving lately?


  1. Love the colour! Looks lovely - and that necklace is gorgeous too. Totally matches :)

    1. I always team them up together! aha thanks hun! xxx

  2. perfect colour :D and your necklace is just perfect ♥

  3. Oh wow, the color is poppin' Love it :)!

  4. It's the most gorgeous color on you x

  5. That colour looks fabulous on you.. love it x