Wednesday, 21 August 2013

NARS : Laguna bronzer

Let me introduce you to my new favourite product, my new holy grail. Possibly the beginning of a new obsession? I've been wanting to get my mitts on a NARS product for a long while now, I got a lip crayon amongst my goodies from Closer during the summer, but I’d always wanted a bronzer or a blusher from them as that is what they are really known for in my opinion. My luck came in whilst searching the pages of the app Depop, I bagged this little baby for just £10 including postage and packaging. The only faults being a little useage and some dents – but still! £10 was an absolute bargain. I own so many bronzers (mainly highstreet) but this really does knock all of the above out of the park!

Warm toned colour – suitable for fairer skin girls
Brown toned, no orange cheeks! Good for contouring and a bronzed look
 No obvious shimmer or glitter
 Super easy application
▲ Pigmented
 Lush packaging, sturdy and durable
 Handy mirror for on the go application

Product stays in pan when used – doesn't get wasted by falling out upon using it

1 comment :

  1. I bought this not long ago and absolutely love it!
    Not orange and great for contouring