Saturday, 11 May 2013

Injecting colour into your everyday makeup

To create my above look I used 
MUA Heaven & Earth Palette - £4
Benefit They're Real! - £9.50 
Sleek Glo in 'Peach Shimmer' - RRP £6.49 (I got this for free whilst interning)
MUA eyeliner in 'Royal blue' - £1
Kiko long lasting stick shadow - RRP £6.90 (I got this for £1 in a beauty cupboard clear out)

- NO tutorial needed, Simply line the upper lash line with the orange shadow stick and the bottom outer corner with blue, deepen the sockets with the dark orange colour in the MUA palette and lightly bronze your cheeks - add a few coats of mascara and hey presto!

I often flick through pages of magazines and see tutorials of beautiful models sporting AMAZINGLY bright eyeshadows and makeup, yet I was never quite able to pull it off. Like most girls, I'll happily sport a bright lip but when it comes to bright shadows? I usually end up looking like a drag queen gone wrong. HOWEVER. Whilst interning at Closer mag, there was a beauty sale and I picked up this Kiko eyeshadow stick for just 50p and ever since I've been injecting a bit of colour into my daily routine. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules
1) ITS ONE OR THE OTHER - Don't try and rock a bold lip and a colourful eye, its colour overload and a step too far!
2) SHADOW STICKS - If you usually wear black winged liner try alternating for a coloured shadow stick to gradually introduce colour into your look, thats what I've done above, this Kiko stick glides on so easily - it was effortless
3) UTILISE YOUR SMOKEY EYE SKILLS - Try deepening your smokey eye with a darker colour shade e.g. purple, that way your still getting the smokey eye you're used to - with added colour!
4) UNDER EYE DETAIL - Failing the above simply try smudging a coloured liner below your bottom lash line for some subtle colour

P.s I am not a make-up artist! this is just my opinion/tips :) 
                                                                         What do you use to add colour into your makeup?


  1. This looks amazing! Your eyes are so pretty, I really love the contrast of colours!
    Fashion Ganache

    1. Ah thanks very much! hope you try it too :) xxx