Friday, 21 February 2014

Nars : killing me softly blush palette

Nars 'killing me softly' blush palette £30
This is a bit of belated post, whilst in Paris I dragged Dan around every possible Saphora to try and find the infamous Guy Bourdin One night stand palette however, we had no luck. But I was determined to own a nars blush palette so that I could try out minatures before investing in a full pan size and because of my great experiance with the laguna bronzer, so needless to say the next best thing fell into my basket - enter the killing me softly blush palette.
Let me start by saying I am a sucker for nice packaging and Nars do have the nicest packaging for blushers and bronzers in my opinion and the small mirror inside the compact really comes in handy.
In terms of the product I've been using the Orgasm shade the most, the darker shade on the left gets little use as its a little to dark for my pale complexion and the top left is very coral if you like a corally finish. I do really enjoy the albatross highlighter featured in this palette however the section of the palette that holds it is so small its hard to pick it up out of the pan with a normal sized brush.
I do think this was a little over priced for the amount of product you get, however its good for trying out different shades before commiting to one daddy sized one! 
These are sold out now, but nars always offers these mini palettes, its best to pick one of these up if you are looking for a) a mixture of blushes in one to try or b) your first delve into nars.

Have you been trying any blush palettes recently?



  1. Oh my! This looks like such a stunning palette! x

  2. I adore nars! If I had spare cash i'd pick this one, the one night stand palette was a dream! so sad it sold out so quickly. I'd love to try them out xo

  3. I've never tried any NARS make-up because it's all so expensive but I'd absolutely love to one day. You know those things that you buy that make you really feel like a grown-up, like Chanel nail polish, I think this falls in that category for me.