Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mac x cinderella : collab revealed

I am a loyal follower of Mac, and every time a limited edition collection arrives I usually scout it out, Disney are releasing a new Cinderella film set to come out in March this year and it seems mac have jumped on the band waggon in their usual style. The most common image circulating I've found is the top packaging with the black and gold style packaging which alot of people agreed - left alot to imagination when you here the words Cinderella cosmetics collection. However, searching a little deeper into the interweb I've came across these much nicer blue packaged pieces and I'm even more excited than previously thought possible. As always I'm sure this collection will sell out instantly, Mac haven't released a launch date however again the circulation date I've found for the UK is just currently early march. I've also found a line list - but again I'm not sure how legit this is. Hopefully judging from pictures this collection looks really wearable, and I'll be sure to review when not if I get my hands on some pieces! If you are anything like me and follow/collect mac you'll understand my excitement! bring on march! 

Circulating line list:
Gloss : Happily Ever After / Glass Slipper
Lipsticks : Secret Lover / Royal Ball
Beauty Powder ( face powder with soft color ): Mystery Princess
Iridescent Power (illuminator): Coupe D'Chic
Fluidline (eyeliner): Little Black Bow / Macroviolet
Glitter: Reflects Pearl
Palette with 6 shadows
Studio eye gloss (creamy base for eyes): Pearl Varnish / Lightly Tauped
Pigment : Pretty It Up / Evil Stepmother
Mask Studio Fix Lash : BoldBlack
Brushes : 168 and 217
What cosmetic launches are you looking forward too?



  1. I prefer the black packaging, I think the blue one looks kinda tacky :( xx

  2. This collection looks so lovely but I agree with Conny, the packaging does look slightly tacky and cheap.

    Shannon at