Friday, 16 January 2015

personal post : tattoo tag

I don't think I've ever really mentioned or shown my tattoos on here. I've actually got a total of eight tattoos now, and I've been meaning to do a post like this for a while. If you like personal posts and you are interested in the meaning behind people's tattoos then carry on reading.. if not? feel free to skip
1.How many tattoos do you have?
Eight, nine if you include a cover up

2. What's your favourite tattoo you have?
Probably my latest - the love bird on the back of my leg

3. How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
I was just 16, it was in rememberance for my dad as he'd recently passed away

4. What do your parents think about your tattoo?
My mum likes them all as they all mean something, however she would'nt want any that were on show

5. Does your boyfriend like your tattoos, if so what's his favourite?
Yeah Daniel really likes them, his favourite is my pocket watch on my thigh
6. Did you always have a love for tattoos and what was your inspiration?
I'd always admired tattoos but was frightened of the pain, once I'd had my first I got hooked on it, I love neo traditional or traditional mostly. I've always been a really creative person and I love being able to put things on my body.

7. Do you plan on getting more tattoos in the future?
Yeah, I plan on getting plenty more. I'm forever toying with the idea of getting a sleeve.

8. Which tattoo would you say was the most painful?
The back of my leg/ankle! my god, I sat nearly 9 hours straight for each thigh and I was fine, but with the back of my leg I was literally wriggling off the bed!

9. Do you regret any of your tattoo's and why?
The first one I had for my dad on my ankle, the tattooist was rubbish and did it from home, its more of a blob now and I rushed on agreeing the design, however the thigh piece I've got for my dad more than makes up for it

10. What was your least painful tattoo?
Either of my thighs were fine! I'd reccomend anyone to get you're thigh done

11. Who would you you like to tag?
Everyone and anyone who has a tattoo! Leave your links below and I will check them out :)


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  1. I love your thigh ones Pasha!
    I can sympathise with the pain of the ankle! Really does hurt doesn't it!
    Definitely think you'd suit a sleeve! Xxx