Wednesday, 6 July 2016

swimwear for the bigger boobed : hello figleaves & midnight grace!

001. Durban Bikini : Top £28  High waisted bottom £20
002. Cape Retro Bikini : Top £28 Bottom £18
003. Bahama Bikini (Figleaves own brand) : Top £26 Bottom £16
004. Luau Bikini : Top £28 High waisted bottom £20

001. Southbeach Bikini : Top £28 High waisted bottom £20
002. Havana Bikini : Top £28 Bottom £16
003. Mix up Bikini (Figleaves own brand) : Top £28 High waisted bottom £20
004. Brigette Bikini (Figleaves own brand) : Top £28 High waisted bottom £20

*To find any of these bikinis simply search for the name in the Figleaves search bar

Firstly you would think this is a sponsored post (I wish) it isn't but I was so excited I NEEDED to share this with you all! Being a 32f I have ALWAYS found bikinis impossible to shop for, I don't have a in proportion body as it were so when I buy from regularly highstreet brands I have to buy separate and when it comes to buying swimwear that just comes in sizes and not cups - its a walking nightmare! I've always been told about Figleaves as a great place to shop for women with bigger breasts, but I'd always dismissed it as an older womans' website with a much bigger budget than my own. However the older I'm getting the more important I'm finding it ever more important to invest in a proper fitted bikini. I was browsing Figleaves today and was gobsmacked at the selection of bikinis they had that were right up my street! One of my pet hates on holiday is being around the pool wearing the same newlook bikini as everyone else just me? , I also much prefer a high waisted shape as I don't have a particularly flat tummy and there is SO much selection at the moment. One brand that particularly caught my eye was 'Midnight Grace' they have gorgeous high waisted FASHIONABLE bikinis - I'm in heaven! I'm not sure if I'll be stretching my purse strings to these just yet but the payday before my holiday I might have to sneak some of these in - I felt it was my duties to share these beauties with you!
What bikinis are you loving this summer?


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