Friday, 10 July 2015

Nail Box : June edition

Nail Box Subscription Box - £13.50 per month

Earlier this week Junes' nail box subscription box was kindly popped through my letter box courtesy of the subscription box team. I must say, this is my first experience with such a service and I was quite excited to see what was inside. For a shop-a-holic like myself the most appealing factor of a subscription box was the thought of getting a surprise gift to myself every month. Nail box is pretty easy to identify, a simple cardboard box with the title emblazoned across the sides. Inside I had no idea what to expect, I dug through the polystyrene noodles and found 4 full sized - and may I add luxe! - branded varnishes alongside a set of cuticle 'nippers'. I actually had to double take at the contents of this box, considering a Nails Inc polish retails at around £14, Essie at £8 with the subscription being just £13.50 I was astounded at what paying subscribers would be receiving for their money! This little box would be perfect for those of you who live in little towns like myself, who have to order online at any hope of grabbing the likes of Nails Inc etc. Or for the indescive nail varnish hoarder looking to try something new. Whilst the boxes packaging may not be as glamorous as the likes of glossybox - the website honestly and openly communicates to its customers that it would 'much rather spend every last penny on the contents of nailbox, as opposed to the packaging' which I think given this months offering is competley true!

I must say, I am super tempted to subscribe! 

Head over to to get ready for the july 'tropical treats' box


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