Saturday, 17 August 2013

Whats in my bag?

I don't often stray from outfit and beauty product reviews, but today I thought I'd share a popular post with you all - what's in my bag? for reference the bag I currently wear to death is this one here, which I blogged about previously!

Left to right.

001) Two phones - The HTC on the left is now my work phone! I know posh right, in my new job I have to be in direct contact with brands, suppliers and head office which is really exciting, the other is my rather battered iPhone 4s, on its 5th new screen.. don't ask! my phone case is from eBay ...

002) iPad mini - I got myself an iPad at the beginning of the summer this year, as all my friends were going on holiday, and seeing as I was working 2 jobs, I decided I deserved a treat. I got this on an Argos card. 12 months no interest - and despite people saying store cards are bad, I can't fault the argos one! I got the wifi only one, and I do wish I'd brought cellar, but it comes in real useful for work breaks and long commutes. Plus who doesn't love a good gadget! 
003) Paul's Boutique purse - I know, this purse is rather outdated now! This is the third one I've had from PB and whilst I've enjoyed growing up with the brand, I'm 100% moving on to Ted Baker this year. I still think PB is great for younger girls just not for me. However this purse has lasted two years now! and its not in bad condition atall really! 
oo4) Diary -  I've been working 2 and more recently 3 jobs this summer! This means writing down every millisecond of my day! I adore this diary, its from Tesco and I think it was around £3, Its well and truley worn out though, I'll be investing in a harder cased one this year!
oo5) Zara 'wild rose' perfume - I blogged about this product here , I don't ever carry big, expensive perfumes around with me as I am a serial sprayer! for £7.99 this sturdy bottle is always rattling around in the bottom of my bag, perfect for a pick me up through out the day!
oo6) MP3 player - Yes, we can all laugh, I actually have 2 iPods that are both broke right now! This is just a cheapo mp3 player for when I'm travelling home or commuting, and the battery life actually lasts longer than my trusty ipod ever did!
oo7) Vaseline - I always have this handy in my bag, along with a lipstick, but this is great for an easy on the go top up of moisture without needing a mirror or much effort
oo8) Soap & Glory : Hand Food - Oh hello cult blogger product ! I promise this doesn't disappoint, Its the only hand cream I know that doesn't leave your hands wet or greasy. It must have some amazing formula!
oo9) Batiste dry shampoo - I have thin, flat hair prone to getting greasy through out the day, this product ensures I'm never without volume or healthy balanced hair - it smells great too!
o1o) Door keys - I've always got my uni house and my family home keys on me, key rings wise I have a pink sparkly p that is falling apart, an oblivion key ring from Alton Towers which my mum got me after I cried my ride through that ride with her EURGH, a random flower from Paperchase and a keep calm and carry on rubber key chain that Dan got conned out of buying off of a charity man. This one always makes me smile.

Whats in your bag?
Link me! I'd love to be nosey!

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