Thursday, 15 January 2015

2015 goals

In true newyears tradition, I thought I'd share with you all my reasonable, and achieveable goals for 2015! just 20 to start with and hopefully I can add to these as the year goes by!

1) Save to or move out (again)

2) Take some driving lessons 

3) Have engagement party

4) Ask bridesmaids

5) Get a promotion

6) Do some time in head office

7) Loose a stone in weight

8) Book a holiday

9) Get a new tattoo

10) Take up Youtube - again

11) Blog atleast twice a week

12) Finish dads' life story

13) Visit another big UK city

14) Grow my nails

15) Create a feature wall in my room

16) See my brother atleast once a week

17) Visit family in Wales

18) Buy Russell a new cage

19) View wedding venues

20) Go to another gig / festival

What are you're plans for this year?
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