Friday, 24 January 2014

Rihanna for MAC : 'Love rihanna' bronzer


Rihanna for MAC 'Love me' bronzer - limited edition (sold out)

If theres one thing I love, its mac cosmetics. I used to have a serious penchant for Rihanna back in the day also, and this combined with a limited editon collection, well lets just say I was sold from the get go. HOWEVER. I never actually thought I'd own this! I missed it on shops and online because of being so bloomin' busy and I actually forgot all about it. When my 21st birthday presents arrived from the Welsh Hughies and this was inside needless to say I nearly died. Ever since I picked up the Nars Laguna bronzer, I've noticed how much better a darker and more brown bronzer works for me. Being a sibling of casper the friendly ghost means alot of bronzers look horrifically orange on me. This little beauty really shocked me actually. At first I was'nt a fan on the literal golden bronze metalic power in the pan, however on application its actually really subtle. This bronzer is so differently toned to any other I own, it literal is bronze if that makes sense, not orange, not brown but bronze. I've been using this literally every day for contouring my cheek bones since I brought it, and I'm starting to get through the sheen of metalically bronze on top and its still applying like a dream. Its a shame this is limited edition beause I really do enjoy this product!


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  1. Oh wow, this is just so darn beautiful! And it sounds lovely too! x