Monday, 13 May 2013

Business Cards from Instantprint

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With the Company blog awards coming up and the luck of me being invited to a few blogging events I thought it was FINALLY time to invest in some business cards. I designed these myself with my housemate Luke at my side for extra guidance. When ordering business cards be wary - Vistaprint was offering 500 business cards for £5 to amazon customers .. however when I got to the checkout suddenly I'd hit nearly £40 for all the little unseen extras like uploading your own design!? crazy right... ENTER INSTANTPRINT hello value for money! there 500 business card package is currently reduced to £19 and they are the only website I've been on who don't add on a million things at the check out. These cards are high quality and the designs are exactly how I created them on my computer. Instantprint shows you proofs at every stage to make sure you are 100% happy with your cards before you send them for print. These were delivered to me within 3 days by an amazing courier service who emailed me the time they'd be at my door! I couldn't recommend this website highly enough and I can't wait to share my new cards!

What do you think?
Have you had any business cards printed?


  1. They look amazing! Looking forward to getting one at the Southampton Benefit event! ;-)

    Ashleigh xxx

  2. Lovely cards! Ive been looking for some myself. Do you have a link for the offer as I can't find it online.

    Holly x

  3. Hi, Pasha! I love your business cards. They are fabulous in color and in style. I like the hanger design, by the way as it represents your knowledge and skills about fashion. That's a great way of branding if you ask me. Thanks for sharing!

    Retta Langevin

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