Friday, 31 January 2014

Highstreet hitlist : George

Dress & Tee combo - £18 || Bowler bag - £12 || Leather look jacket - £28 || Nail Varnish - £1 || Chunky boots - £20

One of the themes I've always tried to stick to with this blog reguarding fashion - is affordable style. If your a student like me, and live in a big city, its very easy to walk past the local supermarket. Here in Southampton (central) our biggest supermarket is Asda. Whilst you might pop in for noodles and potatoes its so easy to forget the clothes section. George at Asda have really stepped there game up this spring and there collections are much more tailored to a younger eye. Affordable prices mixed with accessable locations and great quality guarteed always makes for a good steal. I'm always so suprised at the bargains you can pick up!
This FULL outfit for just £79 is perfect for a wardrobe update! I can't believe this t-shirt dress combo is just £18, and these on trend boots are certainly student purse friendly at a measley £20. To brighten up the darker colours I've teamed it with some bright orange nails and lips. If you don't like this grey t-shirt and denim dress combo it also comes in black pinafore with pink t! something for everyone here.. 
Who's on your highstreet hitlist?


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  1. I adore those boots, and that bag is gorgeous too! x